AVENGERS 4 SPOILERS - Possible Plot Leak Reveals Shocking Details About Where Things Go Next

Brace yourselves because some possible plot details for Avengers 4 have surfaced and it's fair to say that these will BLOW. YOUR. MIND. So, what comes next for Earth's Mightiest Heroes after Infinity War?

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Avengers: Infinity War is still fresh in our minds but fans are already anxious to know what comes next for Earth's Mightiest Heroes in next year's Avengers 4. There have been rumours, a lot of speculation, and countless fan theories doing the rounds since the epic ensemble hit theaters but a new plot leak from Reddit may have finally shed some light on what comes next for the few surviving heroes. 

Now, it is, of course, important to take all this with a pinch of salt as there's no way of knowing whether or not it's accurate but there is some evidence which suggests these details could be on the level.

If nothing else, this makes for fascinating reading and leaves us with plenty to talk and speculate about. Time will tell whether or not all this proves to be legit but between details on time travel, huge character moments, and more, you're definitely going to want to click the "View List" button below.

It's All About Time Travel

We've seen a number of photos from the set of Avengers 4, many of which appear to take place in the past. For example, Thor and Loki were spotted alongside S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in what was clearly a sequence meant to be from before the God of Thunder took his brother back to Asgard after his defeat at the end of The Avengers. Captain America has also been spotted in his classic red and blue costume.

The interesting thing about those is that Tony Stark and Ant-Man were shown alongside Steve Rogers in their present-day costumes and this leaker claims it is indeed due to time travel because Earth's Mightiest Heroes will be travelling to the past and revisiting the events of previous Marvel Studios movies. Steve and Tony reportedly go back and much of the movie will hinge around their relationship.

Why do the heroes travel back in time? Well, we'll obviously get to that a little later on in this post.


Avengers Vs. Avengers

It's not specified whether or not this all means Earth's Mightiest Heroes will cross paths with their past selves but it's said that Nebula has a significant arc across the course of Avengers 4 and that she'll end up fighting her former, somewhat more evil self. This is a plot decision which has a lot of potential, particularly in the case of Nebula seeing as she's been somewhat redeemed since Vol. 2 was released.

Captain America Wields Mjolnir

Apparently, the present day versions of Captain America and Thor will end up clashing with Thanos and the God of Thunder will get "blown away" (presumably when the Mad Titan unleashes the power of the Infinity Gauntlet; I'm presuming they don't mean he gets completely destroyed by the villain). 

What follows is Steve Rogers wielding Mjolnir because he's finally been found worthy. What the poster doesn't explain is where the original hammer has come from but if the heroes are in the past when this all goes down, then it could belong to that Thor. It's also feasible that wires have got crossed and Cap actually picks up Stormbreaker but this is definitely a scene which feels earned by this point.


The Death Of Captain America

Was this to be expected? Heading into Avengers: Infinity War, it's fair to say that most of us assumed Captain America would die at the hands of Thanos. After all, Chris Evans has repeatedly said he's ready to move on from the role and it would make perfect sense for the former leader of The Avengers to have his story arc wrap up with him making the ultimate sacrifice and passing on the shield. 

Well, if this leak is to be believed, Captain America is indeed going to die at the hands of the Mad Titan but no details beyond that are revealed so here's hoping this part doesn't actually come to pass.


Why The Heroes Travel Back In Time

I promised earlier that we'd get to why the heroes choose to travel back in time and you probably won't be surprised to learn that it's all linked to the Infinity Stones. Apparently, they decide to make their own Infinity Gauntlet (which is entirely feasible considering the fact a mould or prototype could be seen on Nidavellir) and then travel back in time to gather the Infinity Stones from the past. 

Confused, yet? Well, their actions reportedly change the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving into Phase 4 and that could very well explain why Stature (Scott Lang's teenage daughter) has reportedly been cast. Essentially rebooting the MCU might be a tad too confusing for most moviegoers, though. Regardless, one scene in Avengers 4 reportedly will see Hawkeye on the run with the "Stark Gauntlet."


Are You Confused, Yet?

Time travel is a confusing concept at the best of times but if the MCU subscribes to the theory that going back in time creates a new separate timeline as opposed to having an impact on the current one, The Avengers will be able to take the Infinity Stones from the past without changing the present day.

Well, this poster says that Earth's Mightiest Heroes actually get the Power Stone before Star-Lord retrieved it, something which changes the Guardians of the Galaxy movies entirely (and would mean the group is never formed). I have a hard time believing this is accurate because that would essentially reboot one of Marvel's most popular franchises but there are some other explanations. 

While the Guardians may cease to exist in that timeline, we'll remain in the one where they do but are The Avengers seeking the Stones to simply undo what Thanos did or because they want to stop him getting them in the first place? It's a hard one to figure out so get your flowcharts and diagrams ready! 


The Hulk May Save The Day

In Avengers: Infinity War, The Hulk refuses to come out because he's clearly scared of Thanos. However, it appears as if Bruce Banner is going to get over this bout of performance anxiety because he'll be the one who ultimately wields the "Stark Gauntlet" against Thanos, something which results in him losing his arm (the Mad Titan's arm was badly damaged when he snapped his fingers).

Why Should We Believe This "Leak"?

Leaks happen all the time on sites like Reddit and 4Chan, so what makes this any different? After all, anyone can sign up to those sites and share "spoilers" like these. There are, of course, occasions where legit material pops up (like those clips from Avengers: Infinity War) and this poster just so happens to have revealed that Spider-Man would die in Tony Stark's arms - along with a number of other details - weeks before that movie was released. That lends them at least a little bit of credibility.

Did The Russos Confirm That Captain America Wields Mjolnir?

The Huffington Post has also shared a write up on this leak but point to an interview they did with the Russo Brothers a couple of years ago which lends some credibility to all that talk of Captain America using Mjolnir. They asked the filmmakers whether Steve Rogers will ever be proved "worthy" to which Anthony paused and would only say, "That might be a question for future storytellers."

Joe, meanwhile, added: "[That] might be a little too specific for us to answer." Were they seemingly avoiding the question at the time because they knew this would happen in Avengers 4 or is this a stretch? It's hard to say for sure but this is definitely food for thought and their remarks are curious. 

As we said at the start of this post, it's best to take all this with a pinch of salt for now but it makes for interesting reading if nothing else! What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts below.

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