LOKI Star Tara Strong Shares Season 2 Hopes And Reflects On Finale's Big "Hey Y'all" Moment (Exclusive)

Miss Minutes stole the show in Loki and became an instant fan-favourite, with much of the credit for that rightly going to the irreplaceable Tara Strong. Now, she talks to us about season 2 and more...

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Loki remains Marvel Studios' most popular Disney+ TV series (in terms of viewership), and currently, the only one of those to have immediately received a season 2 order. There's a huge amount of excitement surrounding that, though as excited as we are to catch up with the God of Mischief in that alternate timeline, Miss Minutes' story arc remains every bit as intriguing.

The show established that she secretly had the ear of Kang the Conqueror Variant, He Who Remains, and it appears as if Miss Minutes will accompany Judge Renslayer on her journey to discover the truth.

Given her apparent knowledge of the Multiverse, it's clear the TVA's mascot is far more powerful than she looks on the surface. Actor Tara Strong is responsible for bringing Miss Minutes to life in the MCU and has helped propel the character into instant fan-favourite status. 

When we recently spoke to Tara about her roles as Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and Raven in Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse, we also asked about Loki season 2. Below, she shares her hopes to be on set with the rest of the cast, an appreciation for how fans have embraced the character, and that memorable jump scare in the finale. 


On another note, Tom Hiddleston has said Loki season 2 starts shooting next month and mentioned that the whole cast will return, so are you excited about continuing to play Miss Minutes?

Yes! I’m so excited. I love her so much [Laughs]. It’s been so much fun. It’s been the most treasured time and so magic and special. I hope I get to be with them this season because they had actually already recorded the series with a guide track voice that was just subbing in when they didn’t know who it was going to be. It had already been filmed and I got to play off them because I got to watch it live off my screen, but they didn’t get to play off me. I think it might be a fun treat, I’m just saying, to fly me to London to be on set with everybody [Laughs].

Of course, this was a newly created character who fans have really embraced despite her not being in the comics, but you have all this history to explore with Renslayer and Kang. It’s got to be fun to be in the midst of that?

It’s really, really exciting. It really is. It’s just so amazing. I’m so happy and grateful that the fans have embraced her so much because of what a fun ride we’re about to go on.

I’m sure you sure the awesome response to the moment Miss Minutes appears in the finale for that jump scare and we were all fooled into thinking she was the big bad?

I love it so much! Everyone at conventions now say, ‘You gave me the biggest jump scare!’ There’s a really funny meme going around asking, ‘Who’s the scariest villain in the MCU?’ And it lists Thanos and a bunch of bad guys, and then at the bottom, there’s Miss Minutes just smiling and saying, ‘Hey y’all!’ It’s pretty fun. 

Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse is available on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD on May 24. The movie event also premieres on Cartoon Network on May 28 and starts streaming on HBO Max beginning June 28.

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