LOKI Star Tara Strong On The Possibility Of Playing A Live-Action Multiversal HARLEY QUINN (Exclusive)

Before she was Miss Minutes, Tara Strong infused life into a myriad of iconic DC characters, and when we caught up with her recently, she shared her thoughts on possibly playing a live-action Harley Quinn.

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Ahead of tomorrow's eagerly-awaited season finale of Loki, we were able to sit down with legendary voice actress Tara Strong, who provides the instantly iconic voice of the fan-favorite Miss Minutes. Throughout her illustrious career. Tara has also voiced classic characters like Harley Quinn, Raven, Batgirl, Dil Pickles, Bubbles, and Timmy Turner, amongst others. 

Strong explained how she found the voice of Miss Minutes during one of her highly secretive auditions for the role, and expressed immense joy about being able to work for Marvel Studios as well as excitement at seeing all the positive reception her character has received over these past six weeks. 

We even talk a little bit about whether she's ever considered playing a live-action version of one of her most popular characters, and with the increasing popularity of the multiverse, what that could look like.

Check out the full video interview below or keep scrolling for the transcript!

ROHAN: Where did you find Miss Minutes’ voice because she sort of gives off that Mr. DNA/Jurassic Park or Siri vibe, but she has this distinct Southern accent that gives her a lot more personality than you might expect from an A.I. character.

TARAIt was a very collaborative process, finding the voice for her, and any time I’ll have an audition, I’ll get a good drawing of the character, the character description, sometimes a show bible to understand her world, but I didn’t really get any of that from the initial audition.

I didn’t know what the show was. I didn’t know who I was auditioning for. I didn’t know much about the character, except that she was somewhere between a Siri and a sentient creature and I tried to get information and I couldn’t and it wasn’t until I booked the job that I knew who she was and in the audition, they said to lay down a couple different versions with an accent and they seem to love the Southern one, so I’m very grateful and then even within that, as we went along, we played along with her, did many, many different takes to find exactly the right pocket for her.

ROHAN: What are your thoughts on the theory floating around that Miss Minutes is the ultimate big bad of the show?

TARA: I love looking at them, they’re so much fun seeing how invested everyone is, to see how much they love the show and love Miss Minutes. You never know when there’s an animated character or even an unusual character in a world that already exists, so I’m so grateful to the fans that they’ve taken to her so much and they loved her. They fell in love with her before the show aired, even from the promos, they loved this little character.

I’m really happy and I love reading all of the ideas of where people think she’s going or whether or not she’s the mastermind behind everything. It’s really fun. I like interacting with the fans on social too, so I see a lot of it and the fan art has been amazing, my gosh, I’ve been trying to retweet all of the artists that have taken time to make something special to show their love for her.

ROHAN: You’ve voiced so many iconic DC characters - Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Raven - and I know you’ve worked with Marvel before too, but this is Marvel Studios - what’s your experience been joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and voicing this instantly iconic character? 

TARA: It is really exciting. I knew Stan quite well and the second I joined the Marvel Universe in any way, it was exciting, and getting to play iconic characters are always fun and you always feel like this tremendous amount of gratitude for getting to play these characters that are so loved for generations in comics or whatever iteration they’ve been in. Miss Minutes is a new character and then joining the MCU, the cinematic world, was like leveling up.

It’s so much fun to participate in the magic of this world and I love when an on-camera show or movie puts real thought and real money behind the imagination that’s fueling it and there’s never a moment on Loki where you’re like “Oh, they kind of went cheap on that,” or “That doesn’t look real.” It’s so beautiful to watch, it’s so well-written, the acting is all so good and I’m so honored to be apart of it.

ROHAN: With audiences becoming more familiar with multiverses and different realities in Loki, and upcoming stuff like Doctor Strange and Spider-Verse expected to expand that concept even further, do you think we could ever see you appear as an alternate reality live-action Harley Quinn - maybe with Mark Hamill as the Joker - or as Barbara or Raven? Is that something you’ve ever thought about or would be interested in doing? 

TARA: I would love to do that, I’ve suggested that many times. I’m always like, if you’re doing a movie with Harley or Joker or Batman, you should definitely have me, Hamill, and Conroy sitting in a booth, at least, ordering lunch. *laughs*

I would love to do anything or, you know, I just did a series in Canada where the character was kind of like Harley as a mom, so I think if they ever did a movie about Harley as a mom, I should definitely get to play that.

The season finale of Loki debuts exclusively on Disney+ tomorrow!

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