THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER Director Taika Waititi Fuels Speculation That Idris Elba Is Returning As Heimdall

Heimdall's story came to an end in Avengers: Infinity War when he was killed by Thanos, but Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi has now fuelled speculation about Idris Elba returning to the role.

Idris Elba is one of the best actors working today, but he was arguably wasted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from day one. After forgettable roles in Thor and Thor: The Dark World, Heimdall had a little more to do in Thor: Ragnarok, but was killed off during the opening few minutes of Avengers: Infinity War.

While it appeared his time in this comic book world has reached its end, Taika Waititi (who is prepping to start shooting Thor: Love and Thunder) now has fans wondering whether there's a chance Heimdall could make his return in that highly anticipated fourth instalment of the God of Thunder's franchise.

As you can see below, Waititi and Elba recently visited the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team together, so it's hard not to wonder whether another team-up might be on the cards. 

If the actor is getting ready to reprise the role of Heimdall, it looks like he'll have a totally new appearance. In the comic books, Asgardians returning from the dead is something of a regular occurrence, so don't be surprised if the former guardian of the Rainbow Bridge is now on Earth, living a normal life! 

We'll have to wait and see, but make share your theories on this news down in the comments section!

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Bale could be playing in Thor: Love and Thunder!

Cul, God Of Fear


Introduced in the disappointing Fear Itself storyline as "The Serpent," Cul is Odin's brother and was locked away by the King of Asgard eons ago to protect the world. Jason Aaron gave him something of a makeover, though, and as Asgard's de facto ruler, he proved to be a real thorn in the side to Jane Foster's Thor. 
While Asgard was destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok, Cul being able to return now Odin is dead does make sense and he would make a formidable first foe for Jane and a legitimate challenger to Valkyrie's rule. It's easy to imagine Bale having fun with a character like this one as he would nail Cul's eccentricities, while also getting to take on a comic book role vastly different to Bruce Wayne. 



Balder has been overlooked in the MCU from the very start, but it's about time Thor's half-brother gets the chance to shine. He's another character who could challenge Valkyrie's claim to the throne and exploring his dynamic with the God of Thunder would make for a fun subplot as the main spotlight is shifted to Jane Foster. 

If you're looking for someone capable of more than holding their own alongside Chris Hemsworth and chewing the scenery in the process, then Bale is a perfect choice to inject some life into a character who would definitely need to be fleshed out and freshened up for the big screen. 

Beta Ray Bill


Following the news that Bale is potentially going to join the cast of Thor: Love and Thunder, Beta Ray Bill started trending, and that's because fans are desperate to see this hero in a live-action setting. The actor taking on a mo-cap role like this one wouldn't be a bad thing, and this would definitely be a casting decision no one would have ever considered. 
Whether Taika Waititi can find room for Bill in Thor: Love and Thunder is another matter, but it would be a lot of fun seeing this alien butt heads with the new and old Gods of Thunder. Sure, he's a pretty weird character, but that's part of his charm and he's definitely worthy of an MCU debut.



Of all the characters listed here, Bale playing Dario Agger seems most likely. The CEO of the Roxxon Energy Corporation, Agger also has the ability to transform into the Minotaur and is a truly despicable individual who didn't shy away from doing whatever he damn well pleases to increase his wealth (including making a bargain with Malekith the Accursed). 

One of the main villains during Jason Aaron's Thor run, Bale would be able to channel his American Psycho character for this role and play a vicious and hateful bad guy who is a far cry from the Caped Crusader. He also happens to look the part - the human part, that is - so don't be shocked if this does end up happening in Thor: Love and Thunder.



There were rumours that Hercules would be introduced in Eternals as the MCU's first openly gay superhero, but there have been no indications that there are any plans for the character there. Plus, it's always going to be tricky using an established mythological figure like Hercules, especially when we've seen so many iterations of the Greek demigod on film over the years. 

It's admittedly a little difficult to picture Bale rocking a "costume" similar to the one above, but Marvel Studios frequently reinvents characters and we could see the actor get to really stretch his comedic chops with Hercules. Plus, he'd get to kick a lot of butt alongside the God of Thunder!



How cool would this be? We know that the X-Men don't factor into Marvel Studios' current five-year plan, but concepts and characters from both that world and that of the Fantastic Four are clearly going to show up before then. That leaves plenty of room for the Eater of Worlds to make his presence felt in the MCU, starting with Thor: Love and Thunder

It's hard to say exactly what role he could play in the proceedings, but putting Bale in that suit would be no bad thing, particularly as it would mean he's playing the MCU's next big villain. Replacing Josh Brolin as Thanos will be no easy feat, but Bale as Galactus would be worth getting excited about. 

Gorr The God Butcher 


As powerful as Galactus, Gorr's sole purpose in life is to destroy all Gods across the Multiverse as he believes they are inherently cruel and not worthy to rule. Taika Waititi gave some of his powers to Hela in Thor: Ragnarok (to an extent, anyway), but there's really no reason he couldn't show up here to terrorise the God of Thunder and try to finish Asgard once and for all.

You need someone as talented as Bale to play a character such as this, as he has to be more than just another destroyer looking to take down Thor because he feels wronged in some way (just look at how underwhelming Malekith was for that very reason). 



While it's definitely surprising that Mephisto has yet to make an appearance in the MCU, it's also hard to imagine where he could have shown up before now. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is one possibility, of course, but Nightmare seems a far more likely candidate for that film and so Thor: Love and Thunder is perhaps the next best place for him. 

In the comics, Jane Foster becomes Thor after the Odinson is deemed unworthy of wielding Mjolnir. What if, in the MCU, she makes a deal with Mephisto to save herself from the cancer that's killing her and steals Thor's powers in the process? That sounds a lot like a devil's bargain, and you just know that Bale would steal the show as this delightfully weird version of the devil.

Mister Hyde


We're betting you weren't expecting to see this guy here, right? Inspired by the famous Jekyll & Hyde novel, Calvin Zabo concocted a similar formula. Repeated use of that destroyed his sanity and turned him into a savage schizophrenic creature and he's fought everyone from Thor to The Avengers over the years (he also served as a member of the Thunderbolts for a time). 

On the one hand, Bale would be wasted on a character like this one, but on the other, he could do something really different and unique with this quirky villain. Don't get us wrong, this probably wouldn't be our first choice, but as left field suggestions go, you have to admit that it could work.



In the comics, Eric Masterson was an architect bonded with Thor after the hero was punished for killing Loki. While Thor was eventually freed, Eric was given an enchanted mace by Odin as thanks for his service and took on the mantle of Thunderstrike. That would all likely have to be changed for the big screen, but this is a character with some potential.

After all, while he's not exactly an overwhelmingly popular character, he was a member of the Thor Corps alongside Beta Ray Bill and seeing that group on screen could be awesome. Bale playing a rival Thor isn't necessarily the most exciting possibility for this movie but it's one which could work if it's handled correctly. 

What are your thoughts on these suggestions for Christian Bale's possible role in Thor: Love and Thunder? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.
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