Henry Cavill Jokes (We Think) That His JUSTICE LEAGUE Mustache "Nearly Ruined My Career"

Henry Cavill Jokes (We Think) That His JUSTICE LEAGUE Mustache "Nearly Ruined My Career" Henry Cavill Jokes (We Think) That His JUSTICE LEAGUE Mustache "Nearly Ruined My Career"

Man of Steel and Justice League star Henry Cavill has addressed the mustache that "nearly ruined [his] career" back in 2017 while appearing at CinemaCon. Find out what he had to say after the jump...

By JoshWilding - Apr 11, 2024 09:04 AM EST
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When Joss Whedon set out to reshoot almost the entirety of Justice League, he faced a great many challenges (including alienating a cast who have had mostly nothing but bad things to say about him). The biggest hurdle, however, ended up being Henry Cavill's mustache. 

The British actor was filming Mission: Impossible - Fallout at the time and Paramount Pictures was unwilling to risk interrupting that production by allowing Cavill to shave off his facial hair. 

That meant these additional scenes for the DC film would need to be shot with Cavill suited up as Superman...with a mustache. Rather than using VFX to give the Man of Steel a beard - something there's precedent for in the comics - he was instead left with a CGI jaw which has been a subject of ridicule since 2017.

Poor Cavill looked ridiculous, and it was impossible not to be distracted by Superman's weird mouth or Joker-like grin while chatting to Lois Lane. 

Appearing at CinemaCon yesterday evening to discuss his role in the upcoming remake of The Highlander, the former Man of Steel decided to make light of his Justice League experience by referencing "a controversial mustache at one stage that nearly ruined my career."

The movie appeared to kill his interest in playing Clark Kent again (he didn't even really get involved with the Snyder Cut's release) until The Rock convinced him to return in Black Adam. The plan from there was for Cavill to headline a solo outing for Supes, only for DC Studios to pull the rug out from beneath him when the decision was made to reboot the DCEU as the DCU.

"I don't know how much Henry was in Justice League," Mission: Impossible helmer Christopher McQuarrie previously said of the controversy. "I've never seen the movie, but I can tell you how much it would've cost for Mission: Impossible to digitally add Henry Cavill's moustache."

"We said, 'Here's what we'll do: give us the $3 million and we'll shut down, and that will give Henry Cavill the time to grow his moustache back, and we'll just shut our movie down."

"Somebody from Paramount Pictures said, 'What is going on? What are you people even talking about?' They're like, 'There's no way we're going to do that,'" the filmmaker recalled. "We were just like, 'Okay.' That was the best plan that we could come up with."

Rumour has it Cavill is on his way to the MCU. Find out who he could end up playing here

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Lisa89 - 4/11/2024, 9:52 AM
It did ruin Joss Whedon‘s career, what little was left of it anyway.
Nomis929 - 4/11/2024, 9:54 AM
@Lisa89 - Joss Whedon‘s ruin his own career.
ObserverIO - 4/11/2024, 9:55 AM
@Lisa89 - "What little was left of it" lol you mean the fact that he directed the 3rd biggest film of all time at the time and a massive almost-as-big sequel?
Spoken - 4/11/2024, 9:56 AM
@Lisa89 - Joss Whedon ruined his own career with his pretentious and piece of shit personality.
Lisa89 - 4/11/2024, 10:02 AM
@ObserverIO - Color Michelle Trachtenberg unimpressed.
ObserverIO - 4/11/2024, 10:03 AM
@Lisa89 - That's just her resting unimpressed face.
thedrudo - 4/11/2024, 10:03 AM
@ObserverIO - That was a long time ago and he's done nothing of substance every since...
ObserverIO - 4/11/2024, 10:06 AM
@thedrudo - True. If it were me all that shit had happened to, I woulda done a LOT of substances.
Lisa89 - 4/11/2024, 10:11 AM
@ObserverIO - If Joss Whedon showed you his sorry shriveled junk, you’d have resting unimpressed face too.
ObserverIO - 4/11/2024, 10:12 AM
@Lisa89 - Are you saying he showed Michelle Trachtenberg his junk? Is that what you're saying? Should we call the police?
Lisa89 - 4/11/2024, 10:17 AM
@ObserverIO - They chose to mishandle it internally.
ObserverIO - 4/11/2024, 10:46 AM
@Lisa89 - He chose to manhandle her... internally?!? We should really do something about this menace.

And to think I own the entire box set of Buffy.
Spoken - 4/11/2024, 9:53 AM
....You know...he could make a good Omni-Man when they go live-action lol.
WhatIfRickJames - 4/11/2024, 10:01 AM
@Spoken - I support this
Spoken - 4/11/2024, 10:04 AM
@WhatIfRickJames - Right lol, like for some reason I totally see him playing Omni-Man. Won't sound as good as JK but if the comics for Invincible are already satirical, why the hell not lol?
ObserverIO - 4/11/2024, 9:54 AM
"We are going deep into this" oh boy if only he was talking about my but...what? (did i say that out loud)

(did anyone hear me)

(i think they did)

(better save this)


Mustaches! Manly men have mustaches. Like me. I am manly men. Man! I am a manly men man.
Nomis929 - 4/11/2024, 9:55 AM
User Comment Image
Matador - 4/11/2024, 10:00 AM
@Nomis929 -

Lois - What does the S stand for?
Clark - It's not an S it's a symbol for Stud.
Nomis929 - 4/11/2024, 10:08 AM
@Matador - This is true, The man a Stud with a capital "S"!

User Comment Image
Matador - 4/11/2024, 10:21 AM
@Nomis929 - LOL It's funny in the first movie he had some facial hair but in Justice League there oh no he can't have facial hair.

User Comment Image

And in the comic book no facial hair but they grew his hair out. Superman is incapable of growing a beard or a stasch.
Nomis929 - 4/11/2024, 10:29 AM
@Matador - Oh, he has had facial hair in the comics with some writers versions of him. It all depend on the editor at the time.

User Comment Image

User Comment Image
Matador - 4/11/2024, 11:14 AM
@Nomis929 - Well dang I missed those then he doesn't look bad either they could have avoided that in the movies by just keeping facial hair.
Deadinside - 4/11/2024, 12:29 PM
@Nomis929 - This isn't a moustache, on my world it's a symbol for porn...!☮️😜
Nomis929 - 4/11/2024, 1:04 PM
@Deadinside - LOL!!

Cue 70s porn music...Bow Chicka Bow Bow!
Th3Batman - 4/11/2024, 9:56 AM
That movie nearly ruined the careers of everyone involved. It definitely tanked the DCEU.
DeadClunge - 4/11/2024, 10:58 AM
@Th3Batman - BvS was the beginning of the End, SS sent the DCEU into cardiac arrest, Wonder Woman resuscitated it to a point it had a faint pulse and then Josstice league....

User Comment Image
STINGRAY - 4/11/2024, 9:58 AM
'....Cavill suited up as Superman...with a mustache.... Poor Cavill looked ridiculous'

---(One Time-Jump IN The Waaay-Back Machine later)...

That`s WHY #1 Box Office Draw Burt Reynolds was not picked to play Superman back in 1977 !
Timerider - 4/11/2024, 2:59 PM
@STINGRAY - Thank God they found Christopher Reeve. That was perfect casting.
Doomsday8888 - 4/11/2024, 9:58 AM
To THIS DAY we have f*ckers *cough* Ray Fisher *cough* who would rather blame people like Hamada or Geoff Johns rather than f*cking Tsujihara (remember? Just the guy who was calling the shots?) for these epic decisions...

The director's daughter commited f*cking suicide but no, we are not shutting anything down, cause the merjer is around the corner.
Whedon needs to do some reshoots? Sorry! Gotta digitaly delete that glorious mustache!

What a great opening with that shot of Cavill'face in the first ever JL movie ever!
RedFury - 4/11/2024, 9:59 AM
This is clearly the case of competing studios. They could have just put a fake mustache on him. Fake facial hair isn't exactly a hard thing to do when you have a wig and makeup department.
Doomsday8888 - 4/11/2024, 10:05 AM
But why should they sacrifice an inch for the mistakes of others?

With an helicopter in use and all, you can kinda notice a difference between a real mustache from a fake one.
Spoken - 4/11/2024, 10:07 AM
@RedFury - It's not Paramount's fought that WB doesn't know how to properly schedule their films.
RedFury - 4/11/2024, 10:18 AM
@Doomsday8888 @Spoken - yeah for sure, and business wise it makes sense. I just think good will goes a long way, plus it made Cavill a meme. Can't imagine that was very good for his image at the time. Sucks that he was stuck in the middle of all of that.
Spoken - 4/11/2024, 10:22 AM
@RedFury - I mean, maybe. But I can tell you this, shutting down big budget blockbusters, even for more than a day, is a pain in the ass to do. Even if you paid the time for it, there is still a lot of factors and scheduling.

Not just for the actors, but for the crew, the amount of time on a set, or on a set-location, paid contractors and venues. So I'm sure the execs didn't like that for maybe 2 weeks, they are going to have people not working and being behind schedule, all because WB can't get it together.
RedFury - 4/11/2024, 10:29 AM
@Spoken - totally agree. It just goes to show you how much WB execs screwed with their own money. Really bad decisions made all around. Especially when they already had a film that was pretty much finished before they chopped it up and turned it into the Whedon mess.
Spoken - 4/11/2024, 10:35 AM
@RedFury - SERIOUSLY! That always rubbed me the wrong way when they did that. Why hire another director who is going to need to rewrite and reshoot the majority of the movie in the span of less than eight months? I get at the time it was Joss Whedon, but that's when you say NO. Cause there is more money to spend.

Like was the 2nd Unit Director not around lol?

As much as I don't like Snyder, I did love his Justice League movie and how epic it was. Love that it was this giant four epic with no shame, wish there was more superhero movies that took that chance.
RedFury - 4/11/2024, 11:17 AM
@Spoken - I know right... I think it's the hubris of those execs. They always think they know better, which is clearly not the case. Because like you said, Zack's version of the film was soooo much better. I actually really enjoyed it as well. Some of the fat could have been trimmed from it, but overall it truly was an epic.

They blundered so hard. The idea of not standing behind your director is such a bad move. But they were trying to copy Marvel so much, they were blind to the fact that people didn't want them to be Marvel, and just wanted a good movie. In fact I think it was nice that the DCEU was a darker version of super hero tales. Not necessarily what they should be, but definitely nothing wrong with being different than the other giant Superhero studio. This is why I have faith in Gunn, I think he really gets what a superhero film should be. A mix of light and dark topics, that leans into the comics and what makes them great.
Timerider - 4/11/2024, 3:17 PM
@RedFury - I was thinking the same exact thing, I guess because of the fight scenes and/or close-ups.
AC1 - 4/11/2024, 10:01 AM
The fact Joss didn't decide to just add a beard rather than trying to digitally remove the mustache was such a monumentally stupid decision. Bearded Superman has been in the comics on multiple occasions. Bearded Superman is pretty badass. Bearded Superman has never been in a live-action movie before.

So [frick]ing dumb. But then again so was pretty much every other decision made on that movie.
TheVisionary25 - 4/11/2024, 10:04 AM
@AC1 - maybe he didn’t like Bearded Superman haha?.

User Comment Image

I agree though , it was a dud of a movie but I do think there was atleast a couple of additions that I liked such as Bruce and Alfred discussing Clark.
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