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One of the first articles I ever did for this site was Hostess' DC superhero snack cakes. Yes I guess you're thinking that was a silly idea but no one else at the time was covering them- and why would they? Well, the tasty goodness of GloBalls, Hulk Cakes, Superman Twinkies and Flash Cakes had me scouring the internet, stumbling upon a lot of ads I remember reading in the vintage comics of the 70's and 80's. The first part of my segment is going to cover 15 of my favorite ads, so enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment.

1. In Iron Man "Brains over Brawn," Iron Man has to take on a tank, but instead he just uses the power of his Hostess Fruit Pies "Cherry and Apple" to keep its drivers busy while he activates his immobilizing ray!

2. In The Human Torch "The Icemaster Cometh," Johnny Storm uses the power of warm, light and tender Hostess Fruit Pies to either stop the Icemaster or escape, I'm not really sure here 'cause he just leaves the Icemaster sitting while he flies off into the night.

3. Even Spiderman knows that "No Human Can resist Hostess Cup Cakes" in Spiderman "Spoils a Snatch." Peter Parker's on a date at the museum with Mary Jane and he must transform into Spiderman and use Hostess cupcakes to stop the museum from being robbed.

4. Did you know that even the powerful Cosmic Cube can't resist the golden sponginess of a Hostess Twinkie? In Captain America and The Red Skull we find out that "You get a big delight in every bite!"

5. In "Thor meets A Glutton For Gold" Gudrun the Golden is thwarted from stealing all of Asgard's gold when Thor replaces all of the gold with Twinkies!

6. In "A Lesson To Be Learned" The Thing stops a wallet thief by throwing Hostess cup cakes on the ground, and as the thief stops to pick up the Cup cakes TheThing flips him upside down!

7. In The Hulk Vs. The Phoomie Goonies, Bruce Banner is applying for a job at the post office when a gang of thugs break in and try to take hostages. Banner hulks out and captures them, sending them to jail or I think they surrender for the kids fruit pies, either way it's still pretty funny!

8. "Spiderman Meets the Homewrecker" shows Spiderman using his wits to stop The Homewrecker, who's using a wrecking ball to tear things up. Luckily The Homewrecker needs two hands to operate the machine and Spiderman just so happens to have both flavors of Hostess Fruit Pies!

9. Ever wonder what Spiderman keeps in his utility belt? Well, you'll find out in SPIDERMAN! in "The Spider-Man and The Fly!" Apparently the only think the Fly loves is the Golden Sponge Cake with creamed filling! After Spider-Man throws him a Twinkie he knocks the gun out of his hand saving the day!

10. Spider-Man in "Break the Bank." The Printout Man is trying to break into the bank while Mary Jane is standing in line, but he isn't after money, apparently he is after that delicious, chocolaty, iced fresh devil's food cake with creamed filling! This one really blew my mind. Why does the bank have so many Hostess Cup Cakes in the vault? It ends with the crowd yelling "Better than money in the bank!" I beg to differ.

11. "The Incredible Hulk and the Twins of Evil" has Hulk pitted up against Green Goliath and the Abominations who leave the Hulk defeated! That is, until two kids show up with a cherry Hostess Fruit Pie! This one lends with the Hulk pretty much stealing all of the kids fruit pies and busting up a tree.

12. Daredevil in "McBrain's Brain Drain." Mcbrain has put up a forcefield that Daredevil can't get through, but with the power of Hostess Fruit Pies he has no problem stopping the bad guy!

13. Iron man in "City Crisis." In this one Kwirkegard has put chemicals in the water supply and now the city is sad. As Iron Man tracks down Kwirkegard, he is hit by a sad ray that only the laughter of children eating Hostess Twinkies can stop!

14. Captain America in "Fury Unleashed!" The Trapster is at it again as Captain America arrives just in the nick of time to save Nick Fury, hahha See what I did there Nick...Nick Fury? Ok, anyway Captain America puts a bunch of Fruit Pies on his shield and throws them at The Trapster, and Nick Fury tells him "Now that's using your brain." Honestly you can't make this stuff up!

15. Captain America! "A Friendly Gesture." Captain America is in a huge battle and the only thing that can end it is a friendly gesture of kindness. So what does Cap do? Well, yet again he fills his shield up with Twinkies and the fight's over!

Special Bonus spoof! Artwork by Sean Phillips!

Next time I will be covering 15 of my favorite Dc Comics Hostess Ads so stay tuned cause the best has yet to come!
And click the link below to see my first review of Hostess DC Snack Cakes!
Shadow Reviews Hostess Dc Snack Cakes

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