SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Costume Descriptions For Two Spider-Man Variants And Green Goblin Revealed

We know Spider-Man: No Way Home's villains will be overhauled to some extent, and we now have intriguing details on the Green Goblin and even the two Spider-Man Variants rumored to appear in the film!

Spider-Man: No Way Home is fast approaching, and we're hoping Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures plan to start revealing more from the film over the next six weeks or so. 

We don't want all the surprises spoiled, but with rumors endlessly circulating about the threequel, it would be nice to finally see the Spider-Men supposedly appearing (not to mention more than just Doctor Octopus). Well, some photos shared with moderators on Reddit have now revealed behind-the-scenes looks at three key costumes from the film. 

These have been seen and verified by moderators, and while the images have not been posted yet, we do have some relatively detailed descriptions of the two returning Spider-Men and Green Goblin.

There's nothing too spoilery here, but we do have some very interesting new pieces of intel to share...

Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) 


The original big screen Spider-Man, there's been a lot of intrigue surrounding what Tobey Maguire's potentially older Peter Parker might look like nearly fifteen years after we last saw him. 

Is he even still Spider-Man? Will Marvel Studios use that patented de-ageing technology to give us the Peter we last saw in 2007's Spider-Man 3? Only time will tell, but it's said that his costume is essentially the same as it was in Sam Raimi's original trilogy. It was only shown hanging up alongside other suits, but the colors do appear to be a little more vibrant.

It's been suggested that this is a result of lighting, but the costume did slowly get brighter across the course of the three films and this slight hue change could better help it stand out in the MCU. 

Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield)


The Amazing Spider-Man films divided opinions, but if there was one thing everyone could agree on, it was how perfect the sequel's Spidey suit was. 

You'll no doubt be pleased to hear that Andrew Garfield will be wearing a costume that's described as "basically the same" as the one in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Interestingly, it reportedly matches what the actor could be seen wearing in the leaked behind the scenes footage from the film that appears to be real despite claims to the contrary. 

It makes sense to keep the two Spider-Men looking as we remember, as Marvel Studios will want to drive home the fact that they're finally bringing these two into the MCU (rather than redesigning them).

Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe)


Green Goblin's costume in 2002's Spider-Man isn't what comic book fans necessarily wanted, but it worked at the time, and there's no denying it has become iconic...to some extent. 

We're getting the Sam Raimi-designed suit in Spider-Man: No Way Home, though it's said to be "damaged and patchy" (which makes sense if rumors that these villains were pulled from their realities at the moment they were supposed to die at Spidey's hands prove to be accurate). Adjustments have been made, including a tan-colored shoulder strap and belt like the one from the comics. 

There are some other additions like gold and purple accessories, including a cloth wrapped around his arms. The costume is still fully green, though we do see some of the exoskeleton on the damaged parts. No mask was shown, but Norman could be seen in black goggles. Rest assured, though, previous leaks have pointed to a purple scarf and hood, so the helmet should return.

h/t Reddit

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