MARVEL'S AVENGERS Will Finally Add Spider-Man To The Game This Month In With Great Power Hero Event

MARVEL'S AVENGERS Will Finally Add Spider-Man To The Game This Month In "With Great Power" Hero Event

Quicksilver May Still Be Dead In The MCU, But He Is Getting An AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Marvel Legends Figure
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Quicksilver May Still Be Dead In The MCU, But He Is Getting An AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Marvel Legends Figure

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Ha1frican - 5/13/2020, 12:43 PM
I’m still kinda upset they did him like they did. I like that they committed to it on the one hand but also hope maybe WandaVision of Multiverse of Madness gives a way for him to return
tmp3 - 5/13/2020, 12:47 PM
Taylor-Johnson was pretty bad in this film imo
regularmovieguy - 5/13/2020, 12:52 PM

Him and Scarlet Witch were both underwhelming to me...thought their post credit in WS was dope as shit.

Scarlet Witch's change of heart doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me either. She was super cool with unleashing an angry as [frick] Hulk on innocent people but "woah, Ultron...we don't want to destroy the world you dick" is questionable.
tmp3 - 5/13/2020, 1:00 PM
@TheJustinHammer - I just think he's not very good at straight-man roles. I liked him a lot in Nocturnal Animals, but thought he didn't work in Godzilla or Avengers 2 at all.
blitzburgh - 5/13/2020, 1:03 PM
@tmp3 - you're high , he was great fanatic lol
tmp3 - 5/13/2020, 1:05 PM
@blitzburgh - Having criticisms for a movie doesn't make someone a "fanatic"
regularmovieguy - 5/13/2020, 1:09 PM

Keep forgetting ATJ is in Tenet - imagine he's playing a bad dude.
blitzburgh - 5/13/2020, 1:09 PM
@tmp3 - you did see the LOL at the end didn't you
MasterMix - 5/13/2020, 12:49 PM
Bring him back and do him justice.
Kumkani - 5/13/2020, 12:52 PM
Pietro should have survived. I don't know why Joss Whedon wanted to kill off a character so bad with Age of Ultron, and why he chose Pietro who was underdeveloped at that point. It's not as is Pietro's death has ever motivated Wanda to do anything else. All she really cares about seemingly is Vision.

Plus, the MCU needs a speedster. I personally thought Whedon actually nailed Pietro's powers. We saw that he could still get hit and be deceived, and that he got tired and could be taken out of a fight. He didn't have the movie logic breaking speed of his FOX counterpart (for comparison's sake, look at how Dark Phoenix chucked Peter to the side just so the rest of the film's fights could have tension, only for him to show up at the very end of the film when you've forgotten he was in it).

And Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a really good actor that could have brought a lot more to developing Wanda as a character as well as his. For instance we could have seen him take Tony's side in Civil War because Wanda didn't have much control over her powers as he does, and he's treating her like his little sister.
MagicStingRay - 5/13/2020, 1:14 PM
@Necropolitan - I'm pretty sure the old Marvel story board at the time wanted Joss to kill someone off, so he had no choice but to pick Pietro.
OmegaDaGrodd - 5/13/2020, 1:15 PM
@Necropolitan -

We REALLY need a Speedster in the MCU, and Quicksilver fit that role perfectly because his powers (as you noted) were not infinite. Justice League and the X-Men films showed pretty clearly how a speedster either breaks the plot irreparably or forces in some brazenly logic defying element. Whedon's QS hit the note perfectly in that sense because he was unique but not infallible. Even beyond the potential with Wanda, Quicksilver obviously has the type of personality that the MCU is actually kinda lacking (everyone is the funny person, but few people besides maybe Rocket are Pietro's particular brand of asshole).
TomMarksman202 - 5/13/2020, 12:54 PM
I hope we see quicksilver again.
TheEpicJuicebox - 5/13/2020, 12:56 PM
this art is so old
TomMarksman202 - 5/13/2020, 12:58 PM
You know I hope that Marvel Studios doesn’t reboot the X-MEN. I love Hugh as Wolverine, Patrick as Charles and Ian as Magneto.
I mean imagine it would be great to see those characters back plus cyclops actor from Of trilogy got robbed of his protrayl as Cyclops
tmp3 - 5/13/2020, 1:04 PM
@TomMarksman202 - Hugh and Stewart both retired from their roles though. Jackman especially is doing some really interesting projects now that he probably wouldn't be able to during his time in spandex
JonC - 5/13/2020, 2:25 PM
@tmp3 - Everyone is 'retired' until they sign the next check.
FearTheLiving - 5/14/2020, 1:22 AM
@TomMarksman202 - Disagree, cast some new blood and get the proper X-Men in the MCU with no strings attaches to the previous Fox movies. The only one that I think could make the jump is Deadpool and even then I'm iffy on including his baggage.
Chewtoy - 5/13/2020, 12:59 PM
I assume killing Pietro had something to do with Fox. It’s a rather big coincidence to me that they used Quicksilver and no Wanda, and the MCU used Wanda and no Quicksilver moving forward from this.
Oskir - 5/13/2020, 1:01 PM
I imagined Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame actions scenes with Quicksilver... really disapointing to kill him so early...
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