THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER Showrunner Confirms Cut Plotline But Denies It Was Pandemic-Related

THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER Showrunner Confirms Cut Plotline But Denies It Was Pandemic-Related

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier showrunner Malcolm Spellman denies claims a pandemic storyline was cut from the series, but admits there's a "lost" arc he's been told to stop talking about by Marvel!

By Nighthawk01 - Apr 27, 2021 12:04 PM EST
Source: Fade To Black

Even Marvel Studios wasn't immune from the affect COVID-19 had on productions across the globe, and work on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was halted last year. That led to rumors of reshoots removing a pandemic storyline that might hit a little too close to home thanks to real-life events. 

It definitely felt like there were gaps in the Flag Smashers' plan in the Disney+ series, so it wouldn't be overly surprising to learn that the super soldiers did once plan to unleash some sort of virus on the world. 

Speaking to Amon Warmann on his Fade to Black podcast, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier showrunner Malcolm Spellman admitted that there is a "lost" storyline, but denied it was pandemic related. Instead, he hopes it could now be used in a comic book somewhere down the line. 

"I've been told to stop saying that [referring to the "lost" storyline]," he said. "I loved it, and it had nothing to do with the pandemic...I want to see if we can get some of the writers to do a book run on it because I think Kevin [Feige] does it. I've been told to stop talking about it."

It's hard to know what to make of that, but we can't help but wonder whether this might be something Isaiah Bradley-related. His past was referenced in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but we'd have loved to see his fight with the Winter Soldier play out in a flashback. That would have admittedly slowed down the momentum of the series, so perhaps that's why it was cut?

We're intrigued that Spellman has been told not to talk about it, though (a sign it could resurface one day, perhaps). Hopefully, more will be revealed...somewhere down the line!

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XKnight - 4/27/2021, 12:34 PM
Wishful thinking but I would love to see the Russo Brothers come back to television and be show runners for season 2 of Captain America and the Winter Soldier. The 1st season missed that Russo touch. If not, maybe perhaps direct at leadt one episode for season 2.

AgentZero - 4/27/2021, 8:22 PM
@XKnight - Maybe at least bring Christopher Markus and Stephen Mcfeely (probably misspelling their names)
WackyBantha - 4/27/2021, 12:41 PM
It was probably Howard the Duck related.
Jordanstine - 4/27/2021, 12:41 PM
Sounds like this "lost" storyline will be coming to season 2 or maybe another Marvel show......?
Se4M4NSt4ine - 4/27/2021, 12:44 PM
Even if there was a virus in the storyline, would people actually really be that offended by it? I get people have died during the pandemic, but film/tv entertainment have never shied away from using sensitive realistic disasters before?

Wish they would’ve kept it in.
SKetCH - 4/27/2021, 12:45 PM
There has to be some kind of connection to The Flagsmashers & Echo in 'Hawkeye'... right?

I mean, the MCU Flagsmasher group's logo is a combination of the comics' Flagsmasher belt & Echo's handprint across her face... just like the MCU's Flagsmasher group.

Now I know Marvel studios likes to mix and match some characters to form a "new" amalgamation for the films, villains especially, but is it possible that it's revealed that Echo is part of the Flagsmasher's? Placing a handprint on her face amidst her reveal? The Flagsmashers are still out there.

Sorry, I'll go back to my blunt now. 😁
OmegaDaGrodd - 4/27/2021, 12:49 PM
Reeds2Much - 4/27/2021, 12:51 PM
If I had to guess, it was probably Walker's and Hoskin's backstory.
OmegaDaGrodd - 4/27/2021, 1:02 PM
@Reeds2Much - I felt like the one thing I would've liked from this show was an episode that dove into an important moment for each character (Sam/Bucky/Walker/Karli) either during or shortly after the snap. I'm not sure where to place it but going into Karli's innocence, Walker's time in Afgahnistan, Bucky's time in Wakanda and something Sam related would've given some good opportunities to flesh out each character a bit more, and also we could've gotten some slightly varied action scenes
colonel179 - 4/27/2021, 1:06 PM
I think the cut storyline was due to Kevin Feige wanting the series to be six episodes. In my opinion, he should remove that idea immediately, because it could harm future shows. The shows should be as many episodes as they need to be, not just 6. Hell, if a series needs to be only two, then it's fine, but this feels like Kevin wanted people to do what he said, and not what it was right for the story.
Termin8er - 4/27/2021, 1:27 PM
@colonel179 - 100%. They needed two more episodes to flesh out Walker and Karli
JFerguson - 4/27/2021, 1:08 PM
Where is the Venom 2 trailer?

LSHF - 4/27/2021, 6:45 PM
@JFerguson - The trailer is waiting for you to get more anxious, because it likes to F with you.
AgentZero - 4/27/2021, 8:25 PM
@JFerguson - Usually an indication that the movie might be bad when the trailer is released so close to a movie's release date. Hopefully this is not the case and the movie will be delayed
Spock0Clock - 4/27/2021, 9:31 PM
@LSHF - Honestly, if a symbiote movie isn't toying with the dark corners of your psychology, then what's the point of doing a symbiote movie in the first place.
JonC - 4/27/2021, 1:13 PM
The storyline seemed to be more about spreading a virus (and the nefarious people behind it) than distributing a vaccine. And do to all the recent conspiracy theorists going on in real daily life right up to the highest position in the land it would probably be good to avoid that topic for now as they are still deeply bent on bizarre beliefs and have thousands of clueless followers behind them. One more stick to their fire they don't need without it invoking violence in the streets.
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