THE DARK KNIGHT Director Christopher Nolan Says He'd Love To Helm A Horror Movie

THE DARK KNIGHT Director Christopher Nolan Says He'd "Love" To Helm A Horror Movie

THE DARK KNIGHT Star Aaron Eckhart Believes Future Superhero Movies Need To Be More Grounded
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THE DARK KNIGHT Star Aaron Eckhart Believes Future Superhero Movies Need To Be More Grounded

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bkmeijer1 - 10/11/2023, 6:10 AM
The grey works surprisingly well, although I think the blue should've been black in this case
Fogs - 10/11/2023, 6:16 AM
I think it looks horrible. They styles just won't mix.
ProfessorWhy - 10/11/2023, 6:30 AM
It at least needs gold in the bat symbol
CamtonoOfBeskar - 10/11/2023, 6:40 AM
People who actaully think Batmans cowl is blue instead of black, reflecting lights because comic printing reasons are scary to me.
Origame - 10/11/2023, 7:25 AM
@CamtonoOfBeskar - well depends on the version. There have been times his cowl was genuinely blue.

But yeah, it is a pet peeve of mine when people say the batsuit from tas is blue 🙄.

This is kinda a problem with most of these black suits. People still don't get spiderman 2099 is in a black suit. It's kind of a miracle venom remained black.
RolandD - 10/11/2023, 9:14 AM
@CamtonoOfBeskar - He started out with a black outfit with blue highlights but for decades, he had a blue cape and cowl, gloves, and boots. In your profile pic, he’s clearly wearing a blue cowl with a black part on the front of it. Ideally, those parts of his costume would’ve been black, but they were not.
JobinJ - 10/11/2023, 7:06 AM
Stop wasting money on these toys boys and girls.
Jacory - 10/11/2023, 7:14 AM
This is old news ... that this site itself already posted many months ago. Why again?
RolandD - 10/11/2023, 9:14 AM
@Jacory - You must be new here.
bobevanz - 10/11/2023, 9:24 AM
@Jacory - they're all AI bots writing rumors and old news lol
Beer85 - 10/11/2023, 7:23 AM
I kind of like it. Neat.
FireandBlood - 10/11/2023, 7:41 AM
Doesn’t look right
Th3Batman - 10/11/2023, 8:22 AM
This suit was not made with blue in mind, and it shows. They may be able to get away with gray and black, but the blue looks completely out of place here.
campblood - 10/11/2023, 8:24 AM
@Th3Batman - it’s way too bright and shiny. A darker flat blue could work
Th3Batman - 10/11/2023, 8:35 AM
@campblood - Maybe something like the animated series' blue would look better.
campblood - 10/12/2023, 7:28 AM
@Th3Batman - exactly
campblood - 10/11/2023, 8:23 AM
The blue is to metallic
AnthonyVonGeek - 10/11/2023, 8:50 AM
What’s the point of this? He never wore those colors in the movies.
Forthas - 10/11/2023, 9:20 AM
This looks stupid AF! Thank God Christopher Nolan does not listen to the Batman purists who proabably wanted him to be running around in his underwear.
bobevanz - 10/11/2023, 9:25 AM
Yeah this is like the worst hot toys I've ever seen.. there's a reason why they didn't use shiny blue and gray for his armor type suit lol
ComedicHeretic - 10/11/2023, 10:28 AM
I'm not sure why some people seem to think Bale's version had all black outfits. The Dark Knight and Rises definitely had grey batsuits lined with black to give more definition. Ben Affleck's was NOT the first grey suit.

I preferred the Begins suit, but maybe it's because that film far more like a comic-based film.

A mockup from Reddit shows, however, we could've gotten the best of both worlds and it'd still fit in with a gritty reality.

harryba11zack - 10/11/2023, 6:03 PM
a pair of nipples and it'd be perfection

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