7 Marvel Television Characters Most Likely To Be Rebooted For The MCU (With The Same Actors)

A handful of Marvel Television characters have been rebooted for the MCU over the past couple of years, but there are still a handful of actors who, like Charlie Cox, deserve a second chance in the MCU.

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With Marvel Television no more, the past couple of years have seen characters like Daredevil, The Kingpin, and even Black Bolt rebooted for the MCU. 

While it's never been made official, the insinuation is that these are Variants of the heroes we first met on Netflix and ABC, with Marvel Studios making use of the same actors but avoiding being beholden to past creative decisions. It's an approach that offers fans the best of both worlds, but who should join the Man Without Fear in the MCU?

There are some actors who definitely shouldn't reprise their roles (Iron Fist and Nuke immediately spring to mind - sorry!), and others who absolutely deserve a second chance. We believe the performers and characters listed here are worthy of joining the MCU, but a reboot is a must. 

To find out who we've singled out, all you guys need to do is hit the "Next" button below!

7. Elektra

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Daredevil season 2 did a solid job creating a compelling dynamic for Matt Murdock and Elektra, but also gave her a convoluted origin story that hurts our heads to think about even now. All the Black Sky nonsense aside, the ball was dropped in a big way when she was killed so soon, and the less said about her return in The Defenders, the better.

This is a character in desperate need of rebooting, and there should absolutely be a place for this character in the MCU with Daredevil: Born Again and beyond. 

Elodie Yung overcame a lot of crappy material to put a fresh and exciting spin on Elektra, and we'd love to see that continue, albeit with a completely clean slate. That's obviously where Marvel Studios could come in, and the anti-hero could appear in any number of upcoming street-level projects. 

The Echo TV series has to be one likely possibility, right?

6. Polaris


The Gifted was made by Marvel Television in conjunction with Fox, and it was kind of a weird series. With only loose ties to the big screen X-Men franchise, it focused on two ordinary parents who take their family on the run from the government when they discover that their children have mutant abilities.

It wasn't very good, but we did get to spend time with some great characters from the comic books. 

Among them was Emma Dumont as Polaris, the daughter of Magneto who shares her father's mastery of magnetism. Lorna Dane is a great character never given the chance to shine in the X-Men movies, and we'd love to see that change in the MCU.

A franchise reboot still appears to be a long way off, but when it happens, Dumont is a talent who deserves to take another shot at a more mature, comic-accurate version of Polaris.

5. The Punisher

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The Punisher has always struggled to find success on the big screen, and while Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson's respective iterations have their fair share of fans, neither of them resonated with comic book readers the way Jon Bernthal did. 

The perfect Frank Castle from the start, his work in that second season of Daredevil was Emmy-worthy, so what did Marvel Television do? They put him in a terrible spin-off that further complicated his extremely simple origin story and turned this violent vigilante into someone who deals more with conspiracies than crooks. 

Moving forward, there's bound to be a place for The Punisher in the MCU, even if he has to be toned down a little. 

He could cross paths with Moon Knight, take aim at Spider-Man, or even be an old friend of Clint Barton's from his time as the killer, Ronin. Either way, we hope those Daredevil: Born Again rumours are true!

4. Jessica Jones

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The first season of Jessica Jones was great. The second was not. The third, meanwhile, was borderline unwatchable. 

Despite that, Krysten Ritter was absolutely brilliant as the alcoholic private eye, and managed to add a great deal of depth to the character even in those later, nowhere near as enjoyable, seasons. Throwing a superpowered P.I. into the MCU just makes sense, especially as she would bring something new to this shared world. 

We're shocked this didn't happen in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, especially when the MCU's Jennifer Walters specialises in superhuman law and would no doubt appreciate the help of a P.I. like this one while defending her clients. Now, we just hope that happens in Daredevil: Born Again, a series which looks set to be a sanctuary for many of these Netflix heroes. 

Oh, and if we can do a 2-4-1, then bring back David Tennant as Purple Man as well. 

3. Morgan le Fay

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No, we're not just including Morgan le Fay because of what an incredible, ahem, presence Elizabeth Hurley had as the villain in Runaways!

The short-lived series revealed that this version of le Fay was a powerful enchantress trapped in the Dark Dimension and once the leader of a coven of witches. That right there ties her to both Doctor Strange villain Dormammu and WandaVision's Agatha Harkness, making it easy for her to be incorporated into either franchise. 

Hurley was clearly having a blast as le Fay, and with the right director (and slightly better material than the Hulu series), she could do something really special with the character.

We're not suggesting Morgan become a big, but it would be fun to discover she has a history with Agatha in that villain's upcoming Disney+ series. 

2. Gladiator

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We're going back to Daredevil's world to focus on a lesser-known character who definitely has some serious potential in the MCU. 

Marvel Television never really explored Melvin Potter's alter-ego, and completely glossed over his mental health issues and how those eventually lead to him becoming a supervillain known as Gladiator. We're not suggesting he be used as a lead baddie in a future TV show or movie, but he could certainly make for an effective secondary villain in Daredevil: Born Again.

Matt Gerald is one of those actors who has appeared in a lot of different movies and TV shows, but his star appears to be on the rise now after a fairly memorable role in Avatar: The Way of Water

Disney would be wise to ride that momentum and give him another shot at playing Gladiator. 

1. Quake

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. introduced us to a lot of great characters, but most were either newly created or miscast to some degree (for proof of that, look no further than Deathlok). However, there's no faulting Chloe Bennet as Quake, and while her journey from Skye to Daisy Johnson was borderline ridiculous, the MCU can move past that. 

Arguably the show's most popular character, bringing Quake back would be a smart move on a number of levels, and Bennet has all the makings of a legit movie star. 

Secret Invasion might be a good place to introduce Daisy as one of Nick Fury's proteges, with a new, comic-accurate take on the Secret Warriors who could assemble down the line. Starting fresh with this character would be the right move, even if it upsets longtime fans of Quake on the small screen. 

Armor Wars could also be a good fit for the hero depending on how her powers are handled, but either way, the sooner Bennet returns, the better.

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