Disney CEO Bob Iger Reiterates Plans To "Pull Back" On Marvel Studios And STAR WARS Content Moving Forward

Disney CEO Bob Iger Reiterates Plans To "Pull Back" On Marvel Studios And STAR WARS Content Moving Forward Disney CEO Bob Iger Reiterates Plans To "Pull Back" On Marvel Studios And STAR WARS Content Moving Forward

As Disney looks to save money, CEO Bob Iger has confirmed the current plan is to now reduce the number of Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars projects. Find out what he had to say after the jump...

By JoshWilding - Jul 14, 2023 11:07 PM EST
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Source: SFFGazette.com

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently extended his contract to serve in that role until 2026, and the executive has a lot of work now ahead of him. 

Earlier this year, Disney rolled out a reorganisation of the business that includes $5.5 billion in cost-cutting measures, while Iger also needs to deal with a series of blunders made by his predecessor, Bob Chapek (including clashes with politicians, a decline in theme park admissions, and overspending on streaming).

A rapid increase in Marvel Studios content has led to what many argue is quantity over quality, while Star Wars has become a television franchise instead of a theatrical one.

The Mandalorian, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Andor, for example, have all been hits, but we haven't visited this Galaxy Far, Far Away in theaters since 2019's The Rise of Skywalker. Now, Iger has confirmed plans to "pull back" on MCU and Star Wars content moving forward. 

"Yes," he responded (via SFFGazette.com) when asked if the plan is to cut down what we see from both franchises. "You pull back not just to focus, but also as part of our cost containment initiative. Spending less on what we make, and making less."

We know of at least three Star Wars movies which are in development, but in terms of small screen offerings, nothing has been announced beyond 2024 (in fact, as things stand, The Mandalorian season 4 might be all we get on Disney+ in 2025). As for the MCU, we anticipate a major reduction in streaming titles.

It's hard to say whether this is good or bad news for Star Wars, particularly as Disney clearly wants to also "[spend] less on what we make." Of course, in the midst of the current WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the House of Mouse won't be making anything for the foreseeable future, regardless. 

Check out Iger's comments in the video below. 

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RockBottom - 7/15/2023, 12:02 AM
Yes scale back on the content. It’s too much.
Scarilian - 7/15/2023, 7:51 AM
@RockBottom -
This is just another of the attempts to blame quantity as opposed to quality. They'll scale back by releasing less stuff, because they have to with the failing box office, but they won't improve the quality they'll keep releasing shit and blaming the audience or claiming it's because they released too much.
WarMonkey - 7/15/2023, 7:58 AM
@Scarilian - Exactly. He also mentions how it wasn't a personnel problem and he thinks he just spread them too thin. They have zero chance of producing anything decent You could give this studio crew all the time in the world and they could never produce anything decent, they don't have the talent, skill, or knowledge to.
Usernametaken - 7/15/2023, 12:38 PM
@WarMonkey - The writing first and foremost has been abysmal across the board.
The1st - 7/19/2023, 4:08 PM
@RockBottom - We'll see.
Mrtoke - 7/15/2023, 12:03 AM
Keep the mcu in theaters. At least main avengers. No hulk on d+. Shows should be like they were on Netflix
sully - 7/15/2023, 12:18 AM
@Mrtoke - More movies than shows. I don't want my entire experience watching MCU movies to be confusing as hell just because I chose to skip out on a show that looked like absolute garbage.
Mrtoke - 7/15/2023, 1:23 AM
@sully - that freakin part

This guy named John Campea explained that for phases 1-3, you could watch any movie and not need to know what happened in the previous movies. Now, you need to watch Wandavision to watch Dr. strange 2. Ms. Marvel to watch the marvels. I get it. Get yo bag , Disney. Pay for movies and subscription but not everybody into that or got time for that
AmySabadini - 7/15/2023, 1:55 AM
@Mrtoke -
Mrtoke - 7/15/2023, 2:52 AM
@AmySabadini - I’m guessing you’re saying he looks like the red m&m? Lol
Order66 - 7/15/2023, 4:16 AM
@sully - but if you call yourself an MCU fan, then why are you skipping out on anything? You’re not a true fan then. I don’t get people who skip shit when they know it’s part of a connected universe and probably will be mentioned down the line. Now you just made yourself confused at the movies for no reason when you could have avoided it and watched the show.
CorndogBurglar - 7/15/2023, 5:15 AM
@Order66 - "True fan"

I'm glad you're here to judge everyone and decide who a true fan is.

Do you read comics? If so, do read every comic a company releases? You should, because it's a shared universe, right? And you never know when something might get brought up again, as has been shown thousands of times in comics.

See how silly that sounds?
Origame - 7/15/2023, 5:44 AM
@Mrtoke - yeah. If you take each project as an individual "movie", then the multiverse saga almost has as many movies as the infinity saga. That's ridiculous, since we only just started the second phase.
tylerzero - 7/15/2023, 6:04 AM
@Mrtoke - @AmySabadini -

I find this comparison absolutely offensive….he looks more like the orange one.

AmySabadini - 7/15/2023, 11:57 AM
@tylerzero - But the orange one doesn't look like a dumpy little Canadian flag.
Usernametaken - 7/15/2023, 12:41 PM
@sully - You can have TV shows being influenced by the movies, but you can't do it the other way around.

I guess they were the first to try this, so everything was new, they [frick]ed up.

But more seriously, they should spend more on writing all this.
sully - 7/17/2023, 5:52 PM
@Order66 - What a stupid ignorant comment. You should be embarrassed.
SonOfAGif - 7/15/2023, 12:04 AM
I just hope that this scale back is after the Multiverse Saga ends because it's too much going on to just "scale back" now. It will take away interest. For the "World Eater Saga" they should go back to the Infinity Saga method.
Usernametaken - 7/15/2023, 12:44 PM
@SonOfAGif - what's going on exactly?
Besides "kang is coming and we're all going to stop him" and "oh look a variant" of course.

It's shit, let's move on.

SonOfAGif - 7/15/2023, 1:07 PM
@Usernametaken - The Incursions and the ultimate reboot of the MCU post Secret Wars. We know that's what this is all about. To replace and reboot everything without calling it that. But making it a narrative from a continuity standpoint.
Usernametaken - 7/15/2023, 1:18 PM
@SonOfAGif - It's [frick]ed
SonOfAGif - 7/15/2023, 1:22 PM
@Usernametaken - Bob Chapek messed up the storyline Kevin wanted to tell by forcing him to push out content he really didn't want to push. So it forced Kevin to have to meet the demands of the shareholders with (X) amount of Disney+ shows. So he had to introduce characters in movies to spin them off into a show or push characters into shows he wanted for movies. I said before we are lucky we got Shang Chi as a film because Marvel Studios would have made it a Disney+ series under Chapek.
StSteven - 7/15/2023, 2:01 PM
@SonOfAGif - Yep, exactly. I bet Kevin is SO happy that Iger is back. On top of (likely) having creative control back, he won't have to sleep in his office any more and can actually be there in person for his kids' birthdays and wedding anniversary (despite what Chapek told him, going out to dinner over Zoom just doesn't cut it). Now if he can just remember everyone's names. Where's that Post-It note at?...
Usernametaken - 7/15/2023, 2:44 PM
@SonOfAGif - Hope you're right and things get better.
TheVisionary25 - 7/15/2023, 12:07 AM
I don’t mind less content in the future for Marvel but in terms of SW , I don’t feel we get all that much to begin with personally.

Maybe that might happen once the movies start up again but for now , I’m fine with the quantity we got on that front.

VictorAlonzo - 7/15/2023, 12:13 AM
I don't like these two properties being mentioned in the same breath.

The fact that they're both going downhill by the same erroneous mistakes means the person in power is an absolute idiot.😤😑🤔😳

I believe I've found my next alias...

Usernametaken - 7/15/2023, 12:50 PM
@VictorAlonzo - Everytime I hear her name or see her face :

I thought she was a great producer, but she was just great at working for Spielberg.
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