5 Obscure Deadpool Facts That You Probably Didn't Know

5 Obscure Deadpool Facts That You Probably Didn't Know

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DrKinsolving - 5/22/2015, 12:36 PM

"Hodgkin's Disease best be wearing its brown pants."
JamesMann - 5/22/2015, 12:46 PM
MercwithMouth - 5/22/2015, 12:55 PM

Look here you Miley-lovin, child-kidnapping, Hal Jordan-lovin bastard...
LEVITIKUZ - 5/22/2015, 1:10 PM
How the hell did Deadpool become every child's favorite hero?

Ryan's done just about enough stuff for sick kids with Deadpool as Evans & Bale has and Deadpool's not even out yet.
ALegendaryPanda - 5/22/2015, 1:14 PM
Ryan is just the coolest dude ever.
MrWarlock - 5/22/2015, 1:14 PM

Must've been a fan of the game that came out awhile back.

THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 5/22/2015, 1:16 PM
Dat suit.
Jaspion - 5/22/2015, 1:17 PM
Isn't that kid kinda to young to be a Deadpool fan? Well.. anyway, very nice.
blackandyellow - 5/22/2015, 1:20 PM
Reynold's seems like a cool dude and someone I'd like to get a beer with. Awesome that he hooked that kid up. Too bad the kid had to go to a dump like Canada.
McGee - 5/22/2015, 1:21 PM
I root for all comic book movies to fail.

Please don't B&Y me Nate!
TheStranger - 5/22/2015, 1:24 PM
Awesome job Reynolds.
Thoughts and prayers for the kid.
I hate that for him. =\
Highflyer - 5/22/2015, 1:27 PM
Respect to Ryan A.K.A deadpool.
blackandyellow - 5/22/2015, 1:32 PM

MrSnrub - 5/22/2015, 1:49 PM
He won't be able to watch the movie with that R rating.
James99201 - 5/22/2015, 2:10 PM
So funny that half the people calling him a great guy will be destroying him after this movie comes out and just like every other comic book movie he has been in you'll say ita his acting and not the screen play or the director or even the editors fault but noooo its Ryan Reynolds fault Green Lantern sucked and why RIPD wasn't a success or even blame him for how awful wade wilsons character was in Wolverine origins. Lets stop hating this guy is all I'm trying to get at he is awesome and not to mention he is Van Wilder!!!
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