ARROW Star John Barrowman Reflects On The Arrowverse's Legacy And Playing Malcolm Merlyn (Exclusive)

ARROW Star John Barrowman Reflects On The Arrowverse's Legacy And Playing Malcolm Merlyn (Exclusive)

ARROW Star Stephen Amell Reveals The Long-Running Series Was Supposed To End Much Sooner
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ARROW Star Stephen Amell Reveals The Long-Running Series Was Supposed To End Much Sooner

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DannRamm113 - 2/6/2015, 1:50 PM
the - 2/6/2015, 1:57 PM

DarthBastard - 2/6/2015, 2:02 PM
was that supposed to be funny? Even when he's just joking he can't deliver a line...
NightWatcher - 2/6/2015, 2:08 PM
Highball - 2/6/2015, 2:09 PM
Shazam - 2/6/2015, 2:16 PM
WoW LoL!!!!!
Shazam - 2/6/2015, 2:18 PM

mitchybaby - 2/6/2015, 2:23 PM
sting is and will alaways be a bigger star than him just saying
Brainiac13 - 2/6/2015, 2:26 PM
Jupiter Ascending (2015) RT 22%.........Looks like everyone hates it.....probably another Green Lantern.
Brainiac13 - 2/6/2015, 2:28 PM
Brainiac13 - 2/6/2015, 2:28 PM

DonkeyTeeth - 2/6/2015, 2:28 PM
I'll take Sting in a fight between the two.... NO not that Sting, THIS Sting

Shazam - 2/6/2015, 2:30 PM

seriously? I really had high hope for it.....
Shazam - 2/6/2015, 2:30 PM

You crazy bro LOL!
Brainiac13 - 2/6/2015, 2:32 PM

I'll watch it......but I'll wait till it's on Sky Movies.
Shazam - 2/6/2015, 2:34 PM
The trailers looks promising but dang....
Y2H - 2/6/2015, 2:34 PM
Sting is called a vigilante because he's dealing with The Authority under his own rules. Triple H said that he's not a WWE Superstar therefore it is morally wrong of him to be interfering with the outcomes of matches. The Authority are the people in power of WWE and they abuse their powers to favor what they think is "best for business". Sting saw what corruption can do to a company and he doesn't want The Authority to cause the destruction of WWE just like Ted Turner and crew lead to the destruction of WCW ( his company). The Authority's power were on the line in Survivor Series, so Sting made sure they would lose by attacking Triple H with the Scorpion Death Drop. Authority lost power but quickly returned thanks to Mr.Money in the Bank Seth Rollins holding Edge hostage, which forced John Cena to cave in and let them back. They fired 3 superstars. John Cena was placed in a 3-on-1 handicap to get their jobs back. Just when it looked like a loss for Cena, Sting caused the distraction to help John Cena roll up Seth Rollins for the victory and jobs back. Hence, Sting is a vigilante.
Tevii - 2/6/2015, 2:37 PM
retrofit - not sure what being only 55 has to do with anything. stallone is 68 and I guarantee he could whoop amell's ass... Randy couture is 51 and he could kick all three (Stallone, amell and Sting) of their asses
13echo - 2/6/2015, 2:42 PM
Why so shocked?he ripped off a British pop singers name and Brandon Lee look from the crow so what makes you think your so special.
Y2H - 2/6/2015, 2:43 PM
Superheroes and WWE is a great mixture:

SoFresh - 2/6/2015, 2:44 PM
You do realise Amell has mastered several martial arts, Stallone, Shwarzneger, Bruce Willis you do realise they couldn't steal a kids lollipop if they tried.
Do you think wrestling is real?
NealAdams - 2/6/2015, 2:59 PM
^^^ hahaha DamianWayne
YeezusWept - 2/6/2015, 3:02 PM
Black Canary and Diggle should switch. Everybody knows black people look better in pink.
dnno1 - 2/6/2015, 3:03 PM
YeezusWept - 2/6/2015, 3:10 PM
Amell is the real MVP.
GhostDog - 2/6/2015, 3:10 PM
Damn that was bad
LastOfKrypton - 2/6/2015, 3:18 PM
And some of you lunatics want this man to be part of the Snyder-verse?

imkennypowers - 2/6/2015, 3:55 PM
@DamianWayne - "whys diggle have to be the black power ranger!"
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