InTylerWeTrust82 Casts Thor and Captain America, Among Others......

I give you my picks for the characters of 2011's upcoming blockbusters "Thor" and "The First Avenger:Captain America." Not only those, but also surprise picks that you'll have to read on to find out what they are. So, what are you waiting for? You know you want to click...

By now I'm expecting you to be a bit confused as to the second part of the fan cast, the "among others" section. You could describe the picks as perhaps a bit random, but I wanted to get the choices out there, and I thought, "why not?" Plus, I like to mix things up a bit, keep you guessing as to what characters I'm going to cast. Who will the "random picks" be? Find out for yourself ;)

First up is the Thor movie cast:

Chris Hemsworth as Thor. He's already been cast as the mighty God of Thunder, so the pick's a bit obvious, to say the least. Hemsworth is tall, well built, has a strong voice, and does look like Thor. I think he'll be great!

Jude Law as Donald Blake Well, since the recent false rumor that went around, which reported that Jude Law and Robert DeNiro were in talks for the movie, this idea popped in my head. I could see Law as Blake, as well as Fandral, but I like him more for Blake. He's a great actor, and I could see him transforming into someone like Hemsworth, considering he's shorter and smaller. I also think he would do great at conveying Blake's personality and inner "back and forth," if you will, between his Godly alter-ego and his ever-human side.

Jamie Alexander as Sif. I didn't think about this actress for Sif before she was cast, but I see great potential in her. I think she'll be really great, plus she looks like the spitting image of Sif.

Natalie Portman as Jane Foster. Another announced cast member, Portman is an amazing actress, having shown a lot of talent in only a few years. Garden State and Closer have proved her acting ability. Not to mention she's quite stunning ;)

Stellan Skarsgard as Odin. Yes, I do know that Anthony Hopkins has been cast as Odin. However, I think Skarsgard is near perfect for Odin, having the physical and acting requirements for the part down. Hopkins has the acting part, which, don't get me wrong, is the most important thing, but he looks nothing like the Marvel version of Odin. Skarsgard has great talent, AND the perfect look, being a giant at 6'4". I have not seen a better choice for the Ruler of Asgard.

Karl Urban as Balder the Brave. It seems like I've been using Urban a lot in my fan casts recently hehe. But, well, he's a great actor, and fits a lot of CBM roles. He can portray bravery (Lord of the Rings) and intelligence (Star Trek) very well, essential for Balder. He has a good height to make him look proper in a place like Asgard, a good physique, and a good voice for Balder. Would've made a great Thor, but it was not meant to be, so why not go for the next best thing, Thor's brother?

Alexander Skarsgard as Heimdall. Another candidate for Thor himself, Skarsgard was almost a shoe-in for the role of the Odinson. However, fate would keep Skarsgard and Thor apart. So sad. There is a silver lining though. It frees Skarsgard up to play Heimdall, a part I think he's even more suited for than Thor! Heimdall's stoic, silent yet strong personality would fit well with Skarsgard in my opinion, I thought he was a bit too "dark" or (perhaps) scary for Thor, definitely in his face if nothing else. All he'd have to do is darken his blond hair, and it's Heimdall right there! He's 6'4", more than enough for Heimdall, he would play the part beautifully!

Tricia Helfer as Amora the Enchantress. Helfer is a great actress, and I know she'd pull off Enchantress with ease. She's sexy as all hell, digs the sci-fi world, and has a lot of talent. She's near perfect for Enchantress. My other picks for Enchantress would be Katherine Heigl, who I thought was a little too cute and honest looking, and Sienna Miller.

And that's a wrap for the Thor movie casting!

On to The First Avenger: Captain America! There won't be as many characters in this section as there was in the Thor section, actually, there will only be a few, but they are major characters.

Jensen Ackles as Captain America. I know, shocking right?! I won't bother going in to detail on this, as I already have countless times. In short, Ackles is talented, young, tall, athletically built, square-jawed, and commanding. All qualities that describe Captain America.

Jamie Bell as Bucky Barnes. One of the finest young actors of his generation, Bell has proven his tremendous acting chops numerous times. He lit up the screen and made "Jumper" actually watchable as Griffin, played a similar character to Bucky in "King Kong", held his own with Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber in "Defiance", and was simply fantastic in "Billy Elliot." He can display great courage as seen in "Kong" while being a very like-able young kid, he is perfect for the part of Bucky Barnes.

Mads Mikkelsen as Red Skull. Two words guys: CASINO ROYALE. I dare you to watch that movie and not come out of it thinking Mikkelsen would be an amazing Red Skull. Better yet, I DOUBLE DARE YOU! If you have already seen the excellent Casino Royale, you would know that Mikkelsen is the man for the Skull. His twisted, sadistic, yet incredibly intelligent and cunning performance as Le Chiffre shows how great he is at playing a villain. He has the perfect voice too, with a German tinge that isn't overdone and distracting, but would make you very uncomfortable to be in the same room as him! He's perfect for Red Skull, the proof is at the casino!

Ralph Fiennes as Baron Zemo. Picture it now. Lord Voldemort himself as Baron Zemo. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn't it? We all know that Fiennes can act the sh*t out of villains, as shown in his truly disturbing portrayal of the Dark Lord. He was a shadowy presence, lurking behind the scenes, but was up close and personal when the time arose, and was more than a little powerful. I picture Zemo as a similar character, being hidden behind the Skull's schemes for most of the movie, save for a few scenes hinting at his presence. I dare you yet again to tell me he wouldn't knock this role out of the park!

Sorry, but that's all for the Captain America cast. I apologize since it was so short, but at least I got the major characters in there :)

Now for the fun part, RANDOM PICKS TIME! Some will be grouped together, as some have a connection from the comics. So, enjoy these other picks for other Marvel characters!

Charlie Hunnam as Iron Fist. Hunnam is a great actor, just watch the series "Sons of Anarchy" for proof. Hunnam kicks ass on a regular basis, something needed for Iron Fist, but also has legitimate acting talent, unlike a certain other fan favorite for Iron Fist, cough*Ray Park*cough. He's pretty damn near perfect for Danny Rand! The reason I put IF in here is because of the whole Iron Fist video game rumor, which got me thinking and so, here he is.

Terry Crews as Luke Cage. You can't deny that Crews has the perfect look for Cage. He's really tall, and built like a brick sh*t house. You can't deny it. Some may disagree on his acting, but I think he'd be a great Luke Cage. He doesn't always do comedic roles, he's done more serious characters as well. He'd bring his unique personality to Cage, keeping the audience entertained. Also, I picture him as having great chemistry with Hunnam as Iron Fist.

Fantastic Four time!

Billy Crudup as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic. After the fiasco with Ioan Gruffoblablabla and his incredibly Un-Reed-Richardsy performance, we need an actor that can convey extreme intelligence, not just a little bit of intelligence, as with Gruffoad. Also, he has to be like-able and, well, not annoying, unlike Gruffoad. Enter Crudup, who gave a brilliant performance as Dr. Manhattan in "Watchmen". He'd be a perfect Reed, no contest!

Elizabeth Banks as Susan Storm.Invisible Woman. Banks is another great actress, and brings warmth and sincerity to every character she plays, which I feel is essential for Invisible Woman. Sue is the "mother" of the FF, often being the mediator in fights and holding the group together. Banks would nail that aspect of the character in my opinion.

Scott Porter as Johnny Storm/Human Torch. Now I know what you're thinking, "You can't recast Johnny!" I understand, believe me, I do. Evans was the best thing in both craptacular FF movies, and was the only part keeping me in the theater. However, if you recast, you have to recast everyone. Sad, but true. Life goes on. Scott Porter is a great actor, and proved it on Friday Night Lights. He's tall, fit, blond, and talented. I think he'd be a great Johnny.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Ben Grimm/The Thing. Do I have to actually explain why Morgan should be the Thing? All the explanation needed is in a little film called Watchmen.

Clive Owen as Victor Von Doom/Dr. Doom. Doom is one of the biggest villains throughout the entire Marvel universe, being a threat to the Fantastic Four, SHIELD, etc. Clive would ow(e)n his role ;) Just look at his face, it's positively menacing! He has an intimidating and villainous voice and physique as well. Also, he's a great actor, and I know he would rock the sh*t out of Dr. Doom, letting us finally forget the impossibly awful "version" of Doom from the awful movies.

Luke Goss or Jason Behr as Namor. Goss is an excellent actor, and has experience with CBM's from Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. He played Prince Nuada, and was one of the best parts of the whole movie. He made Nuada a complex villain, making him somewhat sympathetic in his beliefs, but not so much in his ways of carrying them out. That last conversation between him and Hellboy as Nuada was dying really cemented the performance to me. He's in great shape, is tall, and has a regal appearance. Nearly perfect for Namor he is, as well as my first choice. Behr is also a rather talented actor, really coming into his own lately. He'd be a great Namor, second only to Goss IMO. I got the Behr idea from our very own teabag, good choice buddy!


Misha Collins as Matt Murdock/Daredevil. The only thing I've seen Collins in is Supernatural Seasons 4/5. However, that's all I need to know how great a Daredevil he'd be! He's intimidating, cold, mysterious, and tough as the angel Castiel, all qualities which would lend themselves well to a new portrayal of Daredevil. I could also picture him perfectly as the Matt Murdock side, just watch the episode "The Rapture" to see for yourself. I used to want Michael C. Hall, but ever since our own DDD (very appropriate name considering this subject) suggested Collins, I've been stuck to the choice as well.

Rhona Mitra as Elektra. A choice first made by the great Shaman, I can't think of a better actress for this role. Mitra is sexy and gorgeous as hell, but can "kick ass at the drop of a dime," as Shaman put it. She's great at playing touch, strong women, which is necessary for Elektra. It also doesn't hurt that Mitra looks like Elektra jumped off the comic book page and into real life.

Ray Winstone as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin. Winstone is one of my favorite actors. He's great in almost every role he's in. He'd be awesome as the new Kingpin. I didn't have anything against Michael Clarke Duncan, but a recast is a recast, and Winstone is the best choice for Kingpin. He's got a strong voice, watch Beowulf for proof, and is intimidating when he has to be, check out the Departed for that, or any other proof of why he should be Kingpin. Its all right there!

Michael Fassbender as Bullseye. Fassbender is an awesome actor, and is a joy to watch on screen. He was one of the best in 300, and was also great in Inglorious Basterds. He was f*cking almost out of his mind as Stelios in 300, watch that scene where he's describing a "beautiful death" and not get chills, I dare you! He wasn't only pretty crazy, he kicked some major, MAJOR Persian ass in 300, and was a super bad-ass. Take all that, and give him a target on his fore-head and, well, he IS Bullseye!

Well, I think that's all I've got. Tell me what you think about the Thor and Captain America casts, but also about the other casts! Thanks for reading.

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