The 4th CBM [Midweek Break] FIGHT CLUB

The 4th CBM [Midweek Break] FIGHT CLUB The 4th CBM [Midweek Break] FIGHT CLUB

The Fight Club where you choose the combatants and you decide the winner. Today's fights are:
1st Bout: The "intergalactic" slugfest between the Emeral Knight GREEN LANTERN vs. the Sentinel of the Spaceways SILVER SURFER || 2nd Bout: The fiercest "Battle of the Brutes" - The Ultimate Lifeform DOOMSDAY vs. The Green Goliath HULK|| 3rd Bout: The fight of the perfect Human Specimens - the Caped Crusader BATMAN vs. the First Avenger CAPTAIN AMERICA.

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By PollMaster - May 04, 2011 05:05 AM EST
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But before we go to Today's Fights, we need to view the outcome of the Previous Battles.

Winner: CAPTAIN AMERICA [384 Votes (85.33%)]

CBM Fight Club Official Standing:
Win/s: 1 || Lose/s: 0 || Tie/s: 0
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Winner: BLACK WIDOW [182 Votes (60.47%)]

CBM Fight Club Official Standing:
Win/s: 1 || Lose/s: 0 || Tie/s: 0
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Winner: GREEN LANTERN [245 Votes (69.21%)]

CBM Fight Club Official Standing:
Win/s: 1 || Lose/s: 0 || Tie/s: 0
Other Conquests

But first the RULES:
You can base your vote on any version of the character (but preferably use the main comics continuity or live adaptation). For those not familiar with the character I have provided a short feature for each character, you can find it below the character's profile picture (click it and it will bring you to a different page consisting a short bio of the character and a list of his powers and abilities). This is NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST (That is worth repeating -NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST), please decide logically, you can defend your vote in the comment section, and you can even include descriptive detail on how one character takes down his opponent.

Consider each fight as the FIRST MEETING of the two characters (even if they exist in the same universe, try to treat this fight as their first encounter, which means there are no prior knowledge of the other's power set and abilities, as well as knowing their strengths or weaknesses).

These fights are Chance Encounters, the FIGHTS are NOT PLANNED, so there are no preparation time. But the characters are outfitted with their regular equipments, weapons, and other stuffs that are closely associated to the character.

Consider the character's personality and how the character will act on the given situation (will he fight dirty, will he be honorable, etc…). The characters can use anything in their present surrounding for their advantage.

The Rule: Batman always win does NOT apply here. Please analyze his opponent, the battle, and their surrounding first before you decide. If you still think he wins then feel free to vote for him (the comment section will be a good area to support this vote).

1st bout:
requested by SuperArgo

"...Put Green Lantern against Silver Surfer…"

Arena: Planet Pandora

[Green Lantern feature]

[Silver Surfer feature]

2nd bout:
requested by Ronin90

Arena: Downtown Metropolitan City

[Doomsday feature]

[Hulk feature]

3rd bout:
requested by Ronin90

Arena: Old Abandoned Warehouse

[Batman feature]

[Captain America feature]

Voting ends on the next installment of CBM Fight Club.

If you have a CBM FIGHT CLUB request be sure that the characters you chose has a LIVE ADAPTATION (these include Computer Generated characters but in a live movie adaptation and not a purely CG movie).

Thanks guys! See you in the next installment of CBM Fight Club! This has been PollMaster bringing you the imaginary fights of your life.
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SFCamerica - 5/4/2011, 5:48 AM
Quit using Batman, he would win against the entire Avengers in these stupid ass popularity contest. One of my favs, but he's just a MAN, any SUPER HERO would destroy him, Cap included.
marvel72 - 5/4/2011, 5:58 AM
green lantern vs silver surfer,who i do i think wins this silver surfer(power cosmic)green lantern(makes green objects with a ring).......silver surfer would destroy him.

doomsday vs the hulk is a toughie,whomever is writing the comic marvel or dc they will decide who wins.

i say hulk.

captain america vs batman,fans on here have put me off batman.

captain america wins.
DudeGuy - 5/4/2011, 6:17 AM
marvel72 - 5/4/2011, 7:42 AM
all polls should not feature batman because you don't get the correct outcome.
HarrisonBergeron - 5/4/2011, 8:06 AM
Don't Doomsday and Hulk both get stronger the harder their opponent fights? That is a solid tie.
HarrisonBergeron - 5/4/2011, 8:07 AM
I want to see Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman vs. Thor, Cap, Ironman.
horseuk - 5/4/2011, 8:34 AM
GL Vs SS: would be a good solid fight but unless GL kicks SS of his board, SS would have him when his ring needs recharging. which it inevitably will do.

HULK Vs DOOM: hulk would probibly kill him but he would keep coming back adapting as always, so i would say DOOM cos eventually hulk will get tired, unless hulk reverted to some of the other types of hulk, then that would be interesting. cos then DOOM would have no chance.

BAT Vs CAP: again good fight cos bat can use the dark parts of the warehouse to shit cap up and use the element of surprise, so the environment is gonna be important for batman, although cap is unlikely to get to thrown out by batmans skills, i would say tie.

TheMyth - 5/4/2011, 11:03 AM
SS vs GL: This was done in the 90's Amalgam crossover, except it was the Kyle Rayner GL and he lost. Hal is considerably more badass than Kyle, and while he is one of my fav DC's and it would surely be an EPIC match, SS would win.

Hulk vs Doomsday: Another fun match-up that'd certainly lay waste to whatever city this takes place in, but I have to give it to the Hulk.

Cap vs Bats: Certainly one of the most hotly debated scenarios, this was also done during the 90's Amalgam crossover, in which Cap whipped Bats ass mercilessly until Bats pulled a cheap shot when Cap honorably offered him mercy, and flooded the sewer system in which they battled. While Cap certainly has Bats with skill, Bats isn't afraid to play dirty and is a brilliant strategist so I call this one a tie; they beat each other to a pulp before realizing they stand for the same values, at which point they share a few brews at the local watering hole nearest their arena ;)

EDIT: since your taking requests, gimme a good match-up with my man Gambit!
MoonDoggyX - 5/4/2011, 11:03 AM
These are a little one-sided... Silver Surfer, by far... Definitely Doomsday, even if hulk kills him once, Dooms day would just come back with a higher "base" strength and he's not gonna wait for the Hulk to get SUPER pissed again. And, I'm sorry, but Bats beats Cap. Cap isn'T "SUPER-HUMAN" he's in peak human form. Though he's been trained by the best in the military, lets not forget that Bats is a fricking ninja... with a ton of tricks and gadgets with him at all times, and he's very experienced at fighting people stronger than him.
soundwave129 - 5/4/2011, 11:31 AM
Batman VS God. Nuff said.
Spock - 5/4/2011, 12:37 PM
SS, Cap would win. Hulk vs Doomsday. Hard to say since Hulk gets his ass kick, but very fewly. I would love to see Gladitor (Kallark). One of my favs.

@ Myth Gambit vs. Bullseye?
HammerGod - 5/4/2011, 2:50 PM
Hulk vz Doomsday = tie

I would like to see Gladiator vs Superman
Shazam vs Thor
Nightwing vs Winter soldier
pistolgrip - 5/4/2011, 2:54 PM
i love steak!
pistolgrip - 5/4/2011, 2:57 PM
i love steak!
flyinggrayson - 5/4/2011, 5:12 PM
We technically never get the right outcome....because they're not real.....
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