MARVEL'S ETERNALS Spoilers: 8 Biggest Reveals From The Movie's Set Photos

MARVEL'S ETERNALS Spoilers: 8 Biggest Reveals From The Movie's Set Photos

Our first look at Marvel's Eternals likely won't arrive until shortly before Black Widow hits theaters, and plot details are scarce. However, the movie's set photos do include plenty of intriguing reveals.

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By JoshWilding - Mar 03, 2020 07:03 AM EST
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Like Guardians of the Galaxy before it, Eternals is a movie shrouded in secrecy, and given the somewhat obscure nature of these characters, many fans are unsure what to expect. Very few details on the project have been revealed, and while the curtain should be pulled back soon, we're probably still at least a couple of months away from finding out more.

Production recently wrapped on the Marvel Studios movie which arrives in theaters this November, but we've now taken a look back through all the set photos that found their way online to bring you guys an in-depth guide to the biggest reveals and details from them. 

From iconic comic book locations to some very cool costumes and even a few plot spoilers, there's a lot we still don't know about Eternals, but these images go a long way in shedding some light on Marvel's mysterious new project. So, to check out these possible reveals, all you guys need to do is click on the "Next" button below to delve into this intel about the film...

At Least Some Of Eternals Will Take Place In The Present Day


Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has been quoted as saying that Eternals will take us through thousands of years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but early set photos confirmed that at least some of this movie will also take place in the present day (likely after Avengers: Endgame). 

Gemma Chan's Sersi has been spotted in London with a cell phone, so these heroes are clearly living among us and hiding in plain sight. These images have also confirmed that Sersi will fall for Kit Harington's Dane Whitman in the present, and not in Medieval times as some early rumours about the Marvel Studios movie suggested (though it is possible she crossed paths with his ancestor).

Somebody Is Going To Die


Angelina Jolie's Thena was spotted from afar relatively early on in the proceedings, and these photos remain among the most intriguing. In what looked an awful lot like an Medieval setting, we saw what looked like a funeral pyre burning before the Eternal made her way to a nearby lake and scattered some ashes in it. 

The question is, who do those ashes belong to? 

There are quite a few cast members who have yet to be spotted in the present day scenes that have been filmed, so it's entirely possible Eternals will kill off one of the heroes in the past...

The Eternals Use Their Powers In Public


Various images from the set of the movie have shown characters like Ikaris and Sersi using their powers in the present day in very public areas (clearly, they're done hiding at this point). 

Interestingly, it seems as if the Eternals will share the same powers as their comic book counterparts, as they've been shown flying, and using what are more than likely energy powers.

During these sequences, the heroes have been shown in their street clothes, so who knows if they'll actually suit up in the present or whether we'll only see those costumes in the past. 

The Costumes Look Awesome


In the most action-packed set photos from the movie, Thena, Phastos, and Sersi have been spotted suited up and battling an unknown threat (likely one of the Celestials). The concept art shown at Comic-Con wasn't the best we've seen from Marvel Studios, but the costumes look much better in real-life and pay homage to the source material in some exciting ways. 

We've yet to receive a detailed look at the heroes, but from what little we could see in these images, fans definitely won't be disappointed when this group of heroes arrives in the MCU.

Two Iconic Comic Book Locations Have Been Confirmed


Among the coolest set photos we've seen since Eternals started shooting are those that confirm that we'll spend time both in Babylon and the Tomb of the Gods. 

In the comic books, Gilgamesh once fought off an attempted invasion of Earth by the Kronans there, while Thena met and grew close with the Deviant known as Kro there. As for the Tomb of the Gods, that was located in the City of the Space Gods and built to herald the arrival of the Celestials. 

In this movie, it seems the two locations have been combined, and there's a strong chance we'll see both the arrival of the Celestials, and a confrontation between the Eternals and Deviants here if Jack Kirby's comic book tales are any indication. 

Dane Whitman And Sersi's Modern Day Romance


As we've mentioned, Sersi and Dane Whitman will become romantically involved, and they've been shown in various locations across London growing close. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise, especially as the two heroes also grew close when they were members of The Avengers. 

This romance appears to be a huge part of Eternals, and Sersi's love of the human race could be what leads to the team finally stepping out of the shadows to protect Earth's inhabitants.

In the comics, it's been revealed that The Celestials come to Earth every 1000 years, and with no more Avengers, perhaps they're the only ones powerful enough to overcome their creators? The Deviants are also bound to factor into this, but there's another possible explanation...

Is Dane Whitman An Archaeologist?


Archaeological digs have also been spotted in set photos, a sign perhaps that the existence of the Eternals, Deviants, and Celestials will be revealed by an unsuspecting human.

This would actually follow the comic books (albeit with some noteworthy changes) as it was Daniel Damian who first discovered their existence and unwittingly found himself being spied on by Ikaris, who was posing as a fellow scientist. If, in this version, Dane is the archaeologist and Sersi is keeping an eye on him, perhaps her falling for him is what leads to the return of the Celestials?

It's hard to say for sure, but we'll clearly be delving into the team's past both when it happened and from a present day perspective.

Eternals Vs. Deviants


In one batch of set photos, Sersi, Kingo, and Sprite were shown saying what appeared to be an emotional goodbye to each other in the present day, and while it's hard to place what sequence this happens in, other images have features Sersi, Ikaris, and Sprite protecting Dane from unseen creatures.

Chances are that those are the Deviants, but why is it so important to protect Dane?

Yes, they're superheroes, but there could be more to him than meets the eye, and it's hard to imagine his transformation into Black Knight not being touched on in some way in this movie. 

Do these new details about Eternals have you excited for the Marvel Studios movie? Have you spotted any details we've missed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!
RUMOR: We May Know When We'll See The ETERNALS In The MCU Again

RUMOR: We May Know When We'll See The ETERNALS In The MCU Again

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SpideyPuffsMJ - 3/3/2020, 7:53 AM
Coming from a pretty ignorant comic-book background when it comes to both Eternals and Inhumans, I'm waaaaaaaaaay more interested in seeing this come to fruition than I am in another attempt at adapting Inhumans. Just on the surface, the Eternals are much more interesting to me than the Inhumans family dynamic.
jj2112 - 3/3/2020, 8:01 AM
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kirbyfan - 3/3/2020, 8:03 AM
Yeah there's a major detail you missed! This isn't JACK KIRBY'S ETERNALS! This is just a movie calling itself The Eternals! It's so far away from what Kirby created, what's the point?!
Oh I know, another chance to try and forward the PC INSANITY!
FleischerSupes - 3/3/2020, 8:04 AM
Kinda wish they hadn't beat New Gods to the punch on this one. The characters are more iconic, and Tom King's Mr Miracle could have been integrated.

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