HARRY POTTER Author J.K. Rowling Would Prefer Two Years In Prison Over Using A Trans Person's Correct Pronouns

HARRY POTTER Author J.K. Rowling Would Prefer Two Years In Prison Over Using A Trans Person's Correct Pronouns HARRY POTTER Author J.K. Rowling Would Prefer Two Years In Prison Over Using A Trans Person's Correct Pronouns

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is once again coming under fire for sharing what many deem anti-trans views, but will her social media activity doom Max's upcoming TV series reboot? Read on for details...

By JoshWilding - Oct 20, 2023 11:10 AM EST
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Source: SFFGazette.com

Despite facing continued backlash for what many argue are blatant anti-trans views, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling refuses to back down. It all started when she shared an article about "creating a more equal post-COVID-19 world for people who menstruate," admitting that it frustrated her to see women no longer being referred to as, well, women.

Since then, the writer has become increasingly outspoken on the issue, sharing concerns about various elements of the trans community, including the fact allowing men who identify as women to enter women's changing rooms and bathrooms is a slippery slope that could have deadly consequences.

The entire situation is undeniably complex and, while Rowling has expressed some valid concerns, there's obviously a massive difference between a man who dresses as a woman in an effort to commit a sexual crime and a legitimate transgender person; unfortunately, Rowling's strong views fail to acknowledge any sort of middle ground, hence why she's become such divisive figure in recent years.

As we first reported on SFFGazette.com, she's once again causing a story after revealing she would be happy to do prison time over her views on transgender women.

Seemingly responding to a recent Mail on Sunday article suggesting the Labour government is planning to make gender identity attacks a criminal offence (refusing to use a transgender person's preferred pronouns, for example), Rowling said: "I’ll happily do two years if the alternative is compelled speech and forced denial of the reality and importance of sex." 

Does this mean Rowling would be happy to commit a "hate crime" if it means standing up for what she believes in? That's the prevailing opinion on social media right now as the debate surrounding this very sensitive issue continues. 

Rowling has become a leading voice for women's rights and the importance of biological sex but, given the strong feelings around the issue, many of her fans have turned their backs on the author. In fact, there are even rumblings online that her continued brushes with controversy will jeopardise plans for the upcoming Harry Potter reboot (as a TV series) heading to Max.

The streamer's CEO, Casey Bloys, continues to dodge the question when asked if Rowling is a problem but that can only last for so long. 

Check out Rowling's latest comments below. 

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HammerLegFoot - 10/20/2023, 11:03 AM
I'm all for be who you wanna be, what you do has nothing to do with me. Live your life. But if I ever get a "DID YOU JUST MISGENDER ME!" I'm blowing a gasket. YEAH
reuelgomezbaez - 10/20/2023, 11:26 AM
@HammerLegFoot - your average trans person is highly unlikely to respond like that unless it’s clear that you’re deliberately misgendering them out of spite, if you genuinely just don’t know their pronouns or still haven’t gotten used to using them, they’re most likely not gonna give you a hard time over using the wrong ones. the idea that most trans people are just itching to get hostile towards people for misgendering them is just propaganda at this point, since every trans people i’ve ever known personally either doesn’t bother to correct someone who misgenders them at all, or only corrects them if they’re a friend who they’ve actually come out to (as opposed to friends/relatives that they haven’t, or strangers)
mastakilla39 - 10/20/2023, 12:05 PM
@HammerLegFoot - Yeah I see it as just another PC culture and 1st world problem...There's actual wars going on, food/product supply shortages and inflation yet gender identity topics are so noisy. Must be a government ploy to shift the hate onto others to avoid answering economical and environmental issues.
Origame - 10/20/2023, 1:01 PM
@HammerLegFoot - exactly. What about respecting the reality of the person in question? They don't view you as a woman because you were born a man. Why does all logic just stop applying when it comes to trans rights?
Origame - 10/20/2023, 1:05 PM
@reuelgomezbaez - no its very real. Granted I agree, it's a very small vocal minority as well as people who aren't even part of the trans community trying to virtue signal. But it is real. And we saw it with the jk Rowling controversy and hogwarts legacy boycott. All after Rowling simply said there's a difference between a trans woman and a real women. Not to mention the riots against Riley Gaines for wanting women's sports reserved for bio women.
ClintThaHamster - 10/20/2023, 1:35 PM
@mastakilla39 - Yeah, who do these folks think they are, asking for *checks notes* equal protection under the law.
mastakilla39 - 10/20/2023, 1:53 PM
@ClintThaHamster - What equal protection? You as a person are already protected by the law. If you call the police, its not like they are not gonna help you if you don't tell them your gender status or belief. Its as stupid as people calling the police to arrest someone who hurt their feelings, next thing you know people are gonna demand laws to protect their feelings...its [frick]ing stupid.

ClintThaHamster - 10/20/2023, 2:59 PM
@mastakilla39 - I was referring more to housing opportunity, employment protection, things like that. I agree that criminalizing misgendering trans folks is a bridge too far, but let's not pretend that they don't have a care in the world other than pronouns.
NegativeNerd - 10/22/2023, 6:32 AM
@HammerLegFoot - and when does anyone actually ever say that? Skits don’t count
TheLobster - 10/20/2023, 11:06 AM
JK is such a dumb [frick] lol

Also; no way in hell that rich bitch would last in prison for even 2 days lmao
HulkisHoly - 10/20/2023, 11:08 AM
@TheLobster -

I don’t think she’s the dumb one. She’s looking at the big picture and doesn’t like the idea of free speech being taken away or more women getting pregnant in prison and shelters by other “women”.

So who’s the narrow minded one here?
Matador - 10/20/2023, 11:27 AM
@TheLobster - We give cookies to the tarded.

So here's your cookie.
McMurdo - 10/20/2023, 11:28 AM
@TheLobster - If by dumb you mean extremely based.....then ya. She's Uber dumb. She's also a feminist icon at this point.
TheLobster - 10/20/2023, 11:34 AM
@HulkisHoly - ahhhh the self victimization mentality. Most trans people just exist and don’t expect shit. No free speech being taken away here and I would love to see where you read these reports of soooooo many women getting impregnated by Trans folk.

[frick]ing dumb. I got no stake in the game so I don’t even care about JK being anti-Trans. I just think it’s dumb as hell to go this off the rails with it. The Karen energy is unmatched.
TheLobster - 10/20/2023, 11:35 AM
@Matador - what do we give to the bigots? Shit? Eat shit lol
TheLobster - 10/20/2023, 11:35 AM
@McMurdo - she’s a feminist icon? LOL alright bud

These takes are just as brain dead as JK lol
Se4M4NSt4ine - 10/20/2023, 11:36 AM
@TheLobster - personally as a white straight man, I’m not qualified to have an opinion on this!

However, I can sympathise why she doesn’t just jump on the bandwagon of supporting trans women as women because the alternative is cancelled or word backlash! After all, she’s the one that grew up with all the emotions, dilemmas, maturity and bodily development a trans woman perhaps hasn’t.

I just wish she approached it with a better method of care.
Unites - 10/20/2023, 11:37 AM
@HulkisHoly - Can u share some stats on how many women have been impregnated by trans people in prisons and shelters?
DarthOmega - 10/20/2023, 11:37 AM
@TheLobster - Anyone wanting a woman to be locked in a cage for "misgendering" them isn't a victim, they're a tyrant. And you are a little tyrant. One who calls women bitches for not agreeing with your warped world view
DarthAlgar - 10/20/2023, 11:39 AM
@TheLobster - last time I checked, the American progressives who have decided to "expand their sexual horizons" are the one's eating shit now.

McMurdo - 10/20/2023, 11:39 AM
@TheLobster - dude you don't care about trans people. You've donated to no trans rights campaigns. You're an internet kiddo who deludes himself into believing his words hold any real substantial virtue. News flash........you're just another GUY
DarthAlgar - 10/20/2023, 11:43 AM
@Se4M4NSt4ine - Anybody is qualified to have an opinion.

If you truly share that mentality, then you're the problem, as most bitchy trans people are white males and females
Matador - 10/20/2023, 11:48 AM
@TheLobster - Why cause I agree there's only two genders and I don't think males should compete in female sports?

I'm trusting the science and the way God created us.

All of a sudden we need to change that because people who didn't believe in themselves in the first place now want us to belive in there imagination?

No, they can kindly [frick] off.
RedFury - 10/20/2023, 12:22 PM
@Matador - to bring up believing in God, and then say that you shouldn't have to believe in someone else's imagination is pretty hypocritical isn't it?

If you can walk around and believe in a deity, and also be protected for having those beliefs. Why can't a man who feels that they're a woman, or vise verse, also ask for the same thing? You don't have to believe in what they believe, but you should be able to respect their beliefs enough that they can feel safe as a member of society.
HulkisHoly - 10/20/2023, 1:59 PM
@TheLobster -

It’s really sad to see how naive you are.
If you don’t think this is happening then maybe you need to broaden what news you look at and look at other viewpoints.

HulkisHoly - 10/20/2023, 2:00 PM
@Unites -


This is just one example that was reported. If you don’t think men will take advantage and abuse women then you are naive. I mean, it’s happening all over the sports world as well.
RedFury - 10/20/2023, 2:31 PM
@HulkisHoly - this article says that the pregnancies were the cause of consensual sexual relationships though. What abuse are you referring to in this situation?
HulkisHoly - 10/20/2023, 3:00 PM
@RedFury -

Yes, I’m sure two inmates wanted to be pregnant by a fellow male prisoner 🙄
If you don’t think having babies in prison is a messed up situation then I don’t know what else to say.


Here’s another story of rape.
RedFury - 10/20/2023, 3:25 PM
@HulkisHoly - I never said I agree with people getting pregnant in prison. I think it's highly irresponsible. But with conjugal visits being a reality for a very long time, there will always be pregnancies in female prisons.

Rape is obviously a deplorable act. But I'm sure you understand that rape is also a very common thing in prison. So while I would agree a trans woman raping a biological woman is disgusting, so is all kinds of rape. So I would surmise it's not a trans problem, it's a prison/inmates problem.

I guarantee there are far more biological women rapes and guards raping inmates in female prisons then there are trans women rapes.

But don't confuse what I'm saying as sympathy for any rapist. All I'm saying is you're hyperfocusing on one demographic as the issue, when the issue is far larger than trans women. You make it seem like they're the only ones raping people, when they are most likely the lowest percentage of rapes occurring in prison.
HulkisHoly - 10/20/2023, 4:44 PM
@RedFury -

Good grief. You have no idea what the percentages would be if this nonsense is allowed to go on in the next decade; we’ll have hundreds of thousands of men who suddenly are “trans women” during their trials.

You are literally implying that just because women rape women in prison that we should let men live in prisons and increase that number of rape and pregnancies. You don’t see how that might make our prison system even worse than it already is?
And for what exactly? Tell me what the positive is for letting men who call themselves women allowed to be in women’s prisons and take their trophies?

I’m confused by what is worth defending here. Your reasoning is comparable to saying since kids skip school anyway then we might as well cancel school altogether, or since meth is easily accessible, we might as well make it legal. We have problems so let’s make those problems worse.

Can you expound on your reasoning?
RedFury - 10/20/2023, 5:03 PM
@HulkisHoly - I think you're leading yourself on a little bit with how you're interpreting what I'm saying. Which is totally fair, but I'll explain further what I mean.

My stance is that the real problem is with the prison system itself. The fact that anyone can be raped while "under guard" makes no sense. Having trans women in with biological women is only a problem if that trans woman is in fact a rapist. You could throw 10 trans women in with biological women and one might turn out to be a rapist. But the same could be said for biological men and women. So I don't see why you're villifying trans women but leaving out the fact that even without them in the population, rapes will still happen. That is the problem that needs to be fixed.

I don't have an answer for the extremely complex conversation about where someone should end up when they're sentenced to time. But I don't think it's fair to paint every trans woman with the same brush. You must agree that it logically makes no sense to think that all of these trans women going to prison will end up being rapists. And understandably, even one rape is too many. But that's a problem that needs to be fixed within the system. More guards? More cameras? More security systems? I don't know... but if you're going to throw a bunch of criminals into a box together, it has to be expected that bad shit will happen. So they need to make the prisons safer for the inmates rather than thinking excluding certain people will do the trick, because it won't.
RedFury - 10/20/2023, 6:08 PM
@HulkisHoly - I don't remember implying you can be only one thing? I believe you're a multifaceted human.

I just think your fear of trans women in the female prison system is misplaced. And I surely don't want women to be vulnerable to men. But I don't believe these trans-women are all rapist, sexual abusers. Therefore I don't see them all being a threat to the other women. I think it's up to the system to make sure of that as well. If a trans person has a history of rape, or sexual abuse, maybe don't stick them in with the rest of the prison population. It's like how they put murderers, next to car theifs, or drug dealers in prison. That makes no sense to me either.
TheSkank - 10/21/2023, 9:12 AM
@TheLobster - Soooo many bigots in this thread. They really came out from under the rocks to show their asses.

I really hope they crawl back under them and just go away if they can’t acclimate and be human beings.
HulkisHoly - 10/21/2023, 11:41 AM
@RedFury -

No one implied that all trans women (men) are rapists. We are talking about rules and regulations that are in place for a reason. Men and women have different spaces in order to protect women. This is why these spaces were created to begin with. But you are insinuating that having male CRIMINALS in the same space as women is a totally safe and fair idea, doesn’t make any sense.

Again, you are conflating, hurting peoples feelings with what’s actually safe or just for women.

I say this with kindness but I think you need to take a hard look at what you’ve been taught and the bigger picture here. You seem conditioned to think that feelings = predestined identity as if we are talking about race, which we are not.

What days actually shows that it’s a positive net outcome by putting men in womens prisons?

Would you ever put a trans man (woman) in a man’s prison? I doubt you would ever consider that, for the obvious reasons.

It’s like putting a coyote in a hen house and being confused of the outcome because the coyote clucked like a chicken once.
HulkisHoly - 10/21/2023, 11:42 AM
@RedFury -

Matador - 10/21/2023, 1:52 PM
@RedFury - Last time I heard God only created Man and Woman not extra Watchamacallits God didn't created other genders if he did there would have been more 1st's.

Do you see Other Lion, giraffes, dog genders cause last time I checked they only had two.
NegativeNerd - 10/22/2023, 6:36 AM
@DarthOmega - no one said anything about anyone being locked in a cage. That’s just your warped world view talking.
NegativeNerd - 10/22/2023, 6:41 AM
@Matador - sweetie, trans people have been around since the beginning of time. And how do you know what a lion identifies as? Why don’t you walk up to one and ask them? lol
NegativeNerd - 10/22/2023, 6:43 AM
@RedFury - the HulkIsHoly guy is removed from the site now. So that goes to show who was wrong in that convo. But from responses to him, I’m glad I didn’t have to see their posts.
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