New JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer - 10 Key New Details And Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

We've combed through the new trailer for Justice League to highlight the biggest and best story reveals, Easter Eggs, and more from the movie which looks set to blow us all away come November 17th...

Yesterday, we were treated to a brand new Justice League trailer which was nothing short of amazing. Packed full of brand new footage and incredible action, this final sneak peek delivered lots of big reveals and some Easter Eggs that fans of these iconic DC Comics will definitely appreciate. We also got our first look at additional scenes which were shot for the movie by Joss Whedon recently. 

Below, you'll find an in-depth breakdown taking a look at ten key moments and Easter Eggs which reveal some major new details about this highly anticipated release and what's to come for the team. 

What clues are offered about Superman's return and which scenes hail from Whedon's recent reshoots? On that note, what else has changed since the last trailer and just how much does this preview reveal about Steppenwolf's big plan? The answer to those questions and more are here...

10. An Awesome Nod To Superman: The Movie

There are some very cool Easter Eggs scattered throughout this trailer, but one of the best comes in that opening sequence featuring Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Zack Snyder confirmed via Vero that he was responsible for storyboarding and shooting this and so we have him to thank - rather than Joss Whedon - for this throwback to Superman: The Movie.

In case you didn't realise, in that movie, Christopher Reeve wore pretty much the exact same shirt and also stood in a field of corn outside of his Smallville home albeit with his mother rather than Lois Lane. The visuals are nearly identical and this is a brilliant throwback to that movie and possibly even a sign that Snyder decided to embrace a much lighter and classic take on the Man of Steel long before Joss Whedon came on board to inject some humour into proceedings. 

9. Apokolips On Earth?

If what we're seeing here is Justice League's final battle, it appears as if it's set in Chernobyl (a good place for the League to be able to cause as much destruction as they like without people getting caught in the crossfire) and that whatever Steppenwolf is up to has turned the sky red. That's the same colour sky as Apokolips and regardless of whether Steppenwolf is trying to bring that to Earth by changing the atmosphere or Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon just thought it would look cool, this is bound to have an impact on Superman's return.

After all, beneath a red sun - which could very well be what we're seeing here - Superman is powerless and the sky being cleared could be what signals his return or even brings him back to his senses after spending some time under Steppenwolf's control. Either way, expect this to have an impact on what might happen with the Man of Steel is this is where he comes back. 

8. Steppenwolf's Parademon Army

In the comic books, the Parademons are a lowly alien race used by Darkseid as foot soldiers to help him conquer the planets which he desires. However, this trailer for Justice League points to them infecting those they attack/kill and transforming them into Parademons too (in what appears to be a flashback to Darkseid's first invasion of Earth, we actually see a man become one of them).

If this army is able to infect others to increase their ranks, it makes things for the Justice League even harder and means they'll be truly overwhelmed by this threat. It could also explain what some of those strange looking plans are - which seem to be spreading in this trailer - as Steppenwolf turning everyone into Parademons and making his army even greater makes more sense than him simply killing or enslaving humanity. 

7. The Flying Fox

The Flying Fox is the massive aerial vehicle that will be piloted by Alfred Pennyworth in Justice League and serve as a mobile base for the team as they track Steppenwolf across the globe. We've seen the team inside it a few times but this trailer finally pulls back the curtain on it in action and it's fair to say that it looks like a very impressive piece of equipment! What it's flying towards is hard to say but it looks like some sort of giant energy field.

For the time being, it remains to be seen whether or not this will serve as a permanent base for the iconic team of heroes but this isn't quite up there with the Watchtower from the source material! Despite that, seeing this thing flying into action promises to be a lot of fun and the design is definitely a whole lot better than what some of the toys and merchandise have promised. 

6. All A Dream Or Something More?

We all expected Warner Bros. to spoil Superman's return in this trailer and while Clark Kent does make an appearance here, it's never made clear whether what we're seeing is a dream or a scene from much later in the movie when the hero has already returned and is reunited with Lois Lane for the first time.

The trailer certainly goes out of its way to make us think what we're seeing isn't real but it's never confirmed and it makes more sense that the first thing the Man of Steel does when he comes back is help the League as opposed to seeking out Lois. This footage also drops some hints that the team's mission could involve bringing Superman back to life as it sounds like they'll be unable to beat Steppenwolf without him. We'll have to wait and see on that latter point but it's hard to buy into recent theories that this is all we'll actually see of him in the movie and that Superman is never actually going to return from the dead! 

5. Another Trip Beneath The Sea

We've caught glimpses of Atlantis in previous trailers for Justice League but this one provides arguably our best look yet at Arthur Curry's underwater home. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the only glimpse of that we got came when Jason Momoa could quite clearly be seen holding his breath in a sequence which did nothing to get over the fact he calls the legendary Atlantis home.

In comparison, this all looks fantastic. It's already been confirmed that the effects used in the movie will carry over into Aquaman and if this is any indication, that will look nothing short of incredible. More of the hero's fight with Steppenwolf is revealed here too and both that and shots of him underwater are superb despite the challenges which must come with that sort of setting. Needless to say, this should help ease the minds of those unsure Warner Bros. could pull it off. 

4. A New And Improved Cyborg

Talking of improved special effects, Cyborg looks a million times better in this trailer. Since day one, fans have been sceptical about whether or not making the character almost entirely CGI was a wise move, especially when it could have been pulled off with a practical costume enhanced by that. Well, after a few trailers where he looked unfinished (and kind of crappy in all honesty), this sneak peek offers up some major improvements.

Cyborg now looks real instead of totally animated and the shot of him throwing Aquaman into battle is particularly great as we see just how intricate Vic Stone's new body is. He looks every bit as good and detailed as Iron Man here and that's a relief, especially as all the signs were pointing to him being Justice League's weak link (visually at least) in those first few previews. 

3. There Sure Is A Lot Of Smiling

I mentioned humour a little earlier in this post and make no mistake about it, there's clearly going to be an awful lot here. While we know Zack Snyder always intended to lighten the tone, that sounded like it was essentially going to boil to some one-liners from the Flash but there's an awful lot of dialogue in this trailer which feels like 100% Joss Whedon.

Pretty much every character gets a cool line and this is exactly what the filmmaker did with The Avengers. Is that a bad thing? Not at all, especially as moviegoers have made it clear that that's what they like in superhero movies and after the mixed response to Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. needs Justice League to turn things around (and so do we if there's any hope of this team returning in a sequel) and if that's going to involve more laughs, so be it.

2. All In

Something this Justice League trailer really emphasises is how well these heroes will work together as a team. We'll no doubt spend some time watching them struggle to get on with each other but the dynamic between them appears to be a lot of fun and they've clearly found a way to work together effectively by the time the final battle rolls around.

Seeing Batman speed by in the Batmobile only for Wonder Woman to fly over, the Flash speed by, and Aquaman then join the fray is nothing short of incredible. There's obviously no sign of Superman here but you have to hope that he's not just going to fly in and save the day by defeating Steppenwolf single-handedly. Instead, he too will with any luck fight as part of this team but it's going to be interesting seeing how that's handled when he's so insanely powerful. 

1. Steppenwolf In Action

Steppenwolf once again wasn't fully revealed in this Justice League trailer but is that a bad thing? Based on what little we see of him here, there's still work to be done on the CGI (his face doesn't look great but that could be blamed on it being such a fast shot) and the fact he's so mysterious is far from a bad thing as it just makes seeing him in action even more exciting. One thing this preview does make clear, though, is that he's extremely formidable.

He overpowers both Wonder Woman and Aquaman with what appears to be relative ease and that axe of his looks like it could slice any one of the team in half. Beyond being an alien, we don't know what makes Steppenwolf so strong but it's feasible he's using the Mother Boxes to enhance his abilities. If not, you have to wonder just how much more powerful Darkseid must be if his nephew is this frighteningly powerful.

What did you guys think of the new Justice League trailer and these moments from it? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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