EDITORIAL: The SILVER SURFER deserves to come back on screen!

Next to Spider-Man, the Silver Surfer is my favorite of all comic book characters. I really would love to see him return to the big screen, just because he's such a unique character in my opinion.

Reading all the new scoops on the "Guardians of the Galaxy" makes me appreciate all the crazy cool aspects of Marvel's cosmic entities in it's fictional universe. While I am excited for James Gunn's space epic, when I hear about Gamora, Drax, and Thanos of course, all my mind sets itself on is the Silver Surfer. Now for about the past week, I have been on YouTube catching up on the animated show from the late 90's. I have to say it's such an awesome cartoon. I did watch it as a kid, but if you've seen the show you know most children wouldn't be able to comprehend everything that happens due to the complex vocabulary from the titular character. That, or I was just an stupid kid. But seriously, he speaks so philosophically; I wish I could mimic that and maybe I'd have a better grade in my English class.


Anyways, allow me to get back on subject. He was a man of peace and nobility, and not to be all emotional about it, but he was a loving man as well. That can arguably be his most important quality, as it drove him to sacrifice everything he knew and cared for in order to spare his home world of Zenn-La. As the herald of the Devourer of World's, he did a lot of dirty work, but redeemed himself when he re-found his humanity with the help of the Fantastic Four.

Besides all of his admirable qualities, physically I think he is one if the coolest looking heroes to ever be put on paper. I know I sound like I have an obsession with him, but for someone who doesn't have an alternate identity, suit of armor or costume for that matter, he makes a great impression on me to just look the same and still looks bad ass. And just to clarify, when I say alternate identity, I just mean he doesn't switch back and forth between being a civilian and a hero. He was Norin Radd and I'd say he acknowledges his past life, but is aware there isn't a possibility for go back to his old life. Although maybe he can reverse time and makes things normal again? I honestly don't know if his powers would let him go to that extent, but who knows.

As far as him on the big screen, I must say I wasn't disappointed with him, nor was I very impressed. Not to be redundant, but he was in "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer." I will say that film is better than it's predecessor, but is not a good film in general. I actually think Dr. Doom was the poorest incarnation of any character in this franchise; he really had the simplest dialogue with the shittiest villainous plot. With that being said, it is very cool to me that the Silver Surfer was in a movie and he wasn't completely terrible like what happened with Galactus. Of course there was a lot of special effects that were used to bring him to life. But between his face, lean chrome figure, and especially the helping hand of Laurence Fishburne's voice, he wasn't all that bad on screen. However, I thought he looks even cooler in the scenes after he is separated from his board. This is my favorite screen shot of him, right after he revives Sue of her injury. The other uploaded pictures are just my personal favorites, some of which just remind me of Jack Kirby's drawings.

The make-up and prosthetics really pulled it off for me and that allows you to look at him without such an intense shine, but just a decently reflective skin type. I'm not saying he was exactly what we all wanted him to be, but I don't think it was bad for Marvel's first attempt. I don't care if it was Fox, Disney, or Sony, I think whoever did him first would've been tackling him in a similar manner. It'd be very difficult in general to introduce a cosmic character, and give the audience the believability that it needs. Of course, there are those heroes and villains that have all these amazing gifts and pull it off well on screen, but those stories take place on Earth usually. I mean "Guardians of the Galaxy" is a risk for Marvel, right? Of course if that movie does well, there's no reason why the Silver Surfer can't make a return to the big screen with his own story to tell.

This last scene also pleases me with just the way he looks, and leaves speculation for another movie although it's pretty obvious they won't continue from this timeline.

To wrap things up, I don't know who currently owns the rights to him and I honestly don't care. I just want to see this guy back on the big screen only, and show the fans the awesomeness of The Power Cosmic. I love this site and god bless to everyone. Peace out!

ANCHORMAN Director Adam McKay Says I Haven't Lost Interest In Helming SILVER SURFER For Marvel Studios

ANCHORMAN Director Adam McKay Says "I Haven't Lost Interest In" Helming SILVER SURFER For Marvel Studios

AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Actor Hopes To Play The SILVER SURFER In The Marvel Cinematic Universe
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ANCHORMAN Director Adam McKay Says I Haven't Lost Interest In Helming SILVER SURFER For Marvel Studios
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