Let's Break Down The SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer With These Awesome Gifs

You've probably watched the officially released Suicide Squad trailer an unhealthy amount of times already, but with the aid of some gifs we're going to break down the action, speculate about the plot, and see if we can figure out what's going on with the characters...

Amanda Waller clearly loves a good steak.. and she seems to relish informing her colleagues of her plan as much she does cutting into that meat. Based on what "The Wall" says about her means of controlling Task Force X, it's safe to assume she'll be every bit as ruthless as she is in the comics.

Our first glimpse of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, finding unique ways to pass the time in her cell.

Jay Hernandez as Chato Santana, AKA El Diablo. In the comics this dude has the power of Pyrokinesis, and it looks like the movie is following suit - unless he just really likes the taste of his lighter.

Cara Delevingne's Enchantress is not looking very happy with bathtime here. Notice the pentagram over her head? Is it possible her newly acquired powers have her believing she's possessed? In the comics she does find out that she's been fused with an evil entity from another dimension.

Waylon Jones, AKA Killer Croc looking about ready to bite someone's head off. This was the character most fans felt looked the silliest in that first official image, but now that you've seen Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje bring him to life in live-action (however briefly), has your opinion changed at all?

More Harey Quinn, who without question gets all the best shots in this trailer. From what we can gather, it appears Harleen was sane before the Joker got his hands on her and the result is the deranged hottie we see in the following 3 gifs.

Brief shots of some strangely outfitted crims, evidently taking down some kind of score. Notice the Batman mask? The general consensus seems to be that must be the Joker and his men.

A look at most of the Squad together, Katanna (Karen Fukuhara) leading the pack. An earlier shot of this character hinted that she may be contemplating (or committing?) Seppuku - can we expect some suicidal tendencies from this deadly lady?

And here is the money shot: Jared Leto as the Joker. He's clearly about to torture someone here, and an earlier shot definitely suggests that it could be Harley. Electro-shock treatment could certainly result in her going a bit doolally anyway.

Directed by David Ayer from his script, Suicide Squad stars Will Smith (Deadshot), Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag), Jared Leto (the Joker), Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Jai Courtney (Boomerang), Viola Davis (Amanda Waller), Cara Delevingne (Enchantress), Jessie Eisenberg (Lex Luthor), and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Killer Croc), with Raymond Olubawale (King Shark), Jay Hernandez, Ike Barinholtz, Jim Parrack, Adam Beach, and Scott Eastwood. The film releases on August 5, 2016!
#ReleaseTheAyerCut: 10 Things To Know About David Ayer's SUICIDE SQUAD From Leaked Script Pages

#ReleaseTheAyerCut: 10 Things To Know About David Ayer's SUICIDE SQUAD From Leaked Script Pages

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