THE MARVELS' Latest TV Spot Appears To Spoil Cameo Role For Fan-Favorite Avenger

THE MARVELS' Latest TV Spot Appears To Spoil Cameo Role For Fan-Favorite Avenger THE MARVELS' Latest TV Spot Appears To Spoil Cameo Role For Fan-Favorite Avenger

Marvel Studios has released a new TV spot for The Marvels and it seemingly reveals a surprise cameo appearance from one of Captain Marvel's fellow Avengers. You can check out the teaser right here...

By JoshWilding - Oct 14, 2023 05:10 AM EST
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With a rumoured runtime of a mere 1 hour and 45 minutes, there are concerns among fans that The Marvels might be in trouble. That would make it the shortest MCU title to date and, in 2022, Thor: Love and Thunder also clocked in under 2 hours and largely disappointed (while not a guarantee, a runtime like this typically suggests a lot had to be cut which wasn't working). 

The Marvels will be released in theaters less than a month from now, and regardless of what's happened behind the scenes, excitement for the Captain Marvel sequel appears muted. 

That's evident from early box office tracking, though many fans have been left to question what the issue is. Is four years too long to make people wait for Carol Danvers' next adventure? Has the marketing campaign failed to hype this movie up as a must-see event? 

We'll be exploring those questions early next week, but a new TV spot teases - and potentially spoils - at least one big surprise in The Marvels

As you can see below, it appears Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Photon will be getting some backup from an Asgardian ally. Based on past rumours, it won't be Thor who shows up to lend a helping hand; instead, it's going to be the King of Asgard, Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie. 

We've heard that she and Carol were going to be romantically linked in this movie. Unfortunately, that's likely one of many moments - including Monica Rambeau being named "Photon" - which has been left on the cutting room floor.

Check out this new TV spot for The Marvels below.

In The Marvels, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel has reclaimed her identity from the tyrannical Kree and taken revenge on the Supreme Intelligence. But unintended consequences see Carol shouldering the burden of a destabilized universe.

When her duties send her to an anomalous wormhole linked to a Kree revolutionary, her powers become entangled with that of Jersey City super-fan Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, and Carol’s estranged niece, now S.A.B.E.R. astronaut Captain Monica Rambeau. Together, this unlikely trio must team up and learn to work in concert to save the universe as "The Marvels."

The movie stars Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, Iman Vellani, Samuel L. Jackson, Zawe Ashton and Park Seo-joon.

The Marvels is currently set to arrive in theaters on November 10.

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Kadara - 10/14/2023, 5:36 AM
That's 'cause girls get it done!
DrReedRichards - 10/14/2023, 6:44 AM
@Kadara -

I don't think I will ever understand the hypocrisy behind that scene from The Boys...
Feralwookiee - 10/14/2023, 7:25 AM
@DrReedRichards - It was parodying Hollywood's heavy handed "representation" and "empowerment" pandering.

What's there not to understand?
Kadara - 10/14/2023, 9:32 AM
@Feralwookiee - @DrReedRichards This 👍🏾
EgoEgor - 10/14/2023, 10:51 AM
@Feralwookiee @DrReedRichards - It wasn't parodying it in the way that some people think. Considering the show does "girl power" really well. Especially considering this was said by 3 guys who couldn't do shit. And they beat down Stormfront like they were at a Walmart parking lot. Great scene.

The Boys is showing Marvel(and even DC), the importance of "show don't tell"; don't have it be a marketing thing, have it be important and natural to the story. At the end of the day, it's not the idea, it comes down to writing and execution. The Boys are made by artists(for the most part), MCU for a long while is made by executives with checklists who have their "girls get it done" marketing mandates, which is good but have it be important to the film. Infinity War did it well, Endgame did it poorly. And I think they did Captain Marvel a disservice by not making her flawed enough, amnesia is not a compelling character flaw.
Feralwookiee - 10/14/2023, 11:29 AM
@EgoEgor - Like most things, it's open to interpretation, but considering the tenor of the show, I take it as mocking these pandering Hollywood tropes.

The Boys was one of the very few tv shows I got into for awhile, but I kinda lost interest in after season 2.
I just don't have the time and can't stay interested in tons of episodes.
That's why a big event movie or 2 a year is good enough for me.
DrReedRichards - 10/14/2023, 1:33 PM
@Feralwookiee, @EgoEgor, @Kadara -

The scene in the spoof film they were shooting in one of the first episodes was clearly intended as a parody. The fact that they ended up ganging up only the women of the series against Stormfront in the finale, though, is what nullified it and made it utterly hypocritical.

It's precisely why Frenchie's "girls do get it done" comment came across as so cringey. Unless of course someone's knee deep in the kool-aid by that point, in which case I guess for them it would feel "insanely meta" and not at all contradictory.
Feralwookiee - 10/14/2023, 1:37 PM
@DrReedRichards - To each is own, but I don't see it that way.
If women are equals and are to be treated as such, why can't they be curbstomped just like a man would be?

DrReedRichards - 10/14/2023, 1:54 PM
@Feralwookiee -

In that same vein, since women are equals (which I can't believe we even need to bring up), why can't they have a shot of an all female group just like all male groups have become the norm thus far?

My point is, The Boys wanted to have their cake (mock the all girl scene from the MCU's finale) and eat it too (have their own all girl scene in their own season finael). Like I said, it feels hypocritical.
Feralwookiee - 10/14/2023, 1:59 PM
@DrReedRichards - Like I wrote, I don't see it that way.

Also, Stormfront was a man in the comics, so if they didn't gender swap him to begin with I guess this wouldn't be a "problem"?
EgoEgor - 10/14/2023, 2:01 PM
@DrReedRichards, @Feralwookiee -

I personally see it as criticizing the vapid execution of the idea rather than the idea itself. And that's reflected in the spoof film; they just have female superheroes fighting CGI monsters and forcing the message rather then just showing it in story, which the show does so later in the season. And the message is being pushed by a powerful corporation(Vaught, Disney) that don't really care about the message, it's just a marketing thing to them. The soulless, inauthentic nature of the messaging is reflected in how the 3 heroes act the second they cut.

The show is not criticizing the message, but on the authenticity of the messenger and how it's delivered in the story. I personally don't see it as hypocritical.

A good example of this is the Endgame and Infinity War "she's got help" scenes; one felt natural and was more focused on story first and message second, and the other stopped the whole movie so they can pose. It's bad writing.
DrReedRichards - 10/14/2023, 2:08 PM
@EgoEgor -

While I do agree that IW's scene felt way more natural and organic than EG's, my issue with The Boys parodying that concept is because they ended up doing the very thing they mocked. Like you guys said earlier, show, don't tell. When Frenchie did tell, that was the moment I felt like they were too high on their own fumes to realize said hypocrisy.
EgoEgor - 10/14/2023, 2:30 PM
@DrReedRichards - I think when Frenchie says it it's more of a call back joke more than anything else. It felt more like the show was saying "Oh, this is how you should do the message", as they're violently stomping the shit out of Stormfront. And all 3 of those characters had very good personal reason for stomping Stormfront. They didn't stop the show so the girls can pose.

Messages should be subtext and not text( and in bold capital letters). Are they pushing the female empowerment message in The Boys, to me yes and they always have been, but they're putting the story first. And that's what good parody/satire does, it criticizes and critiques. And while these female empowerment storytelling has its heart in the right place(even if it's from a heartless corporation), it's done a disservice if the scene/story/film isn't good.

I remember people asked Martin Freeman about the importance of a majority black cast in Black Panther, and he said "None of it matters if it isn't good", which he was thankful it was.
DrReedRichards - 10/14/2023, 2:44 PM
@EgoEgor -

"Oh, this is how you should do the message."

That's exactly what I meant when I said they were high on their own fumes. They could have had Starlight and Female and Mavis gang up on Stormfront away from the other guys make it brutal and bloody just how the show likes to brag that it is, but nooooo, the creators were so up their own asses they they just HAD to have other characters comment on how cool or awesome or badass they themselves wanted to be seen as.

Like I said, it felt hypocritical.
WakandanQueen - 10/14/2023, 5:43 AM
If that rumor is true... this one is for the gay girls... thanks.
dagenspear - 10/14/2023, 5:54 AM
Didn't even consider that. Might be me not connecting Valkyrie to the Avengers team.
Thing94 - 10/14/2023, 5:57 AM
Fan favorite Avenger? Lol
bkmeijer1 - 10/14/2023, 6:29 AM
Wait, so Valkyrie is an Avenger? Let alone a fan-favourite one? Both are news to me.

Guess it fits that Valkyrie shows up. Although I wouldn't mind seeing Sif again either. Or maybe even Phyla-Vell.
HashTagSwagg - 10/14/2023, 9:03 AM
@bkmeijer1 - In Endgame when Cap said "Avengers assemble" (after everyone had already assembled beforehand) it's implied that in that moment the whole army were Avengers, the whole "anybody can be an Avenger" BS trope that just ends up diluting the title of an Avenger. So yeah, that drunken bobblehead is an Avengers now and so is every random cgi dude who showed up in the background of that mud stained final battle.
bkmeijer1 - 10/14/2023, 9:37 AM
@HashTagSwagg - I guess so, but I guess those were never really part of the team. Same with Darren in Quantumania.

The only ones I consider Avengers are the additions to the team in each movie, so:

Avengers: Iron Man, Cap, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor and Hawkeye
Age of Ultron: Vision, Wanda, Pietro, War Machine and Falcon
Civil War: Bucky, Black Panther, Ant-Man and Peter Parker
Infinity War: maybe Doctor Strange
Endgame: Rocket, Nebula, Captain Marvel and maybe Wong
theprophet - 10/14/2023, 6:36 AM
But how is valkyrie using the bifrost??? The only one that can use bifrost is thor with stormbreaker
Feralwookiee - 10/14/2023, 7:22 AM
@theprophet - She can summond the Bifrost with the power of her vajayjay! 🤪

These "writers" aren't even trying anymore.
HashTagSwagg - 10/14/2023, 9:05 AM
@theprophet - Because the Force is female my friend and you've gotta Deal with it.
IronMan616 - 10/14/2023, 9:43 AM
@HashTagSwagg - You mean the Frost is Female. It's also Bi.
HashTagSwagg - 10/14/2023, 9:52 AM
@IronMan616 - If you squint your eyes hard enough, sometimes it even looks like a damn rainbow
IronMan616 - 10/14/2023, 9:57 AM
@HashTagSwagg - BI-Frost Rainbow bridge. Lol.
Fogs - 10/15/2023, 2:59 PM
@IronMan616 - LOOOOL
marvel72 - 10/14/2023, 6:43 AM
Valkyrie a fan favourite? With who?

Fan favourite Avengers I think of more favourite ones than Valkyrie.

You just put that in the headline so visitors will click it hoping to see one of their actual favourite Avengers
thespiderkat - 10/14/2023, 6:47 AM
Just when you thought this movie couldn’t get any cringier… “king Valkyrie” shows up.
Spike101 - 10/14/2023, 6:48 AM
Valkyrie a fan favourite Avenger? Not even an Avenger, and definitely not a fan favourite, in fact probably the singularly worst comic book character adaption in the MCU.
gtabreaker - 10/14/2023, 7:05 AM
It could be me.
MarvelZombie616 - 10/14/2023, 7:08 AM
Enough with the LGBTQ token cameos.
I'd rather see an Alpha Flight series or movie with Northstar being openly gay than this baiting nonsense.

Three female heroes, a female villain, an old black dude and a lot of alien kitties weren't enough?

I'll watch the movie with two friends on wednesday november 8th, but i'm sure it will only being mediocre at best.
Next week's Killers of the Flower Moon's trailer is better than anything i have seen for "Captain Marvel 2" and has me a lot more excited.
Matchesz - 10/14/2023, 7:17 AM
Man, they should have waited to introduce the X Men before starting this whole woman empowerment uprising at marvel, at least I like Rogue, Storm, Psylocke, etc. I really cant care about any of these characters at all. Also emasculating all the male characters to make woman characters look more competent is a lame tactic
vectorsigma - 10/14/2023, 7:55 AM
Every marketing video i see on this contains old footage. How pathetic.

This might be the first mcu movie i wont see on the first day.

So if Valkyrie is gay, then they are somewhat indirectly saying that "men" are superior? So much for girl power 😅
Fogs - 10/15/2023, 3:00 PM
@vectorsigma - wow I already lost count on how many MCU films I didn't check opening day... and at all tbh.
vectorsigma - 10/17/2023, 10:20 PM
@Fogs - i was hoping they will improve tbh, but this ends it for me.
Fogs - 10/18/2023, 6:15 AM
@vectorsigma - Just out of curiosity I was trying to remember:

- Up until SM FFH: Theaters, mostly opening day
- Black Widow: streaming
- Eternals: streaming slept while watching it and never tried a 2nd time
- Thor L&T, BP:WF and Quantumania: took a while to go watch in the theaters, like after 2 weeks
- GoTG Vol3: streaming

Should've watched GoTG3 in the theaters, but I guess after the last entries I was so sick with the failures I just let it go. I probably won't watch The Marvels in the theaters unless it has a strong word of mouth (which I doubt it will). Deadpool 3 is a must-see to me.

After that... Maybe FF depending on how it goes, and then the new Avengers ones.
vectorsigma - 10/18/2023, 9:11 PM
@Fogs - ha, i remember those pandemic mcu movies. I waited for cinema releases and BW was so disappointing.

I can get back to Deadpool 3 as well as a first day watch
MarvelousMarty - 10/14/2023, 8:04 AM
Sounds, looks and probably will be utter garbage.
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