SPOILERS: STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI - 7 Things That Worked And 4 Things That Didn't

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now in theaters and here, we take an in-depth look at all the things in the movie which did and didn't work. These will likely be as controversial as the sequel itself...

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a critical darling and the signs are all pointing to it being a huge hit at the box office this weekend. Surprisingly, though, fans of the franchise seem divided and there's been a lot of arguments over the past 24 hours or so about whether or not Rian Johnson has steered the Skywalker Saga in the right direction and how J.J. Abrams can now wrap up this trilogy with Episode IX

Regardless of which side of that dispute you land on, there's no denying that The Last Jedi does a lot of things right but a few things wrong as well. Some of those are minor and others are actually pretty major but they're all worth discussing. That why we've taken an in-depth look at the latest Star Wars movie to figure out its good and bad points and you can find our 
spoilery verdict on those below.

Didn't Work: Captain Phasma Gets The Short End Of The Stick (Again)

Many fans were disappointed by Captain Phasma's lack of screentime in The Force Awakens but her role is even smaller in The Last Jedi and that's a real shame considering the fact we'd heard that she would have more to do here. There's no denying that her scenes with Finn are satisfying (as is the way her story wraps up) but it's hard to escape the feeling that she probably deserved better.

Lucasfilm has done a lot with the character over the past couple of years, including launching a comic book series and novel so it's fair to say that most of us went in expecting to see her given a key role. Instead, she has what's essentially a glorified cameo and won't get chance to return in Episode IX.

Did Work: Kylo Ren's Surprising Story Arc

The Last Jedi teases us with the possibility that Kylo Ren will return to the Light Side of the Force and seeing him fight side by side with Rey proves to be immensely satisfying. Unfortunately, it takes no time at all for us to realise that this is the same old Ben Solo and watching his transformation to Supreme Leader proves to be fascinating as does the glimpse into his past that we're given. 

It's a shame that we've still not met the Knights of Ren but it's possible they've been killed or will finally appear in the next instalment of the franchise. Either way, those of you who weren't sold on Ben Solo after The Force Awakens will definitely be invested in this character now. 


Didn't Work: Supreme Leader Snoke Story Wraps Up

Another surprising development with Kylo Ren is his decision to slice Supreme Leader Snoke in half. It's a moment noneus could have possibly seen coming and is one of those twists which hits you like a punch in the gut. Before this, we get to see Snoke belittling Ben Solo and it's clear his plan involves wiping out the Resistance, Luke Skywalker, and watching the Dark Side take over. 

So, what's the problem? Well, while this movie makes it clear he's incredibly powerful, we never get to actually learn who he is! There's not even a hint. In fairness, we all enjoyed the original trilogy without knowing who the Emperor was but it felt like there should have been some sort of reveal here. My theory is that he was just a random Sith that The First Order found to rally behind!


Did Work: Luke Skywalker's Final Stand

This is bound to be controversial but The Last Jedi wraps Luke Skywalker's story up in a definitive way. His clash with Kylo Ren probably isn't as action-packed as some fans have hoped but it is badass and his entire story arc works really well here. Sure, some fans would have liked to see him be an all-powerful Jedi Master but this feels like a more realistic destination for the former farm boy. 

The reveal that Luke has actually just projected himself onto
Crait is a clever twist as is the way his actions there give the Resistance the spark it needs to become a full on Rebellion. The fact he dies almost immediately after is, of course, tragic but Luke has finally found peace and you have to believe that J.J. Abrams is going to bring him back as a Force Ghost for Episode IX. It would be crazy not to!

Did Work: Plenty Of Surprises

Lucasfilm does a great job of not giving away too much in the trailers and that means The Last Jedi is packed full of big surprises. From the scenes of Rey and Kylo Ren battling side by side (which, let's face it, would have been a great final shot for any sneak peek) to Yoda's unexpected cameo, this movie never fails to keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what comes next.

Just when you think you've come across a plot hole, Johnson comes up with a genius explanation and that more often than not won't be what you're expecting it to be. In that respect, you can't fault The Last Jedi because it's rare a movie can shock like this in the days of online spoilers. 

Didn't Work: Finn And Rey's Relationship

One of the most satisfying parts of The Force Awakens was watching the friendship between Finn and Rey develop. When the former Stormtrooper wakes up in this movie, his first thought is Rey but the two character never end up sharing a scene! They're both on the Millennium Falcon by the time the credits roll but all we get is Rey casting a glance at Finn as he cares for Rose.

While that could be a hint she's jealous of the possible love which is blooming between the two of them, Johnson clearly doesn't see these two as being together and it's hard to escape the feeling that he frequently uses The Last Jedi to essentially undo what he perceived as Abrams' mistakes. 

Did Work: Leia's Connection To The Force

The Star Wars franchise has always teased us with the possibility that Leia has some connections to the Force but we get to see her powers on full display here as she manages to save herself from being sucked into the vastness of space. It's a kick-ass moment and one which Carrie Fisher deserves; it's just a shame her tragic death means we'll never get to see Abrams run with this idea.

Despite that, The Last Jedi definitely serves as a satisfying and worthy conclusion to Leia's story even though she's still alive by the time the credits roll and will ultimately be killed off camera. Having seen the power the former Princess wields, you can't help but wonder what might have been. 

Didn't Work: Canto Blight

The Canto Blight parts of The Last Jedi are by no means bad but they tend to drag a little and I can't help but feel they were only included as a way of giving Finn something to do in the movie. With so much happening with Luke, the Resistance, and within The First Order, I found myself hoping these moments would hurry up and conclude so we could return to those and that's not great.

Luckily, the dynamic between Finn and Rose is a lot of fun to watch and BB-8 gets some awesome hero moments here. Benicio Del Toro's DJ is also enjoyable to watch and while he's certainly not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of the Star Wars Universe, he's definitely a memorable character. 

Did Work: Rey's Parents

The identity of Rey's parents has been bugging us for two years and it turns out that...they're nobodies who sold their daughter for drinking money. Oh, and they;'re buried in a shallow grave on Jakku. 

That's not the reveal most of us expected but it's one that works; who's to say that a powerful Jedi has to have ties to a Skywalker or characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Count Dooku? It's possible we'll get some sort of reveal down the line but it would be no bad thing for this to now be left alone.


Did Work: The Stage Is Set For The Finale

As I mentioned in my reviewThe Last Jedi feels very much like a middle chapter but its also definitive enough that it allows Episode IX to be something truly new. With Luke, Han, and Leia no longer on the board, the door is open to the franchise's three new leads receiving 100% of the spotlight and for the Skywalker Saga to presumably come to an end once and for all with Kylo Ren's demise. 

There will no doubt be ways to continue the series once Episode IX is released but it feels like we're on course to getting a definitive ending and Johnson deserves a lot of credit for finding such a seamless way of having the original cast pass the baton to the newcomers ready for that ending.

Did Work: The Porgs

Look, there's no denying that thePorgs have been put in The Last Jedi to sell toys (the movie wouldn't remotely suffer from them not being present) but you'd have to be an extremely miserable person not to enjoy their presence in this movie. They're hilarious, adorable, and a great source of humour from start to finish and I can't help but hope we'll see more of them show up one day. 

Have you seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi? If so, what do you guys think did and didn't work in the movie? As always, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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