The Marvel Universe: Mythology

The Mythology in the Marvel Universe and what hasn't hit the big screen.

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So far I’ve done the Avengers and Mutants. Generally people know at least the basics of these two parts of the universe, largely because they have had movies about them. But in the mythology portion of the marvel universe, there isn’t as much done on screen. Besides the first Thor movie were most of the really important Asgardians were at least shown, they haven’t really explored the gods. Mythology has been a huge part of the marvel universe, they have shown past times, sometimes before humans, and they have shown them grouped with us humans. The Gods I am going to talk about are the Olympians and the Asgardians. I was thinking about the Egyptian Gods but I don’t know enough about them.


The most used and popular Gods of the Marvel Universe are of course the Asgardians. We have already seen them portrayed on the big screen and most of their notable characters. Thor, Odin, Sif and the Warriors 3. So there isn’t much reason to go into depth of about them. However there are a few villains we have yet to see in film.

The Enchantress and her Executioner

Amora studied Magic from the queen of the Norns, KIarnilla. She eventually was banished but continued to learn magic on her own until she was one of the most powerful in Asgard. She mainly uses her magic to create illusions and mind control. She often deceives Thor by posing as someone else in order to have him essentially follow her plans. She uses her mind control to turn those she wants against heroes. When going into a fight she almost always has the Executioner at her side working as her muscle. The Executioner was born of a Frost Giant father and a Skornheimian mother. Due to this he has great strength, stamina, speed, and other abilities. He is often seen with his double bladed axe that allows him to project fire and ice at his enemies. He also has the ability to open other dimensions with the axe. Together these two make up one of the most powerful and cunning duos in the marvel universe. If we see a third Thor movie the chances of not seeing at least the enchantress are very slim being that she is one of his greatest villains. I would see her being a villain working for a main villain like Loki.

Giants and trolls

The Asgardians most formidable foes are always giants. The frost giants are their most frequent villains and were portrayed in the first Thor movie. There are other races of giants such as the Ice Giants, Storm Giants and Mountain Giants. All have battled the Asgardians from time to time but it is not likely they will be seen on film. An Easter egg or reference is probably the best they will do. There are also different Trolls on Asgard the most known being the Rock Trolls. They live in Nornheim and their most known is Ulik. Again seeing more than an Easter egg is not likely. However there is always a chance of seeing Ymir the ice giant on film. He is one of the most powerful villains of marvel being able to fight well against even Odin. It doesn’t hurt that he stands 1,000 feet tall much like our next villain. Again seeing much more than an ester egg would make me happy enough.


The fire demon Surtur like I said before stands 1,000 feet tall. He is one of the greatest villains known to thor and is a likely villain to appear if there is to be a third thor film. Surtur lives in Muspelheim one of the nine relms always waiting for a time to destroy Asgard. He has battled Thor, Hercules, Odin, and even Loki in attempts to take over Asgard. He uses the sword known as Twilight, when this sword is bonded with the eternal flame (already shown in Odin’s Vault, and in the picture above) it is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Surtur also has created an army of fire demons to attack earth at different times. Nothing would make me happier than seeing a film with the Enchantress working for Surtur along the lines of retrieving the Eternal Flame for him from Odin’s Vault.


Most people don’t view the Olympians as part of the Marvel Universe. Most people think of the old Greek Mythology version of them. They think of the Animated movie back in the 90s about Hercules, or maybe the wrath of the titans films. In the Marvel universe they are much like they are in these films and such. But in 500 AD Zues decided that they didn’t need to be worshiped and essentially stopped being the gods of earth (Hence why the Greek mythology stopped being a dominate religion). They still live in Olympus, and are still accessible by the top of Olympus but aren’t as relevant to earth as they once were. Pluto is shown often as the evil god that fights with Hercules often as well as Ares. Also they still have immortality, strength, speed and lots of them magical powers.


Besides Hercules probably the most used Olympian in the Marvel Universe, Ares is the son of Zeus and the God of War. He’s always hates Hercules for being the favorite brother and has fought him multiple times. He has though fought alongside Hercules as well as Thor, the Enchantress, and many other characters. He has fought against the Avengers but has also fought in the Mighty Avengers. He has great strength agility, speed and can essentially show no physical tiring. He is more straight fighting than other gods as he can’t really use magic, can’t fly, and can’t transport. However he is probably the best hand to hand fighter of all the gods and is even better with his weapons such as spear swords and his favorite the javelin. If ever there was a Hercules film, more than likely we would see Ares in some form of a villain and probably never an Avenger.


Hercules started out being a guest in Thor until he teamed up and became an Avenger during banishment from Olympus. He spends lots of his time alongside Thor and is never really a total Avenger. Though he does team up with them he often leaves them for long periods at a time. Hercules also is in teams like the Champions and the Defenders. He is the strongest Olympian and rivals the Hulk in strength as well. He can run over 100 Mph with his strong legs and also jump hundreds of feet in the air. He doesn’t have the magical powers of most Olympians but has immunity to lots of them. He also has a healing factor.

After Thor: The Dark World we will probably get a 3rd Thor film but probably not a lot of Mythology after that. Like I said I would like to see Surtur and the Enchantress on the big screen. I would also love to see Ymir getting beat down by Surtur if he does get in a Thor film. I don’t see many more Giants or Trolls in any more Marvel movies however it looked as if there was a Rock Troll in the second Thor Trailer. AS for the Olympians the chances of seeing them are slim. There haven’t been any nods to them and with the 2014 Hercules film being made by paramount there aren’t many reasons to think that another film would be made in the Marvel Universe with the same character. I would love to see him in at least 1 solo film and the avengers but like I said, chances are slim. What would you guys like to see in this part of the Marvel Universe?

Next up, a team that is going to get a reboot: The Fantastic Four.

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