COMICS: Brian Michael Bendis Talks In Detail About ALL-NEW X-MEN

Writer Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers, New Avengers) talks revealingly about which characters we should expect to see get the spotlight in All-New X-Men ("I had a breakthrough with Magneto that I'm so excited about..."), the tone and ramification of the series, as well as a whole lot more!

In a very lengthy chat with our friends over at Comic Book Resources, All-New X-Men writer Brian Michael Bendis has talked more about one of the most highly anticipated Marvel NOW! series. While he doesn't reveal any specific details about what we'll see in the new flagship X-Men book (replacing the long-running "Uncanny" series), there are an awful lot of great teasers here. Be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the page to read the interview in full. Issue #1 of All-New X-Men goes on sale next month!

On How The Concept Of All-New X-Men Was Thought Up:

There was this idea at Marvel retreats called 'Days of Future Now'. It was literally the idea that the original X-Men would come here, to what would be their 'Days of Future Past,' and it would be horrifying and startling for them to see what the X-Universe had turned in to. I loved this idea, but I was on the 'Avengers' books. It never stuck to the wall and just as a fan I wanted someone to write it so I could read it. It never happened, though. A year or two ago, we were making our plans for 'Avengers Vs. X-Men' here at my house and it occurred to me that maybe I should leave 'Avengers' after 'Avengers Vs. X-Men,' because it seemed like it was time and I had enough time to wrap everything up," Bendis continued. "Then Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso said, 'You should come to X-Men and do that story you keep whining about.' I was like, 'All right. I'm doing X-Men.'

On Which Characters We Should Expect To See Get The Spotlight:

The core cast of our series will change over time because characters come and go and things shift around. Obviously, the original five will be part of this book. We'll also have modern day Cyclops and the characters that originally sided with him, like Magneto. I had a breakthrough with Magneto that I'm so excited about, so he'll be coming up very shortly. Plus, you have the staff of the Jean Grey School. We're not focusing on the kids -- the kids are what Jason Aaron's 'Wolverine & the X-Men' is about, more or less. But we'll have Wolverine, Iceman, Storm, Beast, Kitty and quite a few others. We'll have three factions, and all these characters are interacting. It's almost like a Robert Altman movie. Plus, there will also be some new characters that you haven't met before.

On The Direction And Tone Of The Series:

There are some fans that are very, very focused on the original five, and they should be because they're the emotional core of the book, but there are a lot of other characters. A lot of people's favorite characters are going to be front and center right away. It is a very interesting time in the X-Men universe. Maybe the most interesting time. There are immense possibilities for the characters, for their relationships and for their belief systems. All of that is so much fun to write. You've got all these very profound characters, each feeling a very hard connection to Xavier's legacy and trying to decide what it is that they have to offer to make that legacy come true. Some characters are making very bold and different choices in the way they handle themselves going forward. And some people will be on a search to decide what they want. From there, a lot of stories will interact. Not only in 'All-New X-Men,' but other books as well.

On The Role Of The Original Five X-Men In The Series:

They're at their rawest and most adolescent. Their eyes are wide open, and they're very excited to be X-Men. They've been thrust into a world, though, where they discover what every one of their decisions meant and what the fall out was. Cyclops has been brought to a world where he murdered Charles Xavier. How would he deal with that? And how does the modern day Scott deal with looking his younger self in the face? How do you tell the young version of yourself, 'Here's how it's going to turn out?' Then, of course, the teenaged Jean Grey is a whole other thing. She gets to find out, 'Guess what? You died! A couple of times!' All of this will be dealt with very quickly, because we're dealing with raw nerves. These characters are at their most youthful and most exuberant, and they're going to have to grow the [frick] up very quickly, one way or another. That's going to affect all of them differently. Each of them will walk away from this with a different agenda.

On How Their Arrival In The Present Will Impact The Rest Of The X-Men:

Because a lot has changed, you're going to see a lot of famous X-villains in a completely different light. Some will change sides and some will dig their heels in even deeper. A lot of people are going to have some profound changes in their life, based not only on Xavier dying, but having the original X-Men here. Imagine that the original X-Men come here and they do something cool that gets televised. Then, imagine a character who, years ago was completely destroyed by the original X-Men, Jean Grey in particular. Now they're back and there's a chance for a second shot, but it's got to be a good one.

On The Consequences Of Their Arrival For The Rest Of The Marvel Universe:

The original X-Men coming to the present day will have consequences, and this goes back to something I mentioned in our 'Guardians of the Galaxy' interview. It's my feeling that every one of these space-time continuum abuse acts has a butterfly effect. Sometimes it happens directly to the abusers, and sometimes that effect happen across the galaxy. I may not feel like there's some immediate fallout right here on Earth, but somewhere, something is happening. You know how 'the butterfly flaps its wings and there's a hurricane in Africa?' The Marvel version of that is the original X-Men travel time and have an adventure. Then, across the galaxy, something happens. We're going to discover what that is in both 'All-New X-Men' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'

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