Comic Book Movie Madness

Comic Book Movie Madness

The battle for supremacy begins. A vote for the best CBM ever tournament style! Just like NCAA's March Madness take a look at the field of 68. Only one will be left standing.

Comic Book Movie Madness 



With San Diego Comic Con over and so many comic book movies out now dominating the box office each summer. I thought now would be a perfect time to see which Comic Book Movie reigns supreme.  Long gone are the days where fans would simply dream of their favorite characters brought to life on the big screen.  Despite all the hate comic book films are a billion dollar industry.  Anyone that knows me knows how much I love in no particular order comic books, movies, and sports! So why not combine each of my loves into one epic event.  A March Madness style tournament pitting movies based on comic books against one another to see who comes out on top.  So together with my crack staff(pretty much my younger brothers) we debated on which comic book movies should be in the first ever Comic Book Movie Madness.  Our criteria was simple it had to be a film released in the theaters (so no The Flash, Arrow, or Daredevil) and based on a comic book first (so no Incredibles). There were some comic book movies like The Losers are Swamp Thing that we didn't add this go around but hey next year we could put them in.  Some movies were so close together in quality we simply lumped them together example Fantastic Four & Fantastic Four 2.  Also like the NCAA Tournament there's a field now of 68 with 2 play in match-ups which will kick start the proceedings.

Below is the breakdown with finalized bracket coming after the play in match-ups.

New York Region                                              Gotham Region
1. Avengers                                                        1. The Dark Knight
16. The Spirit/ Red 2                                          16. Catwoman/ Elektra

8. The Wolverine                                                8. Wanted
9. The Amazing Spider-Man                              9. Constantine   

5. Man of Steel                                                   5. The Rocketeer
12. The Dark Knight Rises                    12. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

4. Kick-Ass                                                         4. Iron Man
13. Superman (1-4)                                            13. Sin City 2

6. X-Men:DOFP                                                 6.  Batman
11. The Shadow                                                 11. The Mask of Zorro

3. Spider-Man                                                      3. Thor
14. Green Lantern                                               14. Superman Returns

7. Men In Black                                                   7. X-Men
10. Daredevil                                                       10.  Mystery Men

2. X-Men: First Class                                          2. Spider-Man 2
15. Jonah Hex                                                     15. Ghost Rider (1&2)

Xandar Region                                                 Metropolis Region
1. Guardians Of The Galaxy                           1. Captain America: TWS
16. Hulk                                                          16. Batman & Robin

8. Batman Forever                                         8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
9. Thor: The Dark World                               9. Iron Man 2

5. Hellboy                                                       5. Blade II
12. Iron Man 3                                                12. Amazing Spider-Man 2

4. X2: X-Men United                                      4. Captain America: TFA
13. Fantastic Four (1&2)                                 13. Spawn

6. Incredible Hulk                                            6.  Batman Begins
11. Kick-Ass 2/The Phantom                          11. Batman: MOTP/Big Hero 6

3. Blade                                                             3. Sin City
14. Origins: Wolverine                                     14. X3: Last Stand

7. Hellboy 2;The Golden Army                        7. Spider-Man 3
10. Batman Returns                                          10. Red

2. Avengers: Age of Ultron                               2. 300
15. Blade Trinity                                               15. Watchmen

The voting for the play in opponents ends tonight at 9:30 pm EST with voting for the 1st round beginning Wednesday night at 10:00 pm EST.  

Visit the link to vote:

Comic Book Movie Madness
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