This year is going to be crammed full of incredible movies and we now have some amazing new stills from the likes of Aladdin, Dumbo John Wick: Chapter 3, and all of the releases above. Take a look...

2018 was an incredible year for movies, and things are only going to get better in 2019. 

Superheroes are once again set to dominate the next 360+ days, while Disney has plenty of huge releases coming too. There are also some awesome looking sci-fi adventures on the way. 

Now, we have some new stills from Aladdin, Captain Marvel, Dumbo, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Hellboy, John Wick: Chapter 3, and Shazam!

None of these 
have been seen before and we have some great shots of Carol Danvers suited up in her comic accurate costume as well as a fantastic look at Hellboy, Shazam, and the villainous Dr. Sivana. To take a look, all you guys have to do is hit the "View List" button down below.

Oh, and if you want the hi-res versions of these images, just click on any one of them!

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

"They're not just big dumb animals. They were worshipped back in the day," director Michael Dougherty explains. "There's a fantastical element that comes into that. It's not just pure science fiction."


According to Colin Farrell, his character Holt Farrier sees the titular little circus elephant help awaken him "as a man who can trust in sweetness and who doesn't just see the world through the lens of the violence and the inhumanity that he observed while he was away at the war. That's a huge thing."


"I've always been drawn to characters with big hearts, or they're drawn to me," explains Zachary Levi. "At some point, we all thought, 'If I just believe hard enough, then I can fly or run across the water or read somebody's thoughts.' This is a kid getting to live out those dreams. It's a tale as old as time but of all the superhero movies, it has yet to be told."


"I love that he is sort of destined to bring about the apocalypse, and yet he himself just wants to be, like, a good guy," David Harbour says. "Hellboy is fundamentally a sweet-hearted guy but also a big old killer, just whacking people. We explore the horror of what it must be like to be from hell and to struggle to find your place among human beings."

John Wick: Chapter 3

Keanu Reeves returns as John Wick later this year and director Chad Stahelski is excited to return to this world. "I'm a big fan of Joseph Campbell's mythologies of the hero and what he would have defined as the theater of pain, or sometimes we call it ‘The Die Hard Conundrum’: We just to like to beat the (stuffing) out of our heroes."

"If you choose that kind of lifestyle, you're going to be pretty beat up. So we like John Wick to suffer and think Keanu loves for John Wick to suffer, too."


Captain Marvel

"It's so cool to play a superhero wearing a Nine Inch Nails T-shirt, ripped jeans and Doc Martens," actress Brie Larson says. "She's my perfect ideal because she's flawed and she owns those and learns to work with them, and is making mistakes over the course of this movie finding herself – figuring out her past, but also discovering her own strength and power."


"They’re the perfect partnership because they both need each other and teach each other," Naomi Scott says about a Jasmine who will be "finding her voice" and wanting the best for the people of Agrabah. "She gradually finds the courage to speak out against injustice and that's kind of her objective from the start of the movie: ‘I see these people, I love them.’"
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