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SILVER SABLE: It Sounds Like Sony Pictures Has Scrapped Plans For The SPIDER-MAN Character's Solo Outing
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SILVER SABLE: It Sounds Like Sony Pictures Has Scrapped Plans For The SPIDER-MAN Character's Solo Outing

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AmySabadini - 3/6/2023, 1:19 PM
You know, not EVERYTHING needs to be presented in list form, Josh.
bobevanz - 3/6/2023, 1:45 PM
@AmySabadini - confirmed chat gpt bot lol
Ryguy88 - 3/6/2023, 3:52 PM
@bobevanz - "compile a list of 10 items loosely related to comic book movies in the style of Josh Wilding"
Origame - 3/6/2023, 5:09 PM
@SATW42 - yeah dude, these are characters known for showing their assets. This would be like a superman movie not having superman fly or use heat vision. Just like it's reasonable to be upset about a flightless superman, so to is it reasonable to be upset that a character known for showing her assets isn't doing so in movies. Not to mention it doesn't even make sense. These are femme fatales. That's literally the whole point of the archetype. To seduce as a tool. Why are you seducing someone without showing your assets?

Also saying "porn is free on the internet" is failing to understand how humans work. Yes, I can see all the boobs I want on the internet. But actresses like Alice eve only show them in movies. And I think Alice eve specifically is hot. So guess where I'm getting my fix.
SATW42 - 3/6/2023, 5:30 PM
@Origame - the fact that this entire thread got erased except for this replay has me absolutely howling.
Origame - 3/6/2023, 5:37 PM
@SATW42 - yeah, except you don't know why it was deleted.

People like you only do one thing decently. You're really good at making people feel terrible for what should be natural.
bkmeijer1 - 3/6/2023, 5:39 PM
@Origame @SATW42 - I have no idea what's going, but the comments that are left of yours for sure have me intrigued
SATW42 - 3/6/2023, 5:44 PM
My laughing has nothing to do with our discussion it’s just everything deleted EXCEPT you saying I can’t find Alice Eve porn is very amusing to me. Like, whoever deleted the whole thing could’ve helped you out and deleted that too
SATW42 - 3/6/2023, 5:50 PM
@Origame - why do I need to know why it was deleted to think it’s funny that everything was deleted except you talking about porn and Alice Eve COMPLETELY out of context. That’s funny, but itself. I don’t need to know why it was deleted to think it’s funny they missed one and makes those not in the know to think you just randomly went on a tangent.
Origame - 3/6/2023, 5:54 PM
@bkmeijer1 - basically people found a problem that someone wanted to see boobs in a movie.
SATW42 - 3/6/2023, 5:59 PM
@Origame - or in another way “Someone” came in here yelling in all caps “I WANT WOMEN TO SHOW ME THEIR ASSETS” and some people rightfully called out how hilarious that was while others were like “he should be able to see boobs in movies, especially if it’s an actress whose boobs he really wants to see”
Origame - 3/6/2023, 6:03 PM
@SATW42 - no, you guys were trying to shame him for wanting that. Otherwise you wouldn't have been arguing against him. And you were, even coming with counterpoints.
SATW42 - 3/6/2023, 6:53 PM
@Origame - well alot of those same people are complaining that April O’Neil isn’t sexy in the Nickelodeon kids cartoon movie coming out so you can pick up that argument there. Grown men should totally be able to see a big boobed April in their kids programming.
Origame - 3/6/2023, 7:40 PM
@SATW42 - have you seen original April? She was meant to be sexy.
bkmeijer1 - 3/7/2023, 3:46 AM
@Origame - incredible. I know there are other places on the internet where you can watch videos that have that, but that doesn't sound like a problem to me
Origame - 3/7/2023, 4:29 AM
@bkmeijer1 - exactly. Movies are products, and sex has been used to sell products for basically forever. This shouldn't be new.
MCUKnight11 - 3/6/2023, 1:27 PM
Save Norman, Felicia and Sable for the next trilogy.
bkmeijer1 - 3/6/2023, 5:38 PM
@MCUKnight11 - I can so without Sable, but I do wanna see Norman and Felicia show up in the MCU
KaptainKhaos - 3/6/2023, 1:50 PM
I wish I was a billionaire like Musk or Bezos so I could buy the Spidey rights and set up an actual proper Spiderman Cinematic Universe
regularmovieguy - 3/6/2023, 1:58 PM
Anyone else notice how Josh always posts these leaks articles under “Hamilton Parker?”
TJJones96 - 3/6/2023, 2:07 PM
Slotherin - 3/6/2023, 2:23 PM
Some of that's not bad.
grif - 3/6/2023, 2:55 PM
anyone else see zendayas face in that black cat art in the thumbnail?
LukeCage2155 - 3/6/2023, 3:04 PM
TheHumanSpider2 - 3/6/2023, 3:22 PM
Still hard to believe they are not using Norman Osborn, he doesnt exist in the MCU, and there isnt a Peter in the SMU.
BraxtonHicks - 3/6/2023, 7:21 PM
@TheHumanSpider2 - watch Osborne manifest after Secret Wars when they rebuild reality after Battleworld; they're gonna need a few good antagonists: Doom, Osborne, G. Creed, Trask...
TheHumanSpider2 - 3/6/2023, 9:11 PM
@BraxtonHicks - Disney doesnt own Osborn...look at this, they wanted tk use him in this crap, not on an Spiderman movie.
TheSuperMex - 3/6/2023, 3:26 PM
The Eugenes really hijacked this thread.
bkmeijer1 - 3/6/2023, 5:37 PM
Surprised they even thought of the Wild Pack. Kinda hope that if Sony plans to do a cross-over with it's villains, they use the Wild Pack instead of the Sinister Six.
knomad - 3/6/2023, 6:48 PM
Just do A-Force and be done with it.

The MCU has enough female characters to pull it off now.
LeonNova - 3/6/2023, 8:08 PM
Judging by how awful both the Venom films and Morbius were, I'm really glad this film didn't get made. I'm a pretty big fan of the Black Cat character and I really hope we can get to see Felicia Hardy in the next Tom Holland trilogy. I think she'd be a great foil for Peter Parker now that he's a young adult and all alone in the world.
StSteven - 3/6/2023, 8:47 PM
Actually, this doesn't sound like too bad of a plot line up until the end of (3). That should end with Felicity and Sable careening off the edge of a cliff in a 1966 Ford Thunderbird. Full stop. THEN you have a good S&S movie (although Sony would still probably f**k it up).
TheShape9859 - 3/6/2023, 9:29 PM
Don't know very many female lead action films that are good...kinda glad this was canned
marvel72 - 3/7/2023, 8:36 AM
I don't know why they didn't move forward with this over Madame Web.

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