Jman & Johnny Love Movie Review: The Losers

Did this merry band of CIA misfits please movie going audiences? No it didn't! Obviously by the weekend tally. Plus: Based on this performance is Chris Evens right for the Captain America role? Also a special shout out to the herald of Galactus: Brent Sprecher!!

Well, since it is Monday morning and not Friday night (Computer issues all weekend, that's why this is just getting posted today, but we shot this review Friday night) I might as well post the weekend tally. Another dismal theater turnout, but this week I don't blame the movie going audience. People don't go see movies that suck, or even sound like they suck. $45, $50 is a lot of money to waste on a bad flick. The Losers brought in a whopping $9.6 million this weekend. No doubt making Jeffrey Dean Morgan squint his eyes and make his stomach turn. However Kick Ass did not beat The Losers like I thought it would, instead only bringing in $9.5 million.

Here is our review:

I gave this movie a 7 on the Jman Movie Meter. Just a quick recap for you:

Clash of the Titans: 5 (Special Effect Extravaganza) Although I enjoyed watching this movie more then The Losers, Clash's story was no were near as well thought out, nor was the acting totally were it should have been. That's why The Losers got a 2 click advantage on the Jman Movie Meter.

Kick Ass: 13, because it was a better movie, had a lot more depth then both The Losers and Clash. See my Kick Ass review right over there on the left.

No, I'm not buying anything under a 10 (save Clash of the Titans, that movie just had too much eye candy for me not to have in my collection)! The Losers unfortunately under performed. They had an all star cast all lined up for a potential blockbuster trilogy, but what the movie turned out to be was a familiar road that didn't lead us into anything new and exciting. It was almost like The Losers was released way before The A Team and The Expendables because the movie gods new that those two movies would blow The Losers right out of the Theater. Like John said at the beginning of our review 'It was a movie that did not show us anything we haven't seen before'. John was right. No need for a sequel.

Just in case you were wondering Johnny and I will be taking a trip down to Elm Street this coming weekend. Then next weekend we'll be hanging out with Iron Man 2. Early screenings are very cool and ultimate (shout out goes to Brent Sprecher for being at the Iron Man 2 premiere, nice digs Brent!!!!) but for Jman and Johnny we would rather gauge the movie somewhat by the reaction from the audience and off course, interview them(not that we wouldnt go to a premiere believe that brother). Did we get a chance to do that with The Losers? No because there was next to no one in the Theater. But that's the fun of it. You guys get a lot of stiff stuffy boring reviews from the critics. Our format is we watch the movie in question. I take down certain notes and a certain score card (thanks Gtrman), I let John loose on the review, while I try to provide a bit of structure, then we find a few peeps that watched the movie as well and get their opinion. Most of the time it's very fly by the seat of your pants but it is also an initial reaction based on the film we just watched. Anybody can watch a movie then mull it for 3 or 4 days and pick it apart. We watch it, shoot it, BOOM. And sometimes it is just that a BOOM. But hey nobody's perfect, when your an established critic the sky's the limit, when your Jman and Johnny sometimes the limit's the sky!

Many thanks again to the Portage 16 IMAX Theater in Portage IN.


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