Jensen Ackles Talks Supernatural Season 6

Jensen Ackles Talks Supernatural Season 6

In an interview, Jensen Ackles gives fans a hint as to what will happen next season now that the apocalypse is over.

By InstigatorGIRL - May 19, 2010 12:05 AM EST
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With the apocalypse avoided and season 5 ended, many fans had the same question, "Where will they go from here?" The worries are valid because many fans have the same fear which is after the apocalypse the show will just fizzle out and will have extended it's stay.

Well in an interview with a Brazilian magazine Jensen Ackles hints as to where they will go with the sixth season.

"For the creative aspect, we need to understand we just got over a gigantic climax and we’re getting into an unknown territory. The Apocalypse was avoided. That’s why we are going forward a few years and see where the Winchesters are and how it’s their lives. I can’t help, but think of the final scene of “The Hurt Locker” (2009 Oscar winner), when the main character sees himself in front of a shelf with several cereal boxes and doesn’t know what to do. The guy disarms bombs in Iraq, but gets lost on the supermarket! That is not his reality, just like not being a hunter looks like a different world to Dean. All his life was dedicated to one single task, almost like a voluntary slavery, now it’s time to face the monster of real world. That’s totally new to me, through the acting perspective, and I’ll explore a lot more of Dean’s life, that’s why I’m so excited. A kind of introspective tension, like inside monsters."

So what are some of the fans thoughts about the direction they're taking? Do you think it sounds interesting or maybe like they might be trailing away from the whole "Supernatural" aspect of the show. I won't jump the gun on this. I think it would be interesting to see Dean settle into a normal life, because I feel he couldn't cope with it. It would be too boring for him after awhile, but I hope they eventually get the brothers back on the road hunting urban legends and that, of course, Misha Collins comes back.

If you would like to read the entire article the source is below. It's a girl's translation of the Brazilian article. Jensen talks about directing a future episode and his thoughts on the mythos of the show.

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Talontd - 5/18/2010, 1:01 AM
Nice find @Igirl!!!

I'm super worried about next season. The show was so obviously arc'd to end with "Swan Song"....i honestly don't know if they can recover. I personally am interested to see Dean try to cope with "normal life", but that begs the question; what is "Supernatural" without Supernatural elements?

Also, did you catch..."That’s why we are going forward a few years and see where the Winchesters are and how it’s their lives."

So Sam lives?
Eion76 - 5/18/2010, 1:09 AM
sebz - 5/18/2010, 1:26 AM
@Talontd - you didn't see the last 5 seconds of the season finale? With Sam outside Deans house looking in?
contrast - 5/18/2010, 1:43 AM
I'd like to know, *officially* whether or not SPOILER(Highlight the following text to view) Chuck was actually God, or if there was some other reason he disappeared.

That was one of the things that I found really interesting, but am still somewhat unsure about whether it is what I think it is...
DDD - 5/18/2010, 3:16 AM
Kool interview Igirl@!

It's going to be interesting to see
where they really go from here!
Eventually they got to get back to
hunting things that go bump in the night!
lc - 5/18/2010, 5:15 AM
well done Igirl :)
mpdcop - 5/18/2010, 7:52 AM
Nice find IGIRL. I thought that season 5 finally was a series finally until your posts. I enjoy the show and I am interested in where they are going with it with season 6. Keep up with the posts
gorgeousgeeks - 5/18/2010, 8:51 AM
I hated the finale. I'm glad Dean gets to live a normal life but Chuck the prophet being God didn't make sense since Dean has that necklace around his neck that's supposed to burn in his presence and it was kind of the final straw. The boys made entirely ridiculous decisions. I feel like they took the Christian mythology and it was too big for them. I hated that The Trickster wasn't really a trickster and then Balder didn't even know he wasn't Loki. They ruined him for me. Completely.

I'll be glad when they get back to monsters. Get back to basics.

InstigatorGIRL - 5/18/2010, 9:17 AM
@GG Okay if you paid attention in the episode where they meet the angel Joshua in Heaven. Joshua clearly explains this. He said the amulet wouldn't work because God doesn't want to be found. Also if God doesn't want to be found then obviously he could hide himself from everyone and anything.

Also I loved what they did this season. I also LOVED the idea of the Trickster being Gabriel/Loki. Which, yes, he was Loki. Again if you pay attention, they explain this, Gabriel said when he left from Heaven and changed his identity he took up a new alias for a while, which was Loki. I find it sad that just because someone can't can't wrap their mind around something written in a show that ruins the experience for them.
InstigatorGIRL - 5/18/2010, 9:23 AM
@GG As far as getting back to basics I absolutley agree with you there. ^_^
zephyr - 5/18/2010, 9:29 AM
Why is everyone assuming Chuck was actually God. He could of simply been a prophet that ascended into heaven.
Talontd - 5/18/2010, 10:16 AM

This ain't STARGATE bro, that was GOD.


I was gonna say everything that Igirl said, all your issues with the end we're explained throughout the season. Re-watch.


Great explanations!
HelaGood - 5/18/2010, 10:33 AM
what's this??? a Jensen Ackles article and no sign of Lee???

GREAT find IGirl!! love me some Supernatural!!
GoGoGadgetsBruh - 5/18/2010, 10:48 AM
Chuck is God it's a bit obvious
only cause they dropped a HUGE hint
remember when Chuck picked up the phone when dean called and said "Hello Ms. Magdalene" or something like that
Mary (of) Magdelene is Jesus's mother ;)
it could have been a way to throw us off though too

but anyways great find IGirl!
I'm so pumped for this show

My guess is something will come after them in the first episode (some monster) and then Sam and Dean will stop it
and Dean will tell Lisa that "hunting" is what he's meant to do and all he can do. She'll let them go out but he'll still be with her and she'll be in a couple of episodes and then Cas will come back and we'll have a plot for Season 6 or they could have new Demons trying to take control of hell
Or Sam could go dark side again or have a gf that gets kill.....again xD
contrast - 5/18/2010, 12:48 PM
@Gotbatman-- Also, the other huge hint about Chuck was when he out-and-out told everyone he was God... in the first episode he appeared in. The exact line is "I'm a god. A cruel, cruel, capricious god. The things I put you through. The physical beatings alone!" Which, at the time, just seemed like Chuck being a smart-ass, but looking forward... kinda seems like he was just being honest.
GoGoGadgetsBruh - 5/18/2010, 3:06 PM
contrast @ I didnt even notice/realize that! good job for remembering that! :D
now I'm 100% sure he is god
and if Gabriel can pretend to be Loki then God can pretend to be a prophet
contrast - 5/18/2010, 6:06 PM
Gotbatman-- Well, it's not my good memory...I just spent the week prior to the finale re-watching every single episode of the series...

also, I just re-read your comment (about Mary) and, while it does seem like a definite nod to the big reveal, I'd like to point out that Mary (of Mary and Joseph) was Jesus' mother, Mary Magdalene was a chick (possibly a prostitute, though that's somewhat disputed) that hung around with Jesus all the time...
zephyr - 5/18/2010, 8:47 PM
@ Talontd - I never watch Stargate but by your comment I'm assuming that something similar must have happened.

Anyways, I'm starting to come around to the whole Chuck/God thing, especially after what Contrast just mentioned above.
GoGoGadgetsBruh - 5/19/2010, 12:22 AM
contrast @ damn it I always mix those 2 up haha xD
when I went to sunday school that teacher got pissed at me for that hahah basically cause I had called Jesus's mom a prostitute

I'm guessing you recorded all the episodes too?

but even though
it makes more sense since Chuck looked like he was calling a prostitute or phone sex operator :P
gotta love Chuck/God
contrast - 5/19/2010, 1:10 AM
@Gotbatman-- Yup... well, I've got all of this season recorded, at least. Got all the others on DVD.

Honestly, I'm a little concerned about where they're gonna take the story from here, but I'm also a little relieved that the show's still around at least for one more season. I mean, I've watched this show since episode one (back when it came on at midnight on tuesday), and I don't think I'll know what to do on Thursday nights without it... I'll be incredibly bored.

It's also worth looking at that Chuck knows things that even prophets aren't supposed to know. Like in the finale, when he tells Dean where the battle is, then covers his ass by saying "Perks of being a prophet." even though we know (sort of) that angels can hide things from the prophets.

I think it sort of make you look at the series differently (somewhat) by realizing that Chuck is God, because you also realize that though Dean hates God, God's still on his side the only way he can be, as a human. It's also proof that Gabriel was right about humanity. And if you listen to what Chuck's ending voiceover is, saying that it was one of God's tests, and that the Winchester's chose family "Which is really the whole point, isn't it?" You can see that he's sort of explaining why he didn't get involved, and that Sam and Dean passed the test, but Michael and Lucifer, who were going to destroy one another regardless of how they felt about each other, failed, because they didn't choose family. if that makes any sense... I'm sort of asleep at the moment...
Matador - 5/19/2010, 8:54 AM
Wow....soooo much Philosophy for one morning gotta love Supernatural!

Wish they take the series around the world though even if they have to fake it in the U.S.
LEEE777 - 5/19/2010, 11:30 AM
Great article!!!

I'm glad JENSEN's still on SUPERNATURAL, he is the show really!

Oh he should have a small part still in AVENGERS though!

; P
GoGoGadgetsBruh - 5/19/2010, 11:35 AM
contrast @ hahah it's cool dude
you made perfect sense :D

But I agree. Ackles does seem excited for this season and Padalecki has stated he'll come back to the show even more season if he finds the show still entertaining by the end of Season 6.

Since Jensen said it's going to skip ahead into the future. We'll probably see him trying to live a normal life and then something big happens, maybe another Deon attack and now that Lucifer and Michael are gone they could have a Demon try and take over Hell or Heaven depending on which way they go. Oh and does Crowley still have Bobby's soul or no? And what happened to Adam? Did he get stuck with Lucifer and Michael? Also I wonder what Dean would do if he found out Chuck was actually God.

But if they skip ahead to like 2-3 years into the future that would mean Dean wouldn't be too used to hunting anymore along with Sam, if Sam actually told Dean he was still alive. I wouldn't be surprised if they had him just look at him through the window but then leave seeing that Dean is finally done with hunting and has a "family" kind of, if that made sense. xD

Or Dean could hunt something one more time then tell Lisa that is what he is meant to do and she let's him go but they would still be together just he'd be hunting.

They actually could do a lot with Season 6 but I just wonder what the BIG plot would be.
Matador - 5/19/2010, 12:07 PM
If there's anything left hanging about the Winchester's is that they have made a shit load of enemies. To think that Dean can live a normal would be a mistake it will be a matter of time before someone finds out and come looking for some payback. Sure allot of Dean'S & Sam's enemies are dead but you know there's always one more out there. Now it would be cool to have Tom Welling play a bad guy in the show that be a twist.

@ Leee777 - Jensen would make a cool Hawkeye!
Epicenter - 5/23/2010, 4:06 AM
And another point, how can we even be sure that it's Sam riding in Sam's body?? He seemed a little...peeved to me while he was watching Dean through the window.
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