Batman (Animated)

Batman (Animated) Animated television series and movies featuring The Batman.
BATMAN BEYOND: Terry McGinnis Actor Will Friedle Shares Revival Hopes And Talks The Show's Legacy (Exclusive)
Batman Beyond remains one of the most popular DC animated TV series of all time, and star Will Friedle has reflected on the show's legacy while sharing his hopes for a possible revival or live-action film.
BATMAN: CAPED CRUSADER Producer Offers Brief Tease Of What Fans Can Expect From The Show (Exclusive)
Talking to us about his work as Supervising Producer on the new Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls movie, James Tucker offers a tease about what fans can expect from Matt Reeves' Batman: Caped Crusader.
CATWOMAN: HUNTED Interview: Stephanie Beatriz Explores Batwoman's Vulnerable Side And LGBTQ Roots (Exclusive)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine alum Stephanie Beatriz talks about exploring a different side of Batwoman in Catwoman: Hunted, what it means to play an LGBTQ superhero, a possible romance with Selina Kyle, and more.
CATWOMAN: HUNTED Star Zehra Fazal On Her Talia Al Ghul Return And Transforming Into Nosferata (Exclusive)
Catwoman: Hunted star Zehra Fazal talks about returning as Talia al Ghul for the movie and her monstrous transformation into another character in this feature: Nosferata. Read the full interview here!
CATWOMAN: HUNTED Interview: Kelly Hu On Cheshire, Possible China White Return In JUSTICE U, & More (Exclusive)
Catwoman: Hunted star Kelly Hu talks about playing Cheshire again, how that experience compared to Young Justice, her socially conscious clothing line, and whether we could see China White in Justice U.
CATWOMAN: HUNTED Writer Greg Weisman On Showing New Sides Of Selina Kyle And His Love Of DC (Exclusive)
Catwoman: Hunted writer Greg Weisman (Spectacular Spider-Man) talks about penning the movie's script, getting to play with some iconic villains, exploring what makes Selina Kyle tick, and his love of DC.
CATWOMAN: HUNTED Producer Ethan Spaulding Talks Selina Kyle's First Feature And Anime Influence (Exclusive)
Catwoman: Hunted producer Ethan Spaulding talks about giving Selina Kyle the spotlight in her own movie, the staying power of the character, assembling the cast and creative team, Mortal Kombat, and more!
BATMAN: CAPED CRUSADER HBO Max Animated Series Adds Ed Brubaker As Writer & Exec Producer
It was recently announced that new Batman animated series, Caped Crusader, is being developed for HBO Max, and acclaimed comic book writer Ed Brubaker has now been added to the creative team.
CATWOMAN: HUNTED Star Elizabeth Gillies Talks Romantic Tension With Batwoman And Live-Action Hopes (Exclusive)
Catwoman: Hunted star Elizabeth Gillies talks to us about playing Selina Kyle, exploring a unique dynamic with Batwoman, her interest in starring as a live-action version of the character, and much more...
BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES To Continue As New Audio Drama With Original Voice Cast
We don't have too much to go on, but Kevin Conroy (Batman) and John Glover (The Riddler) have revealed that the classic '90s Batman: The Animated Series will continue in the form of a new audio drama.