THE PENGUIN To Pick Up Days After THE BATMAN; New Look At Colin Farrell As Oz Revealed

THE PENGUIN To Pick Up Days After THE BATMAN; New Look At Colin Farrell As "Oz" Revealed

THE DARK KNIGHT Director Christopher Nolan Reveals Why He Won't Publicly Share His Thoughts On THE BATMAN
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THE DARK KNIGHT Director Christopher Nolan Reveals Why He Won't Publicly Share His Thoughts On THE BATMAN

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AC1 - 4/23/2022, 12:36 PM
Seeing as The Batman already felt like it was pretty heavily inspired by The Long Halloween it'd make sense to continue drawing from that and make a direct sequel dealing with other villains including Joker.

Having said that, I kinda want Reeves to take some more liberties and treat his movies as almost like an Elseworlds version of Batman, whatever that might look like.
ElricReturns - 4/23/2022, 12:38 PM
I think the film works without both Joker scenes, but I'm now mad they didn't include both. I know it disrupts the flow of the film and isn't necessary, but now that it's released, I want it to be cannon. Is it still cannon to Reeves?
GhostDog - 4/23/2022, 12:52 PM
How about using the dozens of other villains for a change
tmp3 - 4/23/2022, 12:58 PM
Rewatched this on HBO and hated the Joker scene even more, if only because of how [frick]ing good the rest of the movie was. Performance felt weirdly stilted too, which was strange considering how great every other member of the ensemble was.
HulkisHoly - 4/23/2022, 11:38 PM
@tmp3 -

Yep. Barry felt like a joker cosplayer rather than the joker himself.
ElricReturns - 4/23/2022, 1:02 PM
The more I'm analyzing Barry's performance the more I love the psychology. The key to his Joker is he's forced to smile. The history is he has had this condition his whole life where he has to smile, and it's turned him into this criminal.

Force yourself to smile as big and as hard as you can and hold it, now try to act. You realize immediately that now you have to rely on your eyes and your vocal delivery and your body language to convey boredom or sadness or anything negative when you have a permanent smile. So imagine now having to play a character like the Joker, whose been forced to smile his whole life, while holding the hardest biggest smile you can make.

I can start to see why he made some of the choices he made acting wise as his Joker. Obviously he was also disfigured at Ace Chemicals a year earlier which adds to the performance, but the more I think about this Joker, the more I'm intrigued.
bobevanz - 4/23/2022, 1:04 PM
@ElricReturns - ^ this guy gets it
tmp3 - 4/23/2022, 1:04 PM
@ElricReturns - I like that this Joker actually makes jokes
Lokiwasright - 4/23/2022, 1:11 PM
I want the one from suicide squad 1 to continue his arc.
Superspecialawesomeguy - 4/23/2022, 1:13 PM
Can they adapt the 3 Jokers storyline so that they can replace him with someone else?

THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 4/23/2022, 1:19 PM
The Batman:

The Batman II:
IcePyke - 4/23/2022, 1:24 PM
The Batman III:
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 4/23/2022, 1:56 PM
@IcePyke - It's all been leading to this. The ultimate showdown.
DudeGuy - 4/23/2022, 2:03 PM
If o can’t have ManBat then give me a real deal Scarecrow movie.
dragon316 - 4/23/2022, 2:19 PM
As much I like Jason Todd red hood it’s to soon that version be in sequel , sequel doesn’t need five way revenge movie is dark and serious as it is if there Batman movie that needs five way revenge it’s Adam west Batman movie
CorndogBurglar - 4/23/2022, 2:26 PM
I feel like they could actually make a really cool movie in this universe with Ventriloquist and Scarface as the villains.

And if not the main villain, he could play something similar to the role of the Penguin in this one. An important side character.

I would love to see all of these villains in this series:

Mad Hatter
Black Mask
Mr Freeze
Professor Pyg
Court of Owls

Black Mask could be done really well in this series also. In the comics he's probably the most purely evil and sadistic villain Batman has, right behind The Joker. He could fit perfectly here.

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