DEADPOOL 3: New Details About Wolverine's Comic-Accurate Mask In The Movie Have Been Revealed

DEADPOOL 3: New Details About Wolverine's Comic-Accurate Mask In The Movie Have Been Revealed DEADPOOL 3: New Details About Wolverine's Comic-Accurate Mask In The Movie Have Been Revealed

While we know Hugh Jackman's Wolverine will finally don his classic costume in Deadpool 3, we now have additional details about the mutant's mask! And yes, it sounds like that too will be comic-accurate!

By JoshWilding - Aug 05, 2023 04:08 AM EST
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Comic book fans have waited literally decades to see Wolverine don his classic costume on screen, and after that big tease in The Wolverine over a decade ago, it's finally going to happen in Deadpool 3.

A first look at that threequel showed Hugh Jackman wearing Logan's yellow and blue suit, with a design pulled straight from the source material. However, the character's iconic mask was absent and plenty of fans are now wondering if it won't actually be brought to the screen next year. 

Well, a reliable insider has chimed in to make it clear Wolvie is getting his mask. 

"I can confirm with ABSOLUTE certainty that Hugh Jackman's Wolverine will indeed have a comic-accurate mask with big fins AND white eyes in [Deadpool 3]," they reveal, no doubt putting many minds at ease in the process. 

We don't know how much screentime it will receive, of course, and wouldn't be surprised if Jackman only wears it briefly. At this point, we'll take what we can get and Ryan Reynolds deserves a lot of credit for not only convincing Jackman to return but for getting him to suit up as well. 

Alongside Reynolds and Jackman, Deadpool franchise vets Karan Soni (Dopinder), Leslie Uggams (Blind Al), Morena Baccarin (Vanessa), Stefan Kapicic (Colossus), Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead), Shioli Kutsuna (Yukio), and Rob Delaney (Peter) are all also set to return in this threequel.

Emma Corrin has also signed up as a mystery villain, while Matthew Macfadyen will likely play a TVA agent named Paradox in the movie. It's also been confirmed that Jennifer Garner will reprise her role as Elektra, and Ben Affleck, James Marsden, Patrick Stewart, and Ian McKellen are among the many names rumoured to appear. 

Deadpool 3 is set to be released in theaters on May 3, 2024.

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dracula - 8/5/2023, 5:01 AM
But how big will they be
Scripturepoetic - 8/5/2023, 7:12 PM
@dracula -

They might aswell, go all the way 🤷

VictorAlonzo - 8/6/2023, 12:34 AM
@Scripturepoetic -
VictorAlonzo - 8/6/2023, 12:35 AM
@VictorAlonzo -
Saga - 8/5/2023, 5:06 AM
McMurdo - 8/5/2023, 4:22 PM
@Saga - hype intensifies!
RedHood92 - 8/5/2023, 5:12 AM
bl0odwerk - 8/5/2023, 5:12 AM
What about the brown one?
ElvenKingSlayer - 8/5/2023, 5:25 AM
@bl0odwerk - I'm glad it's not here so they can use it for whoever plays Wolverine next
Fogs - 8/5/2023, 5:32 AM
@ElvenKingSlayer - yeah! Save the goat suit for a proper Wolvie story.
Typhoon20 - 8/5/2023, 3:46 PM
@Fogs - If you think you're going to get a proper Wolvie story from Disney lmao. Expect a trash Wolverine movie. Especially how sh1t the MCU has been post Infinity War.
Fogs - 8/5/2023, 6:00 PM
@Typhoon20 - proper = focused on him.

Low expectations here, too. Unfortunately.
phoenixvici - 8/5/2023, 5:19 AM
EgoEgor - 8/5/2023, 5:35 AM
"a reliable insider has chimed in"...

comicfan100 - 8/5/2023, 12:51 PM
@EgoEgor - CWGST confirmed the yellow suit in detail before it was officially revealed.
tylerzero - 8/5/2023, 6:19 AM
Still kind of disappointed that the suit has full-length sleeves. Yes, I know I need to stop nitpicking and just be happy we're finally getting a "comic-accurate" costume.

CorndogBurglar - 8/5/2023, 6:24 AM
@tylerzero - I believe Jackman himself requested the long sleeves.
DeadClunge - 8/5/2023, 6:48 AM
@tylerzero - I agree with you.
tylerzero - 8/5/2023, 8:24 AM
@CorndogBurglar -

CaptainAmerica - 8/5/2023, 10:02 AM
@tylerzero - skin cancer
Scripturepoetic - 8/5/2023, 7:27 PM
@tylerzero -

Don't doubt your instincts

The sleeveless look was/is the way to go

Even if they had to recruit the prosthetics team from WETA to handle the skin make-up/effects

CorndogBurglar - 8/5/2023, 6:34 AM
The thing about Wolverine's mask is simple. In live action it can look really good, but has a lot higher chance of looking really bad. It all depends on the "ears". If they are too big, and stick out too far from the sides of the head, it will look ridiculous and silly.

The ears should 100% be there. But they should be streamlined. The now famous helmet from the deleted scene in Logan is a good version. The ears are good and aren't too big looking, but it needs the black pieces that come down over his jaw.

The Bat in the Sun mask has gigantic ears and looks ridiculous. Even though the rest of the mask looks great.

It's all in the ears...

WruceBayne - 8/5/2023, 1:37 PM
@CorndogBurglar - the fins just need to be pulled around back like Batman’s ears.
CorndogBurglar - 8/5/2023, 3:11 PM
@WruceBayne - Yep, but not completely flat against the side of his head. They should poke out a little bit. But not as bad as the comics. Just very slightly.
WruceBayne - 8/5/2023, 3:47 PM
@CorndogBurglar - I agree
Scripturepoetic - 8/5/2023, 8:14 PM
The design team are going to have their 🧠 brains on overdrive trying to bring to life a comic accurate mask that behaves as it should for live-action

The production is better off going MoCap/CGI with the mask until they can get the mask right

DocSpock - 8/5/2023, 7:15 AM

I don't really care much about the mask. I am crazy excited for this movie. The uncertainty is great.

I think this will be either a massive win for the MCU of the biggest clusterfurck so far. No middle ground.

I am kinda worried they might sh!t it up with way too much TVA/Kang nonsense though.

99OPTIMISTPRIME - 8/5/2023, 7:18 AM
White eyes too???
Vigor - 8/5/2023, 8:58 AM
@99OPTIMISTPRIME - I mean. Deadpool has white eyes...
And it's a dead pool movie so
Oberlin4Prez - 8/5/2023, 8:31 AM
As long as it’s not one of the god awful nano tech masks like everyone seems to have today then I’m fine. Unless it’s to make a joke about how ridiculous it is that everyone uses nanotechnology for their masks. Lol
dragon316 - 8/5/2023, 8:32 AM
Can be good or look goofy as weapon x helmet wait see how it looks first on him
Jackraow21 - 8/5/2023, 11:41 AM
Hell yes. LFG!!!
Deepholedennis - 8/5/2023, 12:12 PM
While I do hope he wears the mask, I won’t be upset if it’s very briefly worn. Even if they didn’t give him the costume I wouldn’t care. I’m just happy they were able to get Hugh Jackman back
Deepholedennis - 8/5/2023, 12:14 PM
Brown costume woulda been dope though
Typhoon20 - 8/5/2023, 3:50 PM
My only issue with this movie is Disneys meddling.

I was hyped to see a R rated action/comedy buddy road trip movie with Wolverine/Deadpool but now they're adding so many g0dd@mn heroes it's giving me bad MOM vibes. My only hope is that all the other characters are like a few seconds in it and we spend an entire movie on Wolvie/Pool. No need for any other hero in this movie.
Lokiwasright - 8/5/2023, 6:19 PM
He'll wear just as Deadpool and him meet then we'll never see it again like Thora helmet.
Lokiwasright - 8/5/2023, 6:20 PM
@Lokiwasright - thor's
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