It Sounds Like [SPOILER] Is The One Who Assembles THE DEFENDERS

It Sounds Like [SPOILER] Is The One Who Assembles THE DEFENDERS

After revealing that The Defenders starts shooting later this year, Charlie Cox has shed some light on who assembles this team of street level superheroes and their reasons for doing so. Check it out...

By JoshWilding - Apr 12, 2016 08:04 AM EST
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Source: Empire Online
The chances of a third season for Daredevil are unclear as of right now, and it sounds as if the next place we'll see The Man Without Fear is in The Defenders based on comments from Charlie Cox yesterday. Now, the actor has shed some light on how that team will come together, seemingly confirming in the process that it's Daredevil who leads the team.

"He can’t do this alone. He’s been so adamant about being a lone wolf, about doing it himself, so I think that in order for him to get to The Defenders we needed this second season. We needed to see him be broken individually so that he can - he’s willing to form a team. The lesson that Matt has had to learn in the second season of Daredevil is that he needs help."
That sounds pretty much perfect, and Daredevil taking charge makes a lot of sense. 

After all, he's by far the most popular of these heroes (though that could change when Luke Cage and Iron Fist hit Netflix) and you can understand why he'd turn to this lot for help against a threat as big as The Hand, assuming they're the big bads of The Defenders. If they are, that will leave the door open to Daredevil season three adapting "Born Again" as many of us have been hoping...
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McGee - 4/12/2016, 7:50 AM
bbting - 4/12/2016, 8:40 AM
@McGee - hahahahahahahahaaha I love this
GreenLantern519 - 4/12/2016, 8:20 AM
Makes sense that Daredevil would lead the team. I still think they're going to adapt some parts of Shadowland for the Defenders show.
dragonator29 - 4/12/2016, 8:26 AM
I hoped (won't expect), there is possibility of Netflix and ABC series crossover, with Coulson bringing them together.
TheMalcontent - 4/12/2016, 11:48 AM
@dragonator29 - I hate that garbage AoS show but's that is not a bad idea. Maybe Danny offers him a job as the secretary for a agency Heroes for Hire.

Then can drop and reboot AoS with a proper Shield show involving field agents , spying, espionage, good acting, and maybe half way decent writing with a entire new set of actual talented producers!
dragonator29 - 4/12/2016, 12:02 PM
@TheMalcontent - Well in my opinion,it has been awesome, and does deliver all those you asked for.

But it far from garbage, even if it isn't what you wanted. When was the last time you watched it.
TheMalcontent - 4/12/2016, 12:57 PM
@dragonator29 - I haven't seen any of season three. I have mostly just catching up on it once they hit netflix.(I'm only check it out to feel that sad MCU void, I need help)

Yeah but I've seen s1 through s2 and I can say confidently I dislike just about every single aspect that mess(no offence). Even the music is awful, the characters, the plots, dialog, ugh the whole show is just the worst. I never liked Whedon brand corny, hokey camp filled mockery. They is a reason all of his programs always get dropped and cancelled with the swiftness(most of them couldn't even last 1 season).

He sucks at film. He had to resort to writing comic book and his biggest claim to quality and respect is writing the first Toy Story. He was lucky to get any success. Marvel brand is the only thing that props his work. Marvel held his hand on Avengers and as soon as he got any creative freedom we got AoU(the first MCU movie that I found outright just plan bad/ both boring and annoying) He has been wack from the jump(Alien Resurrection, really?) I never got Buffy ether.

In short just not my cup of tea.
dragonator29 - 4/12/2016, 1:40 PM
@TheMalcontent - Sad to hear that.

I honestly love the story, plot , characters, nearly all the aspects a lot. It is light hearted but isn't afraid to go dark. Its resembles TWS more in terms of tone. Ans the fights are few of the best and damn brutal sometimes.

In short, I love it. A lot!!!
right - 4/12/2016, 8:29 AM
Just like avengers ruins the individual stories, so does defenders, matts not even a lawyer anymore....
TheMalcontent - 4/12/2016, 11:37 AM
@right - That what I concerned about too. What has disappointed me most is Iron-man. The first Iron-man is still the best MCU film right beside The Winter Soldier. (they're a tie for me for different reasons)

Robert Downey's Iron-man never got the globe trotting, international hero, corporate espionage swatting, business leading ego driven sequel that it deserved.

That why I still want a RDJ and Iron-man to return for some more solo films. RDJ's Iron-man never got it's proper series of films right. They just used RDJ & Favreau credit to build their universe after the success of the first Iron-man.
LordDaredevil - 4/12/2016, 8:34 AM
Super excited about this. Daredevil is by far my favorite Marvel hero, and him leading the team just makes the most sense.
MrSocko - 4/12/2016, 8:35 AM
Call me old fashioned, but the Defenders to me will always be Dr. Strange, Hulk, Valkyrie and Nighthawk.
incredibleTalk - 4/12/2016, 8:39 AM
There needs to be someone to connect this universe between ABC, Netflix, and Marvel studios besides Coulson because for some reason.....he is hiding from the Avengers.He probably still mad that he had to die....before Cap finally autographed his baseball cards!!!!
FearTheLiving - 4/12/2016, 8:39 AM
Well this isn't a confirmation that DD forms the team just that he's willing to be apart of it. At least that's what I got out of the quote.

Not that I care who forms it. Just that it's happening is awesome.
marvelstudios - 4/12/2016, 8:43 AM
That makes a lot of sense. This is going to be great. I really hope they up the budget significantly, it should be a spectacle.
Hulk94 - 4/12/2016, 8:48 AM
Daredevil is probably cemented as one of my all-time favourite superheroes, second to only Superman (Man, [frick] Snyder for what he did to him)
Slotherin - 4/12/2016, 8:58 AM
I just want Heroes for Hire with Luke Cage and Iron Fist.
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