Transformers 3: The Final War Part Three

The conclusion of a plot I wrote for Transformers 3...

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NOTE: If you haven't read part one or two, scroll down in fan-fics and check them out. Now, onto the conclusion.

Cut to earth.

The streets are in panic. Fleeing citizens, toppling buildings. The invading robots are destroying everything in their path. Meanwhile, near a gas-station, Sam and Carly are running through ally ways. "Sam, what are those things?" Carly asked while running. "Decepticons." Sam replied. "Decepti-what"?" Carly asked. "It's hard to explain." Sam replied. They were stopped in their tracks when a robot jumped from a roof-top to where they were.

Sam and Carly could only stare as the robot lifted its canon at them. Suddenly, a missile struck the robot. It exploded. Bumblebee had arrived.

He drove toward Sam and Carly. The car door opened. "Get in!" Sam yelled. He and Carly jumped in Bumblee. They drove past the chaos and headed for NEST.

"So what you're telling me is that robots from another world have come to do war on this one? And the good ones are called Autobots and the bad ones are called Decepticons?" Carly asked. "Yes." Sam replied. Carly didn't know what to think. They were still driving toward NEST. The car stopped. The door opened. Sam and Carly jumped out. What they saw were.....ruins.

NEST was in ruins. Bumblebee transformed back to regular form and surveyed the area. NEST had been destroyed. There were no sign of survivors except......"Ratchet!" Bumblebee yelled. He ran toward the ruins where Ratchet was buried. Ratchet laid on the ground, barely functioning. Bumblebee came towards Ratchet. "Bumblebee.....behind you." Ratchet said weakly. All of a sudden Bumblebee was sent flying over the ruins and then banged the ground. The blow came from the Decepticon known as Cyclonus.

Bumblebee got up and shot a missile at Cyclonus. It struck, but did nothing. Cyclonus then flew toward Bumblebee. BumbleBee tried to dodge but Cyclonus had already grabbed him. He threw Bumblebee to the ground. Cyclonus then smashed his robot fist into Bumblebee. Bumblebee was so badly injured, he couldn't stand. "Who....are you?" He asked weakly.
"I am Cyclonus. Follower of Shockwave." Cyclonus replied. "Who is Shockwave?" Bumblebee asked. "The ruler of Cybertron." Cyclonus replied. Carly decided it was time to take action into her own hands. She gabbed a nearby dumbster and threw at Cyclonus. "Are you crazy?!" Sam yelled. The dumpster struck Cyclonus. He turned his head and noticed the humans for the first time. "You are Sam Witwicky." Cyclonus said. "Yes." Sam replied. "I will kill you after I terminate this pitiful robot." Cyclonus said. Suddenly, a bunch of missiles sent Cyclonus flying. The missiles had come come from two jets. One of the jest transformed into......Starscream!

Bumblebee couldn't believe it. "Do not think we are to help you, Autobot. We are here to stop the invasion." Starscream said. He then headed straight for Cyclonus. He collided with a surprised Cyclonus. He then grabbed Starscream. But then the other jet shot a missile at Cyclonus. It struck Cyclonus' back, which stunned him. Starscream then turned his hand into a razor and sliced Cyclonus in half! The ripped-in-half Cyclonus fell to the ground.

"Heh, that was easy." Starscream said. "Starscream, watch out." Soundwave said on his communicator. "Huh?" Starscream said. A giant beam from the sky struck Starscream!

The beam was so powerful, Sam and Carly had to take cover. Once the beam went away, there was nothing left of Starscream. The beam had completely disintegrated him. Bumblebee stared in astonishment. Suddenly, the clouds opened up. A purple figure was hovering toward the ground. Shockwave had arrived.

Once Shockwave reached the ground, all was silent. Shockwave was the first to speak. "Heh, heh, heh. Finally, after watching earth for so long, I can finally take over it." He took notice of everything that happened right before. "Cyclonus has been defeated. No matter." Bumblebee tried to get up. Shockwave then shot Bumblebee down. Bumblebee was dead. Shockwave stood over Bumblebee's body.

"A fool of a robot." Shockwave said. "What do you want?!" Sam yelled. Shockwave looked at the human boy. "You're Sam Witwicky, the human Optimus Prime cares so much about. Too bad he won't be alive to see your fate." Shockwave said. He then pointed his canon at Sam. He was about to fire when a something hit him from behind. Shockwave looked behind. Soundwave was standing there.

"Soundwave is it? Megatron's communications officer. Perhaps you don't understand. Megatron left me to die on Cybertron, you should join me." Shockwave said. "I do not care what Megatron did to you. I follow Megatron's orders without question. Now that I am leader, I must make decisions myself. I have decided that Megatron would want you terminated. I will do the job myself." Soundwave said. He punched Shockwave. Shockwave grabbed Soundwave's fist. Shockwave laughed. "You are just a communications officer. You are not meant to be a fighter." Shockwave said. He then threw Soundwave to the ground. "I was Megatron's lead commanding officer. You alone have no chance against me." Shockwave said. Soundwave tried to get up. "You speak the truth. I alone cannot defeat you. But I will attempt to." Soundwave said. He transformed into a cassette player.

Shockwave stood there. Then laughed. "Heh, heh, heh. A cassette player? That's your attempt? Ha, ha, ha." The cassette player shot two wires into Shockwave. "What's this?" Shockwave asked. The two wires started to generate electricity into Shockwave's core. Shockwave started to weaken. "What? I'm starting to weaken! No! I will not be defeated!" Shockwave yelled. He shot a beam from his one eye. The beam sent the cassette player flying. It transformed back to Soundwave. Before Soundwave could think of a new plan, Shockwave was on top of him. Shockwave started to pummel Soundwave. Shockwave then jumped and shot a giant beam onto Soundwave. Once the beam had finished, Soundwave laid still on the ground. Shockwave then grabbed Soundwave. "Ha, ha, ha. You fool of a robot! Now I will cut you into a million pieces." Shockwave said. "That won't be happening." A voice said behind Shockwave. "Eh?" Shockwave said. He turned around. Optimus Prime had arrived.

"Optimus!" Sam yelled "Optimus Prime!" Shockwave yelled. "You will pay for everything you have done." Optimus Prime said.

He then sent Shockwave flying.
He was about to go after Shockwave when...."Optimus, wait." Soundwave said weakly.
He opened up his chestplate. "Take my Energon." Soundwave said. "Thank you Soundwave." Optimus said. He took the Energon and inserted it in his chestplate. Optimus glowed with new power. He looked back. Soundwave was dead. Optimus then headed straight for Shockwave.

Shockwave was startled by this. "How could he escape?" He asked himself. Just then, Optimus hovered down to where Shockwave was. "Welcome Optimus. I sm surprised to see that you have escaped." Shockwave said. "Ironhide sacrificed himself so I could escape. Now you will pay for all the crimes you have committed." Optimus said. "Heh, heh, heh. You still don't get it. After years of being in Cybertron, I have upgraded myself with fragments from the planet itself." Shockwave said. Optimus looked astonished. "That's right. I am all-powerful. Even a Prime can't stop me." Shokwave said. "But a Prime will try." Optimus said. He then rushed toward Shockwave.

Sam and Carly had followed Optimus to where Shockwave was. When they arrived, Optimus and Shockwave were locked in heavy combat. Optimus Prime was keeping up, but slowly started to slow down. "Admit it Optimus. You can't win." Shockwave said. "Never." Optimus replied. With every bit of strengh he had, he slammed Shockwave. Shockwave went flying for a mile. Optimus turned to Sam. "Sam, there is only one way to defeat him." He said. "What is it?" Sam asked. I will shoot all my Energon into Shockwave. We will both die." Optimus said. "But you can't!" Sam yelled. "It is my job as a Prime. Farewell Ssm." Optimus said. He then hovered toward Shockwave. Five seconds later, Sam and Carly witnessed a giant explosion.

The biggest Sam had ever seen. Once the explosion had finished, Sam and Carly rushed to the scene. They arrived at the explosion's aftermath.

Only Shockwave's head was there.

Sam and Carly stared at it. The screen fades in to black. Roll credits.

Thus ends the Transformers tale. I hope you enjoyed my plot for the upcoming third film.

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