Two New GHOSTBUSTERS Films Could Be Coming; One As Early As 2019 According To Ivan Reitman

Two New GHOSTBUSTERS Films Could Be Coming; One As Early As 2019 According To Ivan Reitman

After the Ghostbusters reboot flopped, most people thought that the franchise might be over. However, Ivan Reitman says two new films, including an animated feature, could be coming, one as soon in 2019.

By WaylonJones - Jul 21, 2017 11:07 AM EST
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IDW has the current comic book run of Gohstbusters in which the original team has joined forces with the team from the recent reboot via interdimensional portals. During his panel at San Diego Comic-Con Ivan Reitman said the comic series is, "very rich. And it gave me an idea for another [Ghostbusters] film."

Not just another film, but two other films. First Reitman discussed an animated film that would be told from the perspective of the ghosts. “I think we have wonderful plans, [including] an animated feature that we’re deep in design on already… a really great story,” he said. That’s going to surprise everybody, I think, when it comes out. And we’re dealing with Ghost World quite a lot. We’re looking at the film from a ghost point-of-view, and the Ghostbusters from a ghost point-of-view. I think that would be something very interesting.

He then played to the crowd by adding, “And of course a new live-action film.” Reitman went on to tease that the basis for the comic book, the two teams joining forces, could be the new live action film. “It was clear a lot of people weren’t happy the original Ghostbusters world wasn’t included in the new one,” said Reitman.I love seeing [writer Erik Burnham’s take on] Kate McKinnon’s character’s interactions with Spengler [in the Ghostbusters 101 comic books]. It’s very rich, and has given me lots of ideas for a new film.”

It's unclear how a live action movie would unite the two teams, especially with the passing of Harold Ramis. Reitman also noted that the studio may try and tie one of the films releases with the 35th anniversary of Ghostusters in 2019.
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MikeEhrmantraut - 7/21/2017, 12:40 PM
[frick] off, Sony. Give it to Marvel Studios, they will do a much better job.
GwenLantern - 7/21/2017, 12:52 PM
SendMoreIdiots - 7/21/2017, 12:52 PM
If it's anything like the first, no thank you.
GwenLantern - 7/21/2017, 1:00 PM
Actually, you know what I'd do, if I were Ghost Corps/Sony?

Wel, first I 'd get this MiB/Jump Street movie out and I'd end it with a lot of teases of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in other Sony franchises, with a final tease of the guys becoming Ghostbusters.

I'd keep the rebooted franchise and I'd have them join a now burgeoning, government-sponsored Ghostbusters franchise, in New York.

But then, I would have Dany Ackroyd's Cabbie as some kind of conspiracy nut saying that he co-founded the Ghostbusters franchise in 1984, by re-mortgaging his parents house and that he has a claim to it as an independent business.

How is this possible?

The MiB routinely wipe the memories of the public whenever something truly weird happens.

There are hints that weird things happen in the 2016 Ghostbusters movie and that the government routinely cover it up.

It all fits. Simply se the Jump Street guys to create an shared Sony universe where the original Ghostbusters have been mind-wiped to cover up the whole ghostbusting thing.

You know, to avoid Mass Hysteria.

noahthegrand - 7/21/2017, 1:06 PM
I actually liked the new one. It had some humor. Not as good as the original, but as its own thing it was fun. It had good ideas. I'd be okay with a sequel. Also, this does have a fandom. People on the internet make fan art and fanfiction about this stuff.
spudo - 7/21/2017, 1:12 PM
He's drinking his own bathwater, neither of these will happen.
Ha1frican - 7/21/2017, 1:16 PM
The only people i could see doing this well are lord and miller. They understand nostalgia, and the meta goofy nature necessary to pull it off but lets be real these movies are not happening
jaysin420 - 7/21/2017, 1:21 PM
Should've done this from the start, the old team helps the new team. But now they already used the old team in other roles, at least Murray and Hudson, Akroyd only had a quick cameo I think.
bcom - 7/21/2017, 1:23 PM
Sigh.... did they not learn from the last movie that people don't want this?... just.... sigh...
JWVirginWish469 - 7/21/2017, 6:43 PM
@bcom - only sexists didn't want the last movie. The new one was a thousand times better than ghostbusters 2.
bcom - 7/21/2017, 11:26 PM
@JWVirginWish469 - I think the whole sexism thing was blown out of proportion, mostly by the director, which he later admitted to in an interview. He said that he regretted throwing reverse sexism jokes into the movie just to be spiteful. As a guy I had absolutely no issue with an all female team. The actors they chose are all great actors/comedians, it's just the way they treated the source material. Ghostbusters is my all time fave movie but they completely screwed the pooch with this one. And no, as bad as Ghostbusters 2 was, it is nowhere near a thousand times worse than the reboot.
jj2112 - 7/22/2017, 7:54 AM
@JWVirginWish469 - Nope. It had to live up to the original and it didn't. GB2 was bad, but this one wasn't much better. And I didn't care tthat they were women, but it just wasn't good.
captquirk - 7/21/2017, 2:17 PM
It wasn't as good as the originals, but it had a lot of subtle wit to it. I've watched it a few times, and of course, with commentary. Just the way they went with practical shots whenever possible, earns it some respect.
sKeemAn - 7/21/2017, 2:34 PM
TheUnworthyThor - 7/21/2017, 2:49 PM
Of course they should keep making Ghostbusters movies, there's an audience out there, even with all the missteps and things working against Answer the Call, it still made a 130 million.

And it sounds like maybe Reitman (and hopefully other people at Sony) now realizes what their biggest problem was, people love the original movies and those characters, you can't erase those things from existence and turn which should be a spin-off into a reboot. Recast the original team and let them exist together.
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