GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE - The Legendary Titans Roar Into Battle On New Promo Banner

GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE - The Legendary Titans Roar Into Battle On New Promo Banner GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE - The Legendary Titans Roar Into Battle On New Promo Banner

A new promo banner for Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire has been spotted at New York Toy Fair, and it features both iconic Titans joining forces for what promises to be an epic monster mash...

By MarkCassidy - Oct 01, 2023 12:10 PM EST
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Source: Via SFF Gazette

This year's New York Toy Fair got underway on Saturday, and we're starting to see merchandise photos find their way online. While tie-in action figures for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire have yet to be unveiled, we do have a look at a new promo banner featuring both iconic Titans roaring into battle.

We still don't know a whole lot about Adam Wingard's sequel to the hugely successful Godzilla vs. Kong, but it has been confirmed that the legendary monsters will be teaming up from the get-go this time in order to defend the planet against a mysterious threat that's emerged from Hollow Earth.

There's been speculation that the King of Skull Island and Big G will face-off against Mecha-King Ghidorah after the events of the last film, but nothing has been confirmed. There have also been reports of an "unidentified simian monster." Initial rumors indicated that this might be the Son of Kong, but it's since come to light that it will most likely be a new villain for the great ape named Scar King. Godzilla, meanwhile, is said to have his own nemesis named Shimu.

Rebecca Hall (Dr. Ilene Andrews), Brian Tyree Henry (Bernie Hayes) and Kaylee Hottle (Jia) will reprise their roles from the previous movie, but Millie Bobby Brown and Alexander Skarsgård will not be back, with Legion alum Dan Stevens taking over as the main protagonist. Fala Chen, Alex Ferns and Rachel House have also joined the cast.

Wingard will collaborate once more with production designer Tom Hammock, editor Josh Schaeffer, and composer Tom Holkenborg. Terry Rossio is back on script duties, along with Jeremy Slater and Wingard's frequent collaborator Simon Barrett.

Check out the new banner at the link below.

"This latest entry follows up the explosive showdown of Godzilla vs. Kong with an all-new cinematic adventure, pitting the almighty Kong and the fearsome Godzilla against a colossal undiscovered threat hidden within our world, challenging their very existence – and our own. The epic new film will delve further into the histories of these Titans, their origins and the mysteries of Skull Island and beyond, while uncovering the mythic battle that helped forge these extraordinary beings and tied them to humankind forever."

Principal photography commenced in Gold Coast, Queensland, on July 29, 2022, and officially wrapped last November. The film is scheduled to be theatrically released on April 12, 2024 after previously being slated for a March 15, 2024.

GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE - Bow To Your New King On First Official Poster

GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE - Bow To Your New King On First Official Poster

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Forthas - 10/1/2023, 12:06 PM
There are other monsters out there that they should look at...

WruceBayne - 10/1/2023, 1:28 PM
@Forthas - I think they’ll give at least a nod to Gamera, even if it’s just for a little fun and isn’t going anywhere.
grif - 10/1/2023, 2:25 PM
@Forthas - yeah man why they have not made a trio movie with all 3 is beyond me
Forthas - 10/1/2023, 3:14 PM
@grif - It kind of seems like it would be a win for everyone involved. The studio that owns the rights to Gamera would get a huge benefit from the exposure and Legendary pictures could bring in the Gamera fans and create that never before seen Godzilla vs Gamera or Kong vs Gamera event film.

But in Hollywood, what are good ideas worth anyway?
CoHost - 10/1/2023, 12:12 PM
Godzilla's Japan's answer to Rambo. Both started as serious commentary, then it all went silly from there.
mountainman - 10/1/2023, 2:14 PM
@CoHost - The first Rambo movie had such an amazing commentary on war and it’s impact on the people sent to fight it. After that it just became an action fest glorifying violence. It essentially became what the first movie was criticizing.
BillyBatson1000 - 10/1/2023, 2:33 PM
@CoHost - Good point. The "Scream" sequels also went on to become what the original movie was satirizing.
SonOfAGif - 10/1/2023, 3:52 PM
@BillyBatson1000 - One can even argue that the Saw franchise beyond Saw III became what the original film was against and establishing. The glorification of murder with unwinnable traps including games where the victim was at the mercy of someone else. Saw and Saw II were heavily against such unfair practices.
BillyBatson1000 - 10/1/2023, 5:14 PM
@SonOfAGif - Yep, valid points.
SonOfAGif - 10/1/2023, 5:41 PM
@BillyBatson1000 - I liked the angle of Hoffman making unwinnable traps but then they made it where even John made traps that didn't even allow the one being tested the ability to participate in their survival. Like the entire premise of Saw III was victims in traps at the mercy of the one person who held their lives in his hands. It was definitely against what John sought out to do originally.
BillyBatson1000 - 10/1/2023, 7:22 PM
@SonOfAGif - Yeah agreed, the Logan Nelson, Spiral, Mark Hoffman I can buy (subverting the rules - but with a purpose). But John Kramer's original intent should have remained the same throughout.
TheVisionary25 - 10/1/2023, 12:18 PM

I thought the first one was ok but I’m still interested in this.

Kong all the way!!.
TheSuperMex - 10/1/2023, 12:37 PM
Hope we get Destroyah somehow.
Origame - 10/1/2023, 1:01 PM
That sounds like a dumb theory.

Mecha godzilla was already more or less mecha king ghidorah since that's where the basis for this mecha godzilla came from. Only difference would be this time he'd specifically have 3 heads and wings. But even then it'd just be another evil corporation deciding to make a giant robot out of the remains of ghidorah. And that'd be repetitive and lame.
ThouBear8 - 10/1/2023, 1:03 PM
I've really enjoyed this series, especially King of the Monsters & Godzilla vs King Kong, so I can't wait for this. Bring it on.
bobevanz - 10/1/2023, 1:04 PM
Whether it's good or bad, I'll be there
TheVisionary25 - 10/1/2023, 1:07 PM
Monsterverse Ranking so far (favorite to least)…

1. Kong: Skull Island
2. Godzilla (2014)/GvK
3. Godzilla: King of The Monsters.

marvel72 - 10/1/2023, 1:17 PM
Loved the shit out of these Godzilla and King Kong, can't wait to see this.
WhatIfRickJames - 10/1/2023, 1:42 PM
Jet Jaguar or GTFO
Usernametaken - 10/1/2023, 2:24 PM
Very solid franchise
With the exception of Godzilla kings of monsters, the other 3 movies have been great to watch and re-watch.

I hope this one keeps the quality standards.
kylo0607 - 10/1/2023, 6:36 PM
@Usernametaken - I'd take King of the Monsters any day to that Power Rangers nonsense that is Godzilla vs. Kong.
Razorface1 - 10/1/2023, 11:36 PM
@kylo0607 - just wondering, what did you like/dislike about each?
HashTagSwagg - 10/1/2023, 2:26 PM
Don't have much faith in this. 2014 was half way decent until they wasted Cranston, the rest was just blue balling us until they gave as a rather boring final fight, I say this because they already cut away from the fights twice before and by the time they actually showed it I just didn't care by that point. Every other Universal monster film has been garbage, Skull island being the worst so far.
Usernametaken - 10/1/2023, 2:35 PM
@HashTagSwagg - skull island was fun.
What Godzilla 2014 got completely right thanks to Gareth Edwards is that the monsters were shot from a human point of view, whether it was people on the ground or cameras in helicopters it really have a sense of scale to the monster as we discover them throughout the movie.

Best shot monster movie IMO
Slotherin - 10/1/2023, 5:58 PM
@HashTagSwagg - these aren't Universal.

The plot also didn't need Cranston's character anymore. He wasn't wasted, he fulfilled the extent of his role.
grif - 10/1/2023, 2:26 PM
the last movie was worse than any of the transformers movies. hard pass. done with this series. looking forward to minus one though
JobinJ - 10/1/2023, 3:06 PM
@grif - Godzilla vs Kong? It wants that bad, the masses disagree with you.
grif - 10/1/2023, 4:09 PM
@JobinJ - shit movie for real
marvel72 - 10/2/2023, 12:16 AM
@grif - I go for the monster fights, the human roles do suck though.
grif - 10/2/2023, 1:57 PM
@marvel72 - even those were bad. its unbelievable.
MarkCassidy - 10/1/2023, 6:06 PM
I'm not supposed to talk about this yet, but I've seen the first five eps of Monarch, and it's really good. A bit light on monsters, but Kurt Russell is so great and it has actual compelling characters unlike the movies.
Forthas - 10/1/2023, 8:35 PM
@MarkCassidy - What is that going to stream on? Amazon?
EZBeast - 10/1/2023, 8:49 PM
@Forthas - appletv
Forthas - 10/1/2023, 10:23 PM
@EZBeast - Thanks
marvel72 - 10/2/2023, 12:15 AM
@EZBeast - Does anyone have AppleTV? I don't know anyone.
EZBeast - 10/2/2023, 12:43 AM
@marvel72 - no but I think that is what they’re hoping for. A big name and big budget show to bring in viewers!
Arthorious - 10/1/2023, 10:05 PM
I’ve been really enjoying this franchise (although King of the Monsters fell flat, great wallpapers though). Looking forward to this one!

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