Marvel One-Shot/MCU/MarvelABC/Marvel Netflix pt 3

Here are just a few more Marvel One-Shot ideas that popped into my head recently.

Fan Fic Opinion

Since it seems a few people enjoyed my last "MCU One-Shots" fancast, I thought I'd give it another go. With this one, I thought I would touch on the idea of safe houses and the beginnings of the underground network of support that Cap's team needed during the Civil War in the comics as well as have a moment where we see what going on with Scott Lang and Sam Wilson (House Rules). I also wanted to introduce a few new comic characters (Man Thing, Chemistro, Titania, etc) and kind of give the whole Bobbi Morse & Lance Hunter thing some closure. Hope yall dig it. 





Months after the events in Siberia, Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter have settled into their civilian lives. Lance and a few partners opens up a bar called The Blind Spot that acts as a sanctuary for mercenaries, enhanced individuals, Inhumans and more. The house rules are simple "1. This is neutral ground. 2. Management has the right to refuse service to anyone, at anytime, at their discretion". The house rules of the bar are strictly maintained by its very capable staff.
Lancelot "Lance" HunterFormer mercenary and disavowed SHIELD agent familiar with many of those in the soldier-of-fortune trade. Given a supply of I.C.E.R tech from an anonymous source when the bar opened. A skilled fighter. An okay bartender.  - Nick Blood 
Franklin "Foggy" NelsonBar patron waiting to meet with an investigator at his firm. Doesn't like how clean the bar is in comparison to Josie's. Very talkative. Elden Henson
Jessica Jones Enhanced private investigator and expert drinker. Meets with Nelson at the bar. Clothes are torn and slashed as if she had been in a major brawl. Notes that she in much better shape than "...the other 3 guys". Still looking to settle her stalemate arm wrestling match with Mary MacPherran (Titania). Krysten Ritter
Mary MacPherran (Titania) - Reformed criminal and enhanced associate of Carl Creel who, like Creel, is looking to change her life around after a particularly bad heist. Acts as a bouncer for the bar. Kristanna Loken
Misty Knight - Tough and respected NYC detective. Observes a group of police officers hassling MacPherran for not allowing them to enter the bar since the group seems to blow off the house rules. Comes to MacPherran's aid and lets the group know that she does not appreciate them embarrassing her or their badges. Simone Missick
Georges Batroc (Batroc The Leaper) - International mercenary and fugitive who just wants to have a few drinks and watch a soccer game in peace. Georges St-Pierre
Heidi P. Franklin (Pretty Persuasion) - Barmaid, partial bar owner, and former escort whose enhanced abilities over emotions helps to keep the peace at the bar. Brings Batroc a beer and helps to ease his mind when the officers walk in. Sasha Grey   (this may be a controversial casting to some, but I stand by it)
Robert Kowalski (AIM agent Roberto Kowalski) - A former engineer and research director for AIM who was blacklisted from working at other top tier research facilities after the criminal and treasonous acts of Aldrich Killian. Looking for a quiet life and steady, legal income to support his wife and son. Does in-house surveillance and security for the bar, providing real time info about bar patrons to the staff via ear pieces. Jake Johnson
Sam Wilson (Falcon) - Former Air Force pararescueman and Avenger. After eyeing Batroc and noticing no alarms being raised, he approaches Hunter and asks if The Blind Spot offers any other services besides interesting company and overpriced drinks. Anthony Mackie
Scott Lang (Ant Man)- Electronics expert and ex-con who accompanies Wilson to the bar and acts as his twitchy, nervous, and overly excitable look out. 



Months after the events in Siberia, Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter have settled into their civilian lives. Bobbi Morse is thriving in her life as biologist Dr Barbara Morse and is now a research fellow at Empire State University. She is a member of noted biochemist Dr. Theodore Sallis' research staff, which is working to develop anti-chemical warfare solutions for the U.S. military. Unfortunately she has to put her skills as  a SHIELD agent to the test when a paramilitary strike team attacks the research lab and threatens the life of her and her newfound friends. 
Dr Barbara "Bobbi" Morse (Mockingbird) - Disavowed SHIELD agent and biologist whose training allows her to fend off a coordinated, paramilitary attack by a group of individuals who mean to steal her team's research.  Adrianne Palicki
Dr Elizabeth "Betty" Ross - Daughter of Sec. of State Thaddeus Ross and professsor teaching cellular biology at Empire State University. One of the few friends Bobbi has been able to make since walking away from her previous life as a SHIELD agent.  Liv Tyler
Dr. Theodore Sallis (Man Thing) - Well regarded research scientist overseeing "Project Sulfur" for the U.S. Army - which works to find a means of surviving various bio-chemical attacks. During the strike team's assult - which is led by Roxxon Oil agent Calvin Carr - Sallis becomes exposed to an untested version of one of his formulas right before he is cornered in the campus' greenhouse lab, shot by Carr's "Alchemy Gun", and left in a vegetative state.   Eric Close
Calvin Carr (Chemistro) - Black ops agent for Roxxon Oil. A skilled fighter that appears to have some military training. Holds a cutting edge piece of tech, nicknamed "The Alchemy Gun" that rearranges the properties of one material and turns it into something entirely different. Ruthless and efficient. Arnold Pinnock
Tilda Johnson (Nightshade) - An agent working alongside Carr who is in charge of finding and securing certain items and research for Roxxon Oil as well as for her own personal use. A genius level scientist with expertise in many different fields. Possibly sociopathic. Yvonna Kopacz Wright
Donald "Bobby" Fillmore (Sheriff Bobby Fillmore) - An ATCU agent in charge of assessing the scene of the attack, interviewing Morse about the assault, securing the now comatose Dr .Sallis (who body seems to be undergoing some form of transformation) into a stasis unit, and transporting his body to a secure facility. Has a personal score to settle with Carr & Johnson.  Ian Tracey


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AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Star Chloe Bennet Once Again Reignites Speculation She'll Return to MCU As Quake

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