SHANG-CHI Star Simu Liu Says Sequel Is "Definitely Happening" With Director Destin Daniel Cretton

SHANG-CHI Star Simu Liu Says Sequel Is "Definitely Happening" With Director Destin Daniel Cretton

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star Simu Liu has shared another update on sequel plans, reiterating that the movie is "definitely happening" while expressing his gratitude for Marvel's fans.

By JoshWilding - May 06, 2024 04:05 AM EST
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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings made a solid $432 million when it opened in 2021. While that may look like a disappointing number on paper, the box office was still struggling massively in the closing months of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Regardless, with a 91% Rotten Tomatoes score, it remains one of Marvel Studios' best-reviewed Phase 4 titles and put Simu Liu on the map. Unfortunately, the character has been sidelined ever since and it's now been close to three years since we last saw Shang-Chi on our screens. 

Destin Daniel Cretton is expected to helm a sequel - rumoured to be titled Shang-Chi and the Wreckage of Time - after moving on from Avengers 5. However, he's currently busy working on Disney+'s Wonder Man series, leaving us to wonder just how much of a priority the Shang-Chi follow-up is. 

Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss his new Netflix movie, Atlas, Liu was asked about the sequel and was quick to assure fans it's still happening. 

After jokingly asking the host, "You want me to lose my job, is that it?" Liu added, "This is where I use all the mental gymnastics that I possibly can to answer this question," Liu added.

"I will say this. It's definitely happening, I should probably lead with that," the Barbie star confirmed. "People, whether it's online or in person, ask me every single day and tell me every single day how much they enjoyed the first movie and how much of a moment it was. And I think there's just so much goodwill, and I'm so deeply appreciative of that."

"So please know that if you've ever sent me a message, if you've ever asked about a sequel or just approached or any which way, I really take it to heart, and I really, really appreciate it," Liu continued. "I think I speak for myself and Destin [Daniel Cretton], our returning director, when I say that we're so beyond excited to jump back in."

There was a time when it looked like Shang-Chi 2 would tie into the wider Multiverse Saga by revealing that the Ten Rings are somehow tied to Kang the Conqueror. Whether Marvel Studios will pick up on that dangling plot thread or choose to ignore it remains to be seen. 

We're expecting a Phase 5/Phase 6 update at D23 and/or the San Diego Comic-Con this summer. As things stand, the Shang-Chi sequel doesn't have a release date. 

You can watch the full interview with the actor in the player below.

Is The SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS Sequel Still Happening? Star Simu Liu Shares Update

Is The SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS Sequel Still Happening? Star Simu Liu Shares Update

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ObserverIO - 5/6/2024, 5:00 AM
Definitely definitely?

Maybe I'll wait to see what Kevin Feige says. And even then it will still need confirming by James Gunn on sexy X.
McMurdo - 5/6/2024, 9:20 AM
@ObserverIO - shang chi 2 will need to give out crack cocaine with each ticket to get people interested in a sequel. It's already been too long.
ModHaterSLADE - 5/6/2024, 5:18 AM
Good. Liked the fight choreography for the first one.
cubrn - 5/6/2024, 5:27 AM
@ModHaterSLADE - that bus fight is the GOAT
marvel72 - 5/6/2024, 6:59 AM
@cubrn -


Yes this is.
ModHaterSLADE - 5/6/2024, 12:34 PM
@cubrn - Highlight of the movie for me.
bkmeijer1 - 5/6/2024, 5:26 AM
It'll happen for sure, but I don't see it happening before Secret Wars. July 2027 seems likely I guess. I could even see it be a kind of epilogue to Secret Wars like Far From Home was to Endgame.
Goldboink - 5/6/2024, 9:15 AM
@bkmeijer1 -
Totally a missed opportunity. A fresh character from a different genre with an interesting power set and totally lovable characters and they just put that effer on the shelf. That was the rejuvenation that the MCU needed and they went all Quantumania on us.
bkmeijer1 - 5/6/2024, 10:27 AM
@Goldboink - I don't mind we got Quantumania, but not uniting Shang-Chi with other characters in an Avengers movie at the end of Phase 4 or 5. The tease was right there at the end of Shang-Chi
Goldboink - 5/6/2024, 2:14 PM
@bkmeijer1 -
And they need to replace Iron Man, Cap and other heroes and Ainu’s Shang Chi should be one of them
bkmeijer1 - 5/6/2024, 2:34 PM
@Goldboink - yeah. I was thinking Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and Black Panther after Endgame, but now I would go with Doctor Strange, Shang-Chi and Captain America
Goldboink - 5/6/2024, 2:42 PM
@bkmeijer1 -
Yea, Captain Marvel just not working out, although I generally like her. The thing about the big three is that they represent 3 of the classic comic archetypes. Thor - Born that way, Cap - chemically altered and Iron Man - super with technology. Strange is a magic user, which is cool but Shang Chi is almost in that same wheelhouse. Black Panther was going to be the leader of the next gen Avengers in the MCU but tragedy derailed that plan. Secret Wars will be the last hurrah for the Avengers for a while as X-Men and FF take center stage. Personally I want to see them get back to the smaller movies inhabiting different genres. Not entertained by the strained crossovers and it's just not necessary.
bkmeijer1 - 5/6/2024, 4:41 PM
@Goldboink - hadn't thought of those archetypes, but I guess you do have a point. Think Strange, Shang-Chi and Sam still work though as the magic, rogue-ish and fighter archetypes.

But yeah, they could use smaller movies. Every movie now feels like an Avengers level threat team up movie.
vectorsigma - 5/6/2024, 5:30 AM
Bring in The Daniels, they worked with the stunt coordinators of both Shang Chi and EEAAO superbly.

I am looking forward to their Acolyte episode and I hope they handle a big Marvel or Star Wars project in the future.
cubrn - 5/6/2024, 6:06 AM
@vectorsigma - the Daniels did an Acolyte episode?
vectorsigma - 5/6/2024, 6:33 AM
@cubrn - it was reported a few months back
Antitrollpatrol - 5/6/2024, 8:18 AM
@vectorsigma - I'm pretty sure it's skeleton crew they did.
vectorsigma - 5/6/2024, 9:09 AM
@Antitrollpatrol - oh my bad. Tnx
Mrtoke - 5/6/2024, 5:34 AM
In the past, we would've found out where that beacon was coming from in the mid credits scene by 2022. Taking too damn long with it. And still need to figure out how the hidden world works. Maybe with Strange and Wong figuring it out.

Damn it, Feige.. hurry tf up.
Apophis71 - 5/6/2024, 9:26 AM
@Mrtoke - In phase one maybe when there was only a few solo franchises but even then it was a two year gap minimum between sequels. GotG had to wait three years for part two then another six years for part three, Dr Strange was a similar six year wait for his second film. Antman was three years and then five. Even Thor had to wait four years after Dark World to Ragnarok then five for Love and Thunder with both Black Panther and Captain Marvels direct sequel being a four year gap...

TLDR Three years has been the minimum between sequels since phase two, normal has been more like five years since phase three in the main, sometimes longer.

The problem is more down to no end of phase Avengers movies thus far, not delays in sequels to solo films and no reason why they would do an end credit for a solo franchise sequel in a different characters solo film (only if it was in or a plot point for an Avengers one). That isn't to down play that having so many characters on the chess board these days and a stretch with so many projects a year due to also having D+ hasn't made it seem longer and more drawn out to get to planned destination points in the connected universe and a perception at least of less connectivity between sub-franchises.
Mrtoke - 5/6/2024, 10:04 AM
@Apophis71 - my problem is not the time for the sequel to come- it's the pay off for the mid or end credit scene. It didn't always come to the sequel. That was nexus point to the next one or two movies.
Timerider - 5/6/2024, 5:38 AM
I think it’s a summer 2026 release date for Shang-Chi 2.
LSHF - 5/6/2024, 6:01 AM
That's a long wait for a sequel.
Apophis71 - 5/6/2024, 9:38 AM
@LSHF - Not since phase three it isn't with the MCU as the average for them has been five years for them so we're likely getting his next film in 26'.

The gap from prior for the sequels post Endgame has been...
Cpt Marvel four year gap
GotG six year gap from 2 to 3
Antman five year gap 2nd to 3rd
Black Panther four year gap
Thor five year gap 3rd to 4th
Dr Strange six year gap

Spider-Man WAS the exception with two year gaps in phase 3&4 but likely to be a five year gap for his fourth solo and when we get CptA:BnW it will have been nine years after CptA:CW
tylerzero - 5/6/2024, 6:26 AM
Please, PLEASE keep it grounded. The first two-thirds were...

User Comment Image

The (typical Marvel) third act, though...

User Comment Image
TheVisionary25 - 5/6/2024, 9:03 AM
@tylerzero - I enjoyed the third act but it probably was the least interesting part of the film.
marvel72 - 5/6/2024, 7:01 AM
Not going to happen, concentrate on bringing Fantastic Four and The X-Men to the big screen.

Shang-Chi isn't worth worrying about for now.
Scarilian - 5/6/2024, 7:47 AM
Hopefully doesn't happen, not sure Disney can deal with more box office flops/bombs.
TheVisionary25 - 5/6/2024, 9:02 AM
Apparently there are a few untitled movies set for release still in Phase 6 so I would be surprised if we get Shang Chi 2 in 2026/27…

Anyway , I hope it happens as soon as possible because I liked the first one a lot (it remains one of my favorite post EG projects).

User Comment Image
mountainman - 5/6/2024, 10:00 AM
If they do a sequel, let’s replace Katy with Danny Rand please. And no giant CGI army battle 3rd act. Just martial arts and a good story. Thank you.
WarMonkey - 5/6/2024, 10:07 AM
Dude got beat by his little sister who trained herself. I lost interest in the character after that. Why not just have his sister beat his ass again and she can take over. He can go put some ice on his balls after she kicks him there again, and have him go back to hanging out with water bottle girl in Cali. Then they could play with his new bracelets off-screen.
campblood - 5/6/2024, 11:16 AM
I just hope they go big with the magic stuff
Matchesz - 5/6/2024, 11:26 AM
Why didnt they just do a Shang Chi disney+ show with Iron Fist. Swear the creatives there got no clue at all. We’re lucky to be getting Hugh back
Alucard28 - 5/6/2024, 12:14 PM
I didn't liked this movie much and the characters aren't that interesting tbh. Not really interested in a sequel.
Slotherin - 5/6/2024, 1:47 PM
The most interesting part of the first film died unfortunately.
Hopefully they're wise and pair him with someone like Iron Fist.
I do think he'd probably be best in a show

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