DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE Director Reveals The One Thing Marvel Said Was Off Limits For R-Rated Threequel

DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE Director Reveals The One Thing Marvel Said Was Off Limits For R-Rated Threequel

DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE Star Ryan Reynolds Confirms Work On The Movie Is Now Completed
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DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE Star Ryan Reynolds Confirms Work On The Movie Is Now Completed

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Slotherin - 5/29/2024, 11:06 AM
That art does look kinda fire.
DocSpock - 5/29/2024, 11:10 AM
@Slotherin -

Does that mean good or bad?
RegularPoochie - 5/29/2024, 11:17 AM
@Slotherin - See my comment! Right where your... erm... mind is also, lol.
RegularPoochie - 5/29/2024, 11:18 AM
@DocSpock - I think good, look at the fookin pic, if you ain't blind.
RegularPoochie - 5/29/2024, 11:28 AM
Also waitin D'Gusto(Dusto, he was talking about his micro pns in another article) coming here drooling with his pervert old mind yapping some crazy s**t.
Slotherin - 5/29/2024, 11:47 AM
@DocSpock - hey old timer, get with the hip new lingo!
DocSpock - 5/29/2024, 6:36 PM
@RegularPoochie -

I apologize for only speaking non teenie hipster trailer trash gutteral English.

DocSpock - 5/29/2024, 6:37 PM
@Slotherin -

No thanks.
RegularPoochie - 5/29/2024, 7:44 PM
@DocSpock - the fook you crying about? Chill my friend, lol. And what fricking teenie hipster trailer trash, yesterday was 39th bd, so frick you "old" fart, bend over and bite the pillow 👴
Slotherin - 5/29/2024, 8:30 PM
@DocSpock - you're saying you do speak trailer trash?
DocSpock - 5/29/2024, 9:35 PM
@Slotherin -

Read the sentence again. It will come to you.
Slotherin - 5/29/2024, 10:07 PM
@DocSpock - I was [frick]ing with you on account of how drawn out you phrased that but eh... Kinda seems like ya got a stick up your ass in this thread.
Though for the record, calling something fire is to my knowledge more urban lingo than "trailer trash" tends to imply.
DocSpock - 5/29/2024, 10:13 PM
@Slotherin -

"Though for the record, calling something fire is to my knowledge more urban lingo than "trailer trash" tends to imply."

I agree.
Slotherin - 5/29/2024, 10:27 PM
@DocSpock - how you doing btw mang?
I feel a bit insensitive for the stick up the ass remark.
DocSpock - 5/29/2024, 10:48 PM
@Slotherin -

LOL! I am fine my friend. I am insane & loving life.
Slotherin - 5/30/2024, 7:51 AM
@DocSpock - haha, [frick] yeah
FireandBlood - 5/29/2024, 11:07 AM
Acting like she ain’t already in the movie 😂
TheVisionary25 - 5/29/2024, 11:15 AM
Damn , I thought that was an official look for a second since it looked so good!!.

Also , she’s definitely in it given that non-answer lol…

I could see her giving this version of Logan the inspiration needed to be a hero again by citing how her variant saved her etc.

User Comment Image

It’ll be a nice cameo imo!!.
RegularPoochie - 5/29/2024, 11:16 AM
Just here for the... ummm... nevermind.
theFUZZ008 - 5/29/2024, 12:13 PM
No one's gives a shit if she's in it or not.
RegularPoochie - 5/29/2024, 12:36 PM
@theFUZZ008 - I give a jizz about it!
Biggums - 5/31/2024, 2:08 PM
@theFUZZ008 - I do.
mountainman - 5/29/2024, 12:15 PM
Just give her the grey/black outfit and call her X-23 and not Wolverine and we are good.
braunermegda - 5/29/2024, 12:21 PM
How exactly she addressed it?
BruceWayng - 5/29/2024, 1:13 PM
If she does in fact appear in DP&W I hope they give her either her all
black or black and grey X-Force costume. I’ve never been a fan of her blue and yellow Wolverine costume. It just comes across too derivative.
YouFlopped - 5/29/2024, 1:30 PM
we using AI pics for news now? 😂
MarkCassidy - 5/29/2024, 2:22 PM
@YouFlopped - Is the banner image the story?
YouFlopped - 5/29/2024, 2:35 PM
@MarkCassidy - sorry Mr Mark. Some of us believe in artistic/journalistic integrity 🤷🏾‍♂️

she has ample amount of pictures to use of her instead of fake ones “reporting” a story. but if you like it.. ❤️👍🏾
MarkCassidy - 5/29/2024, 3:19 PM
@YouFlopped - WTF are you on about? I never tried to pass the image off as real... It's fan art, and I included the original Instagram link at the end of the article. What the hell happened to IQs in this site over the past while?
StSteven - 5/29/2024, 4:22 PM
@MarkCassidy - Well, you see, as it turns out there's a finite amount of intelligence in the universe and with AI getting smarter and smarter it has to draw it's intelligence from somewhere so something's gotta go. It's come down to either website forums or the US government and there's not a lot to draw from in the latter, so...
grif - 5/29/2024, 2:03 PM
if i hear shes in the movie its a done deal and im out

Scarilian - 5/29/2024, 2:21 PM
@grif -
I'm fairly sure X-23 and Lady Deadpool are in the movie and they are hiding how much of the movie they are involved in.

Ideally they are being hidden for the shock/appeal, but more realistically it's probably because the movie will focus more on the female characters. We have a Wolverine characterized as a failure and we have a Deadpool characterized as a failure.

I wouldn't be surprised if X-23 and Lady Deadpool take down the female prof.x (Cassandra Nova) while Wolverine and Deadpool fight the rumored fanwanky variant that combines both their traits.

User Comment Image
grif - 5/29/2024, 3:14 PM
@Scarilian - ill wait
campblood - 5/29/2024, 5:50 PM
@Scarilian - and then I will full volume yell in the theater “THIS IS THE LADY PART!!” like I did with avengers endgame
Slotherin - 5/29/2024, 10:09 PM
Oh no guys, grif doesn't like something.
Scarilian - 5/30/2024, 3:04 PM
@campblood -
Honestly, these parts could work, but given this is:
1) Stage 5 of the MCU
2) Intentionally going to mock the MCU

It'd make sense to have an extremely cringeworthy female empowerment/male degradation aspect whether intended as a joke or not.
campblood - 5/30/2024, 5:56 PM
@Scarilian - if it’s a joke I’d be ok. Like have them make the men look like bumbling fools only for the ladies to be useless in the end. I don’t hate strong female roles if they’re done well where their gender is a moot point. Hell if x-23 shows up and is legit ripping and tearing, being radical I’d love it. Just not keen, cast a woman who’s like 25 , keen is still to young
Biggums - 5/31/2024, 2:09 PM
@grif - you naughty bear. Shouldn't you be busy violating a live frog's mouth!
NathanielX - 5/29/2024, 11:16 PM
MCU should do an Exiles TV show, as sequel to what if, they can star almost every actor that has been on Marvel movie tv show, The Gifted, Legión, Agents of Shield, 70's Incredible Hulk, Chris Evans Human Thorch etc.
Biggums - 5/31/2024, 2:08 PM
She's blossomed into such a fine young lady.
Crazy how fast time flies.

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