OAU SILVER SURFER: What Could Have Been

So, little over a year ago, the first issue of the CBM OAU's Silver Surfer series hit the site. Issue two is coming, but I figured I'd just tell you where it was all heading. Hit the jump to check it out, if you fancy it.

As I mentioned in the teaser, it's been just over a year since the first issue of mine and Doopie's Silver Surfer OAU tie-in hit the Fan-Fic section of CBM. Since then, I've planned out a few of the plotlines I wanted to do in the future, and Doopie's been working tirelessly on several different projects, all of which are freaking awesome. Sadly, the OAU just never managed to take off, due primarily to a lack of artists. So, I figured I'd go ahead and share all the things I had planned for the series, much like kinghulk did recently and his ideas sounded awesome. Without further ado, let's begin! I advise you read the first issue to get a rough idea of the basis of everything.

You can read the first issue here!

So, after Surfer meets Uatu the Watcher, he learns that there are great powers in the universe and that a gargantuan threat looms on the horizon, though it is clouded from Uatu's vision. Uatu believes that this threat could potentially lead to the end of the universe as we know it. Being a man who has watched over countless planets and peoples, Uatu sends Surfer to the homeworld of the Nova Corps, Xandar, to seek out Rhomann Dey, Nova Prime. He teleports Surfer there, leaving him disorientated with more questions than answers. Just as Surfer arrives, a Shi'ar fleet comes out of hyperspace and fighters rain down on Xandar. Bravely, Surfer swoops down to the planet to see what's going on. Upon arrival, he sees Shi'ar forces doggedly attacking Nova Corps bases.

Without hesitation, Surfer sets about finding Rhomann Dey and ensuring he's safe. On the way, he encounters Shi'ar troops but before they can take a pot at him, Nova Corps Centurion Zan Philo takes them down. He leads Surfer to  Nova HQ where Rhomann is trying in vain to hold up Xandar's defences. Before long, Surfer lets slip that Uatu sent him. Rhomann orders an evacuation of Xandar and he, Surfer and Philo head for a ship of their own. Once on board, they head for the headquarters of the Galactic council which sits on an asteroid in the far flung reaches of space. On the council are a Kree, a Skrull, a Badoon, a Korbinite and a Sakaaran, plus one empty seat. The empty seat formerly belonged to D'Ken, the Shi'ar Emperor. Rhomann informs the council of what the Shi'ar have just done to Xandar. They remain unphased. When Surfer steps in and offers his musings on their inaction, they still refuse to intervene. So, Surfer, Rhomann and Philo leave the council. Once they've gone, the council discuss the Surfer. They believe he may be a credible threat to them in the future and all but the Korbinite vote to detain him. To do so, they decide to call in Tanaleer Tivan, a bounty hunter dubbed the Collector.

Surfer, Rhomann and Philo then decide to seek help elsewhere. Rhomann and Philo go to try and find Lillandra, the leader of the Shi'ar resistance and sister of D'Ken. Surfer goes off to ask for help from other planetary champions like himself. And so, he begins a new quest.


While searching, he meets with Terrax of Terraxia, the most powerful of all the Champions bar one other. Terrax, though a tyrant who abused his position as his planet's champion to be their ruler, would prove a powerful ally in the fight against D'Ken. Surfer scolds him for what he's done, dominating all of his people and wreaking havoc across his planet.  Terrax hasn't a care for what Surfer has to say. After Surfer has left, Mephisto appears to Terrax and asks him if he has come to a decision about his offer.

Finally, Surfer goes to speak with Fire Lord, the oldest and most powerful of all the planetary champions. Despite Surfer's noble intentions and heroic outlook, Fire Lord refuses his request. He then expresses his disdain for what Silver Surfer has done, abandoning his homeworld and leaving it completely defenceless, unbeknownst to his people. Surfer leaves Fire Lord and ponders on what he should do now. Once he's gone, Mephisto appears to Fire Lord and asks him the same question he asked Terrax. Fire Lord tells him to go away. Surfer seeks tranquility in an asteroid field. While there, he has an unexpected visitor. Lillandra's second-in-command, Gladiator, has tracked him down with news from Rhomann Dey. They're co-ordinating an attack to reclaim Xandar and put an end to D'Ken's tyranny in one fell swoop. 

Mephisto brings Terrax to his employer. We do not see who it is, but a massive hand lifts Terrax from the ground and grants him with immense power.

Surfer goes with Gladiator to the homeworld of the Shi'ar. The cities have been levelled and only forests remain. The pair avoid drones and land in a clearing in the forest. The ground opens up beneath them and they descend into the base of the Shi'ar resistance. They meet up with Lillandra who informs Surfer of the situation. Rhomann and Philo have been in touch with her. They have gathered up what remains of the Nova Corps and returned to Xandar, hiding amongst the rubble of the cities in wait of reinforcements from the Shi'ar.

Meanwhile, the council's bounty hunter finally arrives. Tanaleer Tivan appears before the galactic council and asks for what purpose he's been called before them. While they're briefing him, he interrupts them abruptly by throwing a small needle at something. It turns out he threw the needle at a Golden Spartax Beetle, one fo the rarest insects in the galaxy. After admiring it, he allows the council to continue. When the Korbinite shows her disagreement with hiring him, he threatens to kill her. The council ask Tivan to take Surfer to Quadrant 4-63, which he refers to as a "drok hole".

After that, the Shi'ar rebels mount up and make for Xandar. While preparing, Surfer thinks on an encounter he had during his travels to find the other champions. He remembers fighting an Admiral on board a Shi'ar warship, one with a great reputation. The Admiral reveals that a Shi'ar ship once tried to invade Xandar hundreds of years ago. Surfer leaves the Admiral to die aboard his ship, at his request. Surfer leaves the ship and it simply explodes after the Admiral sets off the self-destruct.


Once at Xandar, they launch an aerial assault and summon the Nova Corps to come to arms. A fierce battle follows spanning space and ground. Surfer meets up with Rhomann and Zan and they converge on Nova Tower as they try to access the Xandarian Worldmind and take back their planet. Lillandra and Gladiator lead the fight to take back as many defence stations as possible. When Surfer and the other two reach the top of Nova Tower they find the skinned and scorched corpse of a Nova Centurion. While Rhomann and Zan vomit in the corridor, Surfer inspects the scene and sees a small piece of red fabric on a splinter of metal on the ground. He recognises it immediately as a piece of Mephisto's cape that has been torn off and realises that Mephisto had been there. The group reactivate the Worldmind and take Xandar back from the Shi'ar forces. Next, the revitalised Corps and the rebel Shi'ar set their sights on D'Ken's flagship.

We then see Terrax teleporting onto a bustling and decrepid street. He announces that he reckons nobody will miss anyone in Quadrant 4-63 and immediately sets about murdering everyone.

We then see the rebels and the Nova Corps attack D'Ken's fleet. Surfer reflects on his actions and takes pride in what he's done thus far. The fleet of rebels and Nova Corps teleport to the location of D'Ken's flagship. Surfer realises once they arrive that D'Ken and his fleet are on course to attack Zenn-La. Enfuriated, Surfer launches a one-man attack on D'Ken's ship. He meets an obstacle in the form of a cluster of fighters. Surrounded, he tries to figure out how to escape, only to find himself rescued by Fire Lord. The two stand back to back and Fire Lord quickly relays an apology to Surfer. They then commence the fight. Fire Lord holds off the fighters while Surfer makes a break for D'Ken's flagship. He remebers his encounter with the Admiral and how he had to use a Shi'ar cannon to breach the ship's hull. He tears the cannon from a fighter and uses it to crack open the shell of D'Ken's ship. Rhomann goes after him, worried he might do something stupid and compromise the mission. Surfer interrogates a crew member, asking him where the power source is. The crew member tells him that there's red piping that runs along the ceiling of ever corridor of the ship. If he follows it westward, he'll reach the ship's power source. Rhomann catches up to him then and the two make their way through the ship and come to the doorway that leads into the containment room of the ship's power source.

Meanwhile, D'Ken is trying to rally his troops properly but to no avail. They've been caught too offguard and are being overwhelmed by the Nova Corps and rebel forces. He decides to head to the centre of the ship and take in the power of the ship's power source, the M'Kraan crystal.

Surfer notices that as he and Rhomann stand outside the containment room, his board vibrates slightly. They enter and the board begins to vibrate even more. The M'Kraan crystal stands before them and behind it, descending from a staircase, is D'Ken. He monologues for a while then absorbs energy from the M'Kraan crystal. He sets about dispatching Surfer and Rhomann and an epic battle ensues. In the heat of the moment, D'Ken hoists Surfer up against a wall and brags about what he's going to do to Zenn-La. At this point, Rhomann has been beaten and is struggling to get up from the floor. Once finished bragging, D'Ken tosses Surfer at the M'Kraan crystal, expecting him to be destroyed. He remains unscathed. Instead, he absorbs massive amounts of energy from the crystal and gains cosmic awareness. He realises that the M'Kraan crystal is what is responsible for the board of the Silver Surfer having its special qualities. The M'Kraan crystal had been damaged when the Shi'ar had previously tried to invade Zenn-La and had irradiated a chunk of metal that fell to the planet's surface. He lays into D'Ken but spares him.

Surfer and Rhomann bring D'Ken back to the bridge and let Lilandra decide his fate. Before she executes him, he laughs maniacally and proudly announces that they're all going to burn. Lilandra then shoots him in the head. They shrug off what he said and set about putting things back in order. His work done, Surfer sets off into the cosmos. He and Fire Lord agree to defend the whole galaxy and not restrict themselves to a singular planet. Rhomann begins to reconstruct the Corps and Lilandra goes on to establish a new government for the Shi'ar.

Meanwhile, Mephisto is reporting back to his employer. He informs him that D'Ken has failed. The M'Kraan crystal was to be used to recreate the universe in which his employer once lived. We see his employer standing before a fluid image of a city. He turns and says that "This universe shall soon meet its end and I shall be its herald". He turns to face us and we reveal the gargantuan form of Galactus with electricity burning at his fingertips. He's wearing blue & silver armour and sporting a more pronged version of his classic headgear.

And that's the end of the first arc and the first six issues. After that, I wanted to do a little bridging story where Surfer enounters the Collector and the two of them end up in Quadrant 4-63. Collector wouldn't anticipate Surfer's new powers and so ends up with more than he bargained for. The pair would end up stranded on the same planet that Terrax is causing havoc on. The two of them put aside their quarrels and decide to try and take Terrax down together. They manage it and end up discovering that Terrax had made a deal with Mephisto that would grant him immense power. Terrax then escapes their clutches and heads back into space. Collector, using his tracking expertise helps Surfer to follow Terrax.

That would take place over the course of two issues.


After that, I'd begin another six issue arc. This arc would first folllow Surfer and Collector as they pursued Terrax before they found him consorting with Mephisto. After that, they'd set about finding out who had employed Mephisto and for what purpose. For this, Surfer seeks the aid of Uatu. When he and Uatu meet up to discuss the matters at hand, Uatu reveals that he's beginning to lose his memory. He's noticing blank spots between his many years of life. He then remarks on Surfer's cosmic awareness, asking him if he can feel this disturbance too. Surfer can't and Uatu realises that it must be because Surfer has not lived as long as he has. Uatu suspects that time is vanishing at random intervals in both the past and future. That is why he is unable to see what is threatening the universe and why his memory is fragmented. He begins to worry that the universe truly is coming to an end and that it maybe eating away at itself. He goes off on his own quest to try and discover the source of this issue.

Surfer and Collector then regroup. Collector has tracked Mephisto to the Shi'ar homeworld. Surfer begins to suspect that Mephisto may be after the M'Kraan crystal, remembering D'Ken's last words. He remembers that Mephisto had been on Xandar. He then has no doubt that Mephisto and D'Ken were working together. So, they set off for the Shi'ar homeworld, hoping to find answers. Once there, they find the cities under reconstruction and the streets bustling with people. Surfer is happy to see that Lilandra has brought normality and peace back to the Shi'ar empire. Collector leads Surfer to a shipyard where D'Ken's flagship is being deconstructed piece by piece. When they arrive, nobody is working on the ship. Suspicious, they proceed with caution and soon enough they discover Terrax and Mephisto at the ship's core. Mephisto is trying to open a portal through which to send the almost drained M'Kraan crystal. Surfer and Collector intervene. Terrax fends them both off and Mephisto escapes with the crystal. The pair then interrogate Terrax further and Surfer comes close to killing him. Collector restrains him before he deals the killing blow. Terrax, beaten and confused, lets slip that Mephisto is working for Galactus. He tells them that he knows nothing of their grand plan. After that, the pair head back into space, having lost Mephisto's trail.

Surfer goes back to Uatu and asks him if he knows anything of the name Galactus. Uatu recounts a tale of a time when he was quite young. He struggles to remember but he can say that Galactus once went from planet to planet until he had established energy absorption devices on every world in an entire galaxy. Using the energy, he attemtpted to bring the universe he once lived in back into being using a temporal rift in time. He failed, having nowhere near enough energy to achieve his goal. Surfer realises that that is what he needed the M'Kraan crystal for. The crystal provides an infinite amount of energy and also a ocal point from which to generate the new universe. A second big bang within the universe that would expand into the universe itself. Uatu then realises that Galactus has likely searched for the best possible time to make his move, hence his faltering memory. Galactus has been jumping through past, present and future looking for the perfect time to create this new universe, a time where the most possible energy can be provided for this second big bang. Neither of them know what could possibly be occurring in the present that could provide so much power. The M'Kraan crystal is virtually empty after Surfer's encounter with it. Then, all of a sudden, Surfer vanishes.

When he reappears, he is in Galactus's lair, and standing before him are Mephisto and Terrax. Behind them stands Galactus. Beyond him is the temporal rift in which the city can be seen through the fluid pane. Galactus reveals that he needs the Surfer to power this reacion. Surfer cannot understand why. Mephisto then explains that a universe requires more than just typical energy to exist. There are other components. He makes mention of singulairities that make up the universe and that they needed a source from which to drain all of these singularities. Surfer possesses three of those components. A soul, a mind and mass amounts of power. Mephisto originally only needed him for his soul. They needed a mind and so Mephisto tried to take the Xandarian Worldmind, a mass collection of countless minds. Galactus himself would be the source for the new fabric of reality, the ne flow of time and the expanses of space. However, he would use the M'Kraan crystal to ensure he wasn't killed in the process. A luxury the Surfer wouldn't have.

Surfer tries to convince Terrax to turn on Galactus, but to no avail. Terrax is power-mad and is fully convinced he'll survive this recreation. Galactus begins the process by linking himself and the M'Kraan crystal. He then straps Surfer into a power draining device and hooks him up to the temporal rift. After that, he does the same to himself. Mephisto and Terrax look on as energy begins to surge forth from the temporal rift. Then, without warning, Collector, Gladiator and Fire Lord arrive, accompanied by Uatu. Collector was able to track Surfer's M'Kraan energy and the trio immediately leap into action, freeing Surfer and engaging in battle with Mephisto and Terrax. Uatu faces off against Galactus. They back and forth about the consequences of what Galactus is doing and other such philosophical stuff before Surfer engages Galactus in battle, punching him and sending him drifting out into space. Surfer and Galactus then brawl while floating in space, trading blows. Surfer begins to glow brighter and brighter with each time he strikes Galactus. He becomes more and more powerful as the fight progresses. Back in the lair. Uatu disables the temporal rift and Collector assures the group that he will keep the M'Kraan crystal out of harm's way. Fire Lord will take Terrax back to Terraxia where he will pay for his crimes. In the confusion, Mephisto escapes. Surfer and Galactus fight to a stalemate. Galactus escapes too, to fight another day. Surfer realises that he is far more powerful than he ever believed. He and Uatu come to a conclusion that Surfer needs to be kept under a watchful eye. Surfer begs that Uatu stay watching over Zenn-La. And so, they have another idea.


Surfer, Gladiator, Collector, Zan Philo and Fire Lord form a team to make sure that the Surfer doesn't go overboard with his powers. Reminiscent of their titles as their planet's champions, they dub themselves The New Champions. I wanted to create a team I could put my own stamp on rather than rehash something that already existed in Marvel. I had a lot of ideas for the team's first arc and the main idea I had was that they end up looking further into what Mephisto said about singularities. Along the way they were going to uncover evidence that the singularities in the universe had already been concentrated into weapons. Basically, I wanted to do a new sort of Infinity saga.

So yeah, that's essentially where I was hoping to take my CBM OAU Silver Surfer series. Do you like the sound of it? Obviously there are technical and sciencey aspects I'd need to delve into more, but I hope you got the jist of things. Let me know what you thought in the comments section below.

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NEMESIS: Mark Millar Finally Reveals Plans For Comic Book Sequel Alongside BATMAN Artist Jorge Jiménez

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