Why Do DC & Marvel Have Similar Characters?

It is more of a conspiracy than you probably think...

Editorial Opinion

I know in writing this, that you, the reader, will write the article off immediately. Because you think that DC and Marvel have similar characters just to attract fans of the other side, in turn making more money. Well, I think it is bigger than that. I believe that they do it because of a lack of creativity.

First DC came out with Batman. Than Marvel followed suit with Iron Man. While on the surface the two characters seem very different. However, when you dig just a bit, you find the similarities. Batman was born wealthy, with great intelligence, lost both parents, trained to be a warrior, fights crime and protects those who need it, and lastly leads a life of solitude and self-hatred. Iron Man was born wealthy, with superior intelligence (genius), eventually lost his parents, self-trained to be a hero, fights crime and protects those who need it and lastly leads a life of solitude and self-loathing. Batman has a butler who is his best friend and most helpful alley. Iron Man's closest friend/alley is his assistant. Both are the heads of major corporations and are decadent while not in there true identities. By true identities, I mean when they are Batman and Iron Man. Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are there disguises. There are more characters comparisons that those two. Although, following there movie successes these two are the most popular.

To name just a few:

DC vs. Marvel
Superman/The Sentry
Wonder Woman/Ms. Marvel
Green Arrow/Hawkeye
The Flash/Quicksilver

Long story, short those are just a few names and comparisons between the two major franchises. I just want to highlight that these characters are not to capture money from the other side. I mean The Sentry will never steal any Superman fans. Same for the the other characters. The major companies are just not creative enough. They figure, that if they just tweak the characters enough they will seem different. For example, the Sentry having split-personalities. While a cool change, its not enough to make fans forget they are just ripping off another characters, completely. I am still a fan of both companies, but it is just sometimes hard to swallow when they both can not be creative enough to create new characters. Yes, it is hard. Yes it is time consuming coming up with new characters, but that is why we are fans and buy comics. For the new and different ideas. Why has there not been a DC Marvel crossover. The writers write for both. Why not start crossing characters?

Characters should die and not come back. Because that is what happens in real life. Fans talk about loving Batman, Iron Man and Spider-Man because they are human and dark. So why do they not die, it is more than just money. They are not gutsy enough to do it. They should not just die as a money grab. Marvel should not spend some much time using real life storylines for their comics. Be original, please. I love your comics, but come on. It is hard not to notice the similarities in Dark Reign and real life. I want to believe they will continue to come up with new and different ideas. But with Hollywood, seemingly unable to do it. Why should we expect the big 2 to be new and different. That is why comics like Hellboy, Sin City, Savage Dragon, Wanted, The Suicide Squad, and Preacher do so well. They are unique and different. I will continue to buy comics, but I get a little more disappointed each time. That is also, why it is starting to become fun to root for the villains. It would be awesome if Dark Reign eventually ended with Osborn and the Dark Avengers killing X-Men, Avengers, and other characters. But do not stop with just one or two or three, kill eight, nine or ten. Kill 20, why not? Have balls and be different. Have it become a universe of villains and new heroes have to rise up and attempt to take the world back. Kill Stark, just give me something original. Maybe Osborn finds a way to kill Wolverine or Daken finally does it. Just give me something new. I know that my idea would be coping some of Final Crisis. In all honestly, it would still be awesome. I mean is there anything wrong with change. Have the Marvel Universe start from scratch.

It is not only the labels faults, but ours also. Whenever DC, Marvel, Image, Top Cow, etc. come out with new characters and new ideas, we do not necessarily buy them. We love the things we love. But it stifles innovation. The labels do not want to risk all of the time and money to create new characters, if we do not buy them. That is why Deadpool had is own comic in years past and it was cancelled before it hit 100 issues. But we have always loved him and have always wanted more, just not enough to buy his own comic. Or that is until now. Because Fox has optioned a movie, we are all in. Now Deadpool will be flooding the market. Give me something new. I am tired of Robin, I am tired of Venom, I am tired of Captain America, I am tired of villains always failing at the last possible minute. Heroes are not always right and just. In real life no one is always just and does the right thing. It only matters what side you are on. It has always been that way. The other side is not wrong, they are just different. People have always been afraid of what they do not understand. Why can it not be the same with comics. Spider-Man should not always be the good guy. Why is there no comic, where Batman is the villain. Why is Superman never hated, why is Wolverine not treated like God or better yet the Devil. I just want creativity and innovation. I love comics. I love the storylines, but I am tired of re-hashing ideas. DC, Marvel, please give me something new. Comics, movies and games, do not sell because of the same old adages. If something is good and uniqu e and interesting than it will sell. Despite whether it has a familiar character or face to sell. I am interested in Anti-Venom in the fall. It is something new.

Let me know what you think.

- Aaron

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