THE BATMAN Set Photos Find Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne Attending A Funeral - SPOILERS

THE BATMAN Set Photos Find Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne Attending A Funeral - SPOILERS THE BATMAN Set Photos Find Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne Attending A Funeral - SPOILERS

Production recently resumed on Matt Reeves' The Batman following a COVID-related delay, and star Robert Pattinson has now been spotted on the Liverpool set as Bruce Wayne attending a funeral. Take a look.

By MarkCassidy - Oct 12, 2020 04:10 AM EST
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Matt Reeves' The Batman is now shooting again following a brief delay, and star Robert Pattinson has been spotted on set as Bruce Wayne for the first time since he was forced to take a hiatus after testing positive for coronavirus.

According to The UK's Daily Mail, "today is the first day the main production unit has returned to filming and there seem to be no other hiccups at the moment."

The tabloid has shared a full batch of decent quality snaps of the sombre-looking actor arriving at Liverpool's St George's Hall (which is doubling for Gotham City Hall) to shoot large funeral scene with a bunch of black-clad extras. One photo reveals that the gathering is to honor Spooks actor Rupert Penry-Jones' character.

We're not sure who he's playing, but there's speculation that it'll either be Gotham's mayor or DA. The trailer may have dropped a hint that he'll be one of The Riddler's victims, but that remains to be seen.

Check out the photos at the link below.

We found out last week that Warner Bros. had decided not to take any chance's with The Batman's 2021 release, pushing the movie back to March 2022.

The Batman also stars Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as The Riddler, Colin Farrell as The Penguin, and Andy Serkis as Alfred.

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L0RDbuckethead - 10/12/2020, 4:42 AM
Lookin' a bit skinny there, Pattinson...

Origame - 10/12/2020, 4:44 AM
So im guessing the reports about friction instead of covid were bogus? I mean the delay is consistent with covid protocol.
Blergh - 10/12/2020, 5:36 AM
@Origame - let's hope so. I'd like to keep my mind's image of Pattinson being a good sport to work with alive.
Origame - 10/12/2020, 5:45 AM
@Blergh - I do at least know there's some truth to the rumors, since apparently Pattinson refused to work out during the lockdown, and this did cause some issues with his trainers. whether this extended to Matt Reeves is another story. One I'm really not sure about since not only is the batsuit heavily padded but also the movie isn't even going for as heavy of action as the other movies.
Blergh - 10/12/2020, 5:47 AM
@Origame - might be the first movie to digitally buff up an actor lol.
That being said I don't care too much about Batman's physique. He's a ninja, ninjas usually are skinny
Origame - 10/12/2020, 5:51 AM
@Blergh - Thank you. I've been saying this since we saw Christian Bale's physique. One of Batman's most valuable skills is his stealth due to ninja training, and real ninjas never went over 125 lbs.
KingLeonidas - 10/12/2020, 6:10 AM
@Blergh - BvS also did that with Affleck.
GhostDog - 10/12/2020, 4:46 AM
Origame - 10/12/2020, 4:53 AM
@BlackBeltJones - dude, i cant even look at a still from that scene without nearly crying. Michael Caine did such a fantastic job there.
bkmeijer2 - 10/12/2020, 4:59 AM
@BlackBeltJones - Michael Caine did such a stellar job as Alfred. I really look forward to what Andy Serkis is gonna bring to the role
KWilly - 10/12/2020, 4:53 AM
Riddler at the end of the movie be like...

soberchimera - 10/12/2020, 5:01 AM
@KWilly - And then like...
heyy1 - 10/12/2020, 5:28 AM
@KWilly - bruh from the trailer it feels so similar to Se7en, lets hope its more like an inspiration and not copying like joker copying from king of comedy and taxi driver.
Blergh - 10/12/2020, 5:33 AM
@soberchimera - knowing about what he did makes this gif even creepier.
soberchimera - 10/12/2020, 5:44 AM
@Blergh - Allegedly!....but also probably.
SnideCut - 10/12/2020, 4:56 AM
Man, he's pretty skinny. Wonder if those rumors of him refusing to bulk up have some truth to them. I mean, it's not a deal breaker considering Micahel Keaton was pretty skinny too. Plus I guess Skinny Batman fits the Year One style of the character.
bkmeijer2 - 10/12/2020, 4:58 AM
@SnideCut - I think those rumors can be true to an extent. But on Pattinson part I can understand why he didn't want to bulk up (possibly inspiring other to do the same, while it might be better to stay at home instead of going outdoors)
tmp3 - 10/12/2020, 5:43 AM
@SnideCut - Yes, I’m sure rumors from “doomcock” are true, and it’s not like Reeves and Pattinson wanted to go for a leaner look. JFC some of you guys are gullible.
SnideCut - 10/12/2020, 6:24 AM
@tmp3 - Alright, alright. Jeez, turn it down a notch. I did say rumors. And I did say it's not a deal-breaker even if it were true. What's your problem here?
bkmeijer2 - 10/12/2020, 4:56 AM
Another funeral? Or the same from the trailer? Poor Gothamites getting slaughtered for the millionth time
soberchimera - 10/12/2020, 5:03 AM
Spoiler: It's Bruce Wayne's funeral.
heyy1 - 10/12/2020, 5:29 AM
@soberchimera - ayyyyyy here we go again!
Prork - 10/12/2020, 5:03 AM
I was there earlier, they were filming a part where Bruce Wayne arrives at the funeral in what looks like a vintage sports car and gets mobbed by reporters.

There were also extras sighted wearing balaclavas and green parka jackets with white question marks painted on the back.
DemonTweeks - 10/12/2020, 5:03 AM
"Pattinson doesnt have the screen presence to be batman" check. trailer drops and shoots that down.
"Pattinson cant act so cant be batman" check. people are reminded that he has acted superbly in alot of movies and that people should not be put off by Twilight and shoots that down.
"Pattinson isnt big enough" check..... loading shooting down answer now.

think Batfleck has created a monster in peoples minds thinking every version of Batman now needs to looks like an 80s Arnie.

TheGrayGhost - 10/12/2020, 7:08 AM
@DemonTweeks - This guy made people think that Batfleck looked the part, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Then there is Pattinson Bruce Wayne

SuperCat - 10/12/2020, 5:07 AM
DeadClunge - 10/12/2020, 5:10 AM
@SuperCat - u never fail!!
SuperCat - 10/12/2020, 5:19 AM
@TheSnyderClunge - Thanks, brother!
Kurne - 10/12/2020, 5:09 AM
Pattinson single-handedly proving from Tenet to this that Leon S. Kennedy's hair can exist in live-action, lol.
DeadClunge - 10/12/2020, 5:09 AM
Good shot! Trash newspaper!!
BillyBatson1000 - 10/12/2020, 5:30 AM
@TheSnyderClunge - Absolutely!
GwenLantern - 10/12/2020, 5:14 AM
They're wearing masks.

In the trailer they weren't. I guess they were expecting Covid to be over by 2021. Now, evidently, they're not even expecting it to be over by 2022.

I guess this is the New Normal.
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