SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Star Willem Dafoe Reveals Who He's Playing In BEETLEJUICE 2

SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Star Willem Dafoe Reveals Who He's Playing In BEETLEJUICE 2

SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Concept Art Gives Peter Parker Literal Underoos
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SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Concept Art Gives Peter Parker Literal "Underoos"

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ReverseFlasher - 11/20/2023, 1:40 PM
Played the last several levels in this costume… looked great in game.
Doom17 - 11/20/2023, 1:43 PM
That's clearly just a lighting glare on the emblem of the concept art and not gold. Even your screengrab from the movie makes that clear. I don't think this is really an article based on that.
VISIONaryNPa2 - 11/20/2023, 4:25 PM
@Doom17 - Josh will pull anything from his butttocks.
BlackSpider - 11/20/2023, 2:07 PM
Lighting, people debunked this days ago.

Got literlly 3 episodes of invincble to talk about, or Gen V, or anything.
Origame - 11/20/2023, 2:51 PM
@BlackSpider - I was gonna say, made no sense for a gold emblem when the point of the suit is its based on the maguire and garfield suits.
BlackSpider - 11/20/2023, 2:59 PM
@Origame - Gold would have ruined an amazing suit, possibly the best suit. I could believe it being in concept art, cause mcu does put needless detail on things, but the final definitly is black.
Origame - 11/20/2023, 3:07 PM
@BlackSpider - I'm not even that against it. I just think it'd be weird when it's supposed to be based on suits that never had a gold logo.
VISIONaryNPa2 - 11/20/2023, 4:25 PM
@BlackSpider - Josh doesn't daf
Taonrey - 11/20/2023, 5:49 PM
@BlackSpider - we don’t talk aboat non good mcu tv on this site. It’s either bad box offices or bad mcu/dc projects
ninerstreet - 11/20/2023, 2:08 PM
It’s black. That’s just glare on the logo. I mean cmon.
WhatIfRickJames - 11/20/2023, 2:08 PM
Blue and black or gold and white?
Origame - 11/20/2023, 2:54 PM
@WhatIfRickJames - ?si=oHeZfDje8wNQCUMZ
ClintThaHamster - 11/20/2023, 3:18 PM
@WhatIfRickJames - Brainstorm, or Green Needle?
Nomis929 - 11/20/2023, 2:09 PM
WhatIfRickJames - 11/20/2023, 2:11 PM
Also, where pray tell does it say that the symbol was gold?
TheVandalore - 11/20/2023, 2:12 PM
I didn't know this was a thing.
HashTagSwagg - 11/20/2023, 2:12 PM
Probably the laziest article so far.
SheepishOne - 11/20/2023, 2:13 PM
I don't think it's a gold spider. Some of the other suits in the Spider-Man 2 game have the appearance of a "golden" spider on the chest in the right lighting. It's just a reflection of light.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 11/20/2023, 2:16 PM
That's like me standing in a darkroom and saying my skin is red.
WhatIfRickJames - 11/20/2023, 2:16 PM
Also, you using the word "controversial" is controversial in and of itself. No one is screaming about the gold logo controversy.
TheRationalNerd - 11/20/2023, 2:17 PM
Amazing costume! Can't wait to see more live action with it.
Th3Batman - 11/20/2023, 2:21 PM
The Raimi trilogy's suit puts everything else to shame.
Drace24 - 11/20/2023, 3:38 PM
@Th3Batman - There wasn't one Raimi trilogy suit.
Th3Batman - 11/20/2023, 3:43 PM
@Drace24 - There were small changes made in each movie, but generally speaking, it was the same suit in all 3. The basic concept remained the same.
Drace24 - 11/20/2023, 4:20 PM
@Th3Batman - Okay, but by that logic, aren't all Spider-Man suits kinda the same?
Th3Batman - 11/20/2023, 4:44 PM
@Drace24 - There are major changes from one spider-man series to another, while slight alterations from one raimi movie to the next.
Drace24 - 11/21/2023, 1:31 PM
@Th3Batman - If you say so.
IShitYourPants - 11/20/2023, 2:26 PM
Top tier journalism. Bravo 👏

AlexCorvis - 11/20/2023, 2:36 PM
The slightest bit of research would tell you this is a lighting thing, and not an actual gold spider.

I can tell that from the image, and I haven't even played Spidey 2 yet.

I just remembered you blocked me for pointing things out like this in the past, Josh.


1. This is on me for assuming this was going to be informative.

2. This entire post is a waste of time.
bkmeijer1 - 11/20/2023, 2:40 PM
I kinda do like the gold glow to be honest, and wouldn't mind seeing it in the movie either.

But it being based on concept art? The movie was probably far past done when they went into the design phase for the suits with this game. Think he'd have had the final design.
MyCoolYoung - 11/20/2023, 2:45 PM
The MCU spidey eyes looks the best playing the game
OptimusCrime - 11/20/2023, 2:49 PM
Best suit on the big screen..

Although i played the whole game with the story suits.
ModHaterSLADE - 11/20/2023, 3:04 PM
Damn good looking suit. Would love at least two films focused on the Parker's college years.
BB8ANG - 11/20/2023, 3:06 PM
Black doesn't turn gold when reflecting light... The symbol is gold or a dark bronze (and so are the webs on the suit), and I've been saying that since day 1! HAHA
PC04 - 11/20/2023, 3:08 PM
dumb dumb dumb article
DTor91 - 11/20/2023, 3:12 PM
You really made an article on stupidly misinformed viral Twitter news?

Jesus, Josh.
Waifuslayer - 11/20/2023, 3:13 PM
CyberBishop - 11/20/2023, 3:21 PM
Freaking hack.
JFerguson - 11/20/2023, 3:30 PM
Suit looks good either way.

Now just hoping for more from spidey’s supporting cast! The Raimi trilogy excelled at giving the supporting cast and even random New Yorkers things to do
Drace24 - 11/20/2023, 3:37 PM
I don't have a problem with it perse, but I will say it's contradictory to Peter Parker being at his lowest (and poorest) point. I like the suit because it looks selfmade. Literal gold plating ruins that.
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