"Boy-o boy, there's nothing like the feel of the wind in your hair, cruising at mach speed. Forget your worries, your pressures...Forget you're late for school!" --CAPTAIN MARVEL

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    Captain Marvel is a DC comics superhero, originally published by Fawcett Comics. Artist C. C. Beck and writer Bill Parker created the character in 1939. Captain Marvel is the alter ego of Billy Batson, a youth who works as a radio news reporter and was chosen to be a champion of good by the wizard Shazam. Whenever Billy speaks the wizard's name, he is instantly struck by a magic lightning bolt that transforms him into an adult superhero empowered with the abilities of six legendary figures.

CAPTAIN MARVEL's first Comicbook Appearance

    DC Comics Official Origin of Captain Marvel

    "give me a Superman, only have his other identity be a 10- or 12-year-old boy rather than a man." These words uttered by Fawcett Comic's circulation director gives us the brief genesis of the creation of Captain Marvel.

    His early days in Fawcett comics already established his archenemy, the villainous mad scientist known as Dr. Sivana. It is this good doctor that gave Captain Marvel his fan favorite moniker, The Big Red Cheese.

    Captain Marvel also gained allies in the Marvel Family, a collective of superheroes with powers and/or costumes similar to Captain Marvel's.

    Fawcett comics received a lawsuit from the company now known as DC comics for copyright infringement, the lawsuit stated that Captain Marvel was a "rip-off" of Superman. Fawcett won the case but an appeal was made. Fawcett comics, seeing that at that time superhero comics was on the decline, just decided to settle out of court. The company agreed not to publish any Captain Marvel comics.

    When superhero comics had a revival in what is now called the Silver Age of Comic Books. DC Comics licensed the character of Captain Marvel from Fawcett. However, rival company Marvel Comics had by this time trademark the name Captain Marvel and created another character bearing that name, DC published their book under the name Shazam! With DC's Multiverse concept in effect during this time, it was stated that the revived Captain Marvel and his Marvel Family lived within the DC Universe on the parallel world of "Earth-S".

    After the event called "Crisis on Infinite Earths", where DC's multiverse combined into one universe, we see Captain Marvel as a member of the Justice League. The most notable change with Captain Marvel at this time was that the personality of young Billy Batson is retained when he transforms into the Captain; this change would remain for most future uses of the character as justification for his sunny, Golden-Age personality in the darker modern-day comic book world. His Golden Age depiction tended to treat Captain Marvel and Billy as two separate personalities.

    DC would later retool the Captain Marvel/Shazam! franchise, by having the wizard Shazam killed by the Spectre, and Captain Marvel assumes the wizard's place in the Rock of Eternity. Captain Marvel, now sporting white hair and a white costume took on the name Marvel, while Captain Marvel Jr., who now sports the red costume, took the name Shazam (a decent effort by DC to rectify the confusion on their characters names).

    In the DC event known as Flashpoint we see a Captain Marvel analog known as Captain Thunder, who when not in his superhero form is comprised of six children, including Billy Batson. This idea was actually the original concept for the character way back in the 1940s.

    With DC overhauling their universe we are yet to see what Captain Marvel's place is in this new order.


1981: The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam!
    Filmation made an animated Shazam! cartoon, which ran on NBC. Burr Middleton voiced Captain Marvel. The show was similar to Captain Marvel's comic-book adventures.

2004: Justice League Unlimited
    Captain Marvel appeared in Justice League Unlimited episode "Clash". Captain Marvel was voiced by Jerry O'Connell and Billy Batson voiced by Shane Haboucha. In this episode, Captain Marvel joins the Justice League but because of clashing ideologies between him and Superman, Captain Marvel later resigns from the league.

    2008: Batman: The Brave and the Bold
    Captain Marvel made several appearances in Batman: The Brave and the Bold series. In this show, Jeff Bennett voices Captain Marvel, and Tara Strong voices Billy Batson.

2008: Justice League: The New Frontier
    Captain Marvel made a brief cameo in this DC animated movie.

2009: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
    The character had a more substantial role in this 2009 animated film than the previous one. In this movie, Captain Marvel battles Superman under orders from United States president Lex Luthor. Corey Burton voiced Captain Marvel. An uncredited Rachael MacFarlane voiced Billy Batson.

2010: Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam
    Captain Marvel appears in an animated short film entitled Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam with Jerry O'Connell providing the voice of Captain Marvel and Zach Callison for the young Billy Batson.

2010: Young Justice
    Captain Marvel also appears in the Young Justice animated series as a member of the Justice League. Rob Lowe provides his voice.


1941: Adventures of Captain Marvel - Tom Tyler
    The first filmed adaptation of Captain Marvel starred Tom Tyler in the title role and Frank Coghlan, Jr. as Billy Batson. It was a twelve-part film serial produced by Republic Pictures. Often ranked among the finest examples of the form, its release made Captain Marvel the first superhero to be depicted in film.

1974: Shazam! (Season 1) - Jackson Bostwick
    Captain Marvel first came to television in 1974. Filmation produced Shazam!, a live-action television show which ran from 1974 to 1977 on CBS. From 1975 until the end of its run.

1975: Shazam! (Season 2-3) - John Davey

1978: Legends of the Superheroes - Garrett Craig
    Shortly after the Shazam! show ended its network run, Captain Marvel, now played by Garrett Craig, appeared in Legends of the Superheroes. The show also featured Captain Marvel related characters like Howard Morris as Doctor Sivana, and Ruth Buzzi as Aunt Minerva, marking the first appearance of those characters in film or television.


      Note: Due to the nature of comicbooks being an on-going tale, the character's powers along with the character's appearance, is in a constant state of flux.

    In order to access the powers of Captain Marvel, Batson must invoke the name of the Wizard Shazam, thereby summoning the spells and energies of those extra-dimensional beings once known as "the gods on Earth". Batson also has ties to the Quintessence.

    Captain Marvel possesses the following superhuman and magical powers:

    S for the Wisdom of Solomon: Captain Marvel has instant access to a vast amount of knowledge. The wisdom of Solomon is sometimes known as the Wisdom of the Ancients. Captain Marvel has superhuman clairvoyance and awareness. He is provided with counsel and advice in times of need. Captain Marvel has knowledge of all languages, ancient and modern warfare, and can hypnotize or enchant people with his power. The power of wisdom lends him knowledge far beyond mortal comprehension.

    H for the Strength of Hercules: In his role as Earth's Mightiest Mortal, Batson has incredible super strength. Captain Marvel has moved and destroyed massive objects.

    A for the Stamina of Atlas: The Titan known as Atlas had limitless endurance. Atlas cradled the Earth for time immemorial. He can overcome tremendous physical resistance. This superhuman ability lends to his ability to stay as Captain Marvel for elongated periods, survive in space and fight seemingly endless battles.

    Z for the Power of Zeus: Zeus was Olympus's high father and the god of magical lightning bolts. Zeus' power, besides fueling the magic thunderbolt that transform Captain Marvel, also enhances Captain Marvel's other physical and magical abilities. This power reinforces his physical invulnerability and resistance against magic spells and attacks. Captain Marvel can use the magical lightning as a weapon. He can summon Zeus's lighting bolts to strike his opponents. Zeus's lightning may be used to create mythic apparatus, restore damage done to Marvel, and act as a power source for magical spells.

    A for the Courage of Achilles: Captain Marvel has heroic levels of inner strength from which to draw. He has the courage of the Greek Hero Achilles which in battle and while in the Captain Marvel form allows him to wield great bravery and spirit. Captain Marvel is blessed with an innate and harmonious good will. A divine cheerfulness that is characterized by his trademark grin. It gives him a perseverance that pushes him to always confront a challenge with a knowing optimism.

    M for the Speed of Mercury: By channeling Mercury's speed, Captain Marvel can easily fly and move at speeds far exceeding Mach 10 while in earth's atmosphere. This is far from his limit as the Speed of Mercury allows him to move at speeds faster than light. Just like Black Adam, his reflexes and speed enhance the impact of his uncharted physical strength.

    Keeper of the Rock of Eternity (formerly): Batson formerly had been advanced to the position of the Wizard Shazam after the Wizard Shazam's spirit had been dispersed by the Spectre. As the new Guardian of the Rock of Eternity, Billy possessed even more power then he had as "Captain Marvel"

    All of Batson's original magical powers as "Captain Marvel" had been increased way beyond previous levels. As the Guardian of the Rock of Eternity, Batson was one with the Rock as it is a part of him. Batson was able to channel the energies of the primal God-wave and the Greek Lords of Magic through the Rock of Eternity. In that, state Marvel was infused with the duty to keep the power and the magic of the earth realm in balance. As keeper of the Rock of Eternity Marvel also held the dark forces at bay.

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