New JURASSIC WORLD Movie Enlists ROGUE ONE Director Gareth Edwards To Helm

New JURASSIC WORLD Movie Enlists ROGUE ONE Director Gareth Edwards To Helm

DEADPOOL 2 Director David Leitch Drops Out Of New JURASSIC WORLD Movie As Universal Races To 2025 Release
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DEADPOOL 2 Director David Leitch Drops Out Of New JURASSIC WORLD Movie As Universal Races To 2025 Release

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santoanderson - 5/9/2018, 6:45 AM
Why do I get the feeling that the T-Rex and lion shot is the final shot of the movie?
MUTO123 - 5/9/2018, 7:03 AM
@santoanderson - I think it’s gonna be the shot of the mosasaur about to eat the surfer.
CaptainElrond - 5/9/2018, 7:06 AM
@MUTO123 - I guess it could end with them being released into the wild of the states. Don't understand why they dont just house them on isla sorna.
MUTO123 - 5/9/2018, 7:12 AM
@MrBillCipher - I could be wrong, but I don’t think the second and third movie are canon anymore.
CaptainElrond - 5/9/2018, 7:13 AM
@MUTO123 - No apparently some background information confirmed isla sorna still exists. According to them all the dinosaurs there died in some "chaos" or something involving new specias. Whether Malcolm will mention it or not i do not know
CaptainElrond - 5/9/2018, 7:17 AM
@MrBillCipher - I am getting this from the wiki, which gets its information from the "dinosaur protection group" which is probably some movie marketing website somewhere.
MosquitoFarmer - 5/9/2018, 9:18 AM
@santoanderson - This is looking more and more like a straight reboot of The Lost World.
ThunderThighs - 5/9/2018, 7:20 AM
BackwardGalaxy - 5/9/2018, 7:21 AM
If this movie is like the first JW, it's going to be complete dog crap. That said, the surfing shot and the T-Rex vs. Lion shot are cool images. Gotta give 'em that.
Kman - 5/9/2018, 7:27 AM
The whole Chris Pratt teaming up with the blue raptor and them being buddy, buddy and it protecting him... took me completely out of the whole thing. No thanks.
EZBeast - 5/9/2018, 9:43 AM
@Kman - and yet marvel films can bring a talking raccoon that shoots guns, Star Wars has penguin hamsters hanging with the heroes, and Godzilla just randomly showing up after 50years. You have to options...1 look at how illogical this is and hate it because it’s not real OR 2 sit back, turn the brain off, and have fun with this stuff!

Personally I’m a big fan of option #2
Kman - 5/9/2018, 9:49 AM
@MrNegative - the talking Racoon was already an established thing - so that I don't necessarily agree with. I didn't like TLJ or the porgs - so I'm with you on that one. And Godzilla - I mean, that franchise isn't exactly doing great.

Look I go on a case by case basis - and in this case, it's a little too much for me.

Im sure it'll make plenty of money and will be enjoyed. Who knows... maybe Im wrong and I end up loving it.

But this is my impression and feelings from what Ive seen.
Womprat - 5/9/2018, 7:28 AM
I hope they lead up to a movie where one day the mainland USA is overrun with dinosaurs. I think that would be a lot of fun to explore.
RedHood92 - 5/9/2018, 8:52 AM
@Womprat -
Psychodad - 5/9/2018, 7:31 AM
The T-Rex has been overexposed in this series and becoming the next cinema
Dwanye Johnson.
CaptainElrond - 5/9/2018, 7:33 AM
@Psychodad - What? after getting killed by the spinosaur in jp3 and hardly in jw?

Psychodad - 5/9/2018, 9:49 AM
@MrBillCipher - hardly.. he was the entire 3rd act and in the closing scene come on bruh
CaptainElrond - 5/9/2018, 10:18 AM
@Psychodad - The final fight isn’t the whole 3rd act.
kadara38 - 5/9/2018, 7:34 AM
I mean, are these movies even enjoyable anymore to anyone? Feels like Transformers franchise to me, just more of the same. I may check it out if I see it on tv by accident, or find it playing on the next plane ride lol!
CaptainElrond - 5/9/2018, 7:35 AM
@kadara38 - Uh yes, they are.
CaptainElrond - 5/9/2018, 7:36 AM
@kadara38 - I agree they are getting less interesting, but alot of people still love jp
kadara38 - 5/9/2018, 7:41 AM
@MrBillCipher - Stupid people. LOL! Jk Jk, to each his own I know:)
Kman - 5/9/2018, 8:24 AM
@kadara38 - I'm pretty dumb and I don't wanna see this movie - DON'T GENERALIZE US MORONS!
kadara38 - 5/9/2018, 10:21 AM
@Kman - LMAO!!! My bad homie;0
MosquitoFarmer - 5/9/2018, 8:11 AM
But the T-Rex in Jurassic Park don't have a winky.

BlackPhillip - 5/9/2018, 8:26 AM
That is a pretty awesome shot.
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