THE WITCHER Season 4 Set Photos Reveal First Look At Liam Hemsworth As Geralt Of Rivia

THE WITCHER Season 4 Set Photos Reveal First Look At Liam Hemsworth As Geralt Of Rivia THE WITCHER Season 4 Set Photos Reveal First Look At Liam Hemsworth As Geralt Of Rivia

Following a set photo featuring Liam Hemsworth's stunt double in-costume, we now have an actual first behind-the-scenes look at the Aussie actor suited up as Geralt of Rivia...

By MarkCassidy - May 17, 2024 11:05 AM EST
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Source: Via SFF Gazette

More photos from the set of The Witcher season 4 have been shared online, and this time we have an actual first glimpse of Liam Hemsworth suited-up as Geralt of Rivia!

The recent third season of Netflix's fantasy adventure series was original Geralt actor Henry Cavill's last, as the Man of Steel star announced his decision to part ways with the streamer's adaptation of the best-selling novels back in 2022.

Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) will take over as the titular monster hunter from season 4 on, and a recent photo from the set featured his stunt-double Joel Adrian in-costume. Adrian looked enough like Hemsworth to fool a lot of people, but these snaps spotlight the man himself.

The photos show Hemsworth as Geralt doing battle with Vilgefortz (Mahesh Jadu), and appear to be recreating a scene from season 3 which saw the mage emerge victorious. There is also one shot of Geralt in his classic White Wolf armor.

Check out the set photos at the links below.

During a recent interview with Collider, co-star Freya Allan said she's looking forward to seeing what Hemsworth brings to the role, but is also concerned about the level of fan backlash he's sure to receive.

“I don’t want to speak for him, but from what I’ve understood, I feel like he’s really wanting to try and bring the heart. He’s been training. I feel sorry for him, honestly, because, number one, that fan base can be very attack-y, and it’s not an ideal situation to be in taking up someone else’s role.”

“But I’m really excited to see what he does. And he’s such a lovely guy. I just hope that people give him the time of day, you know?”

All episodes of The Witcher season 3 are now available on Netflix.

"As monarchs, mages, and beasts of the Continent compete to capture her, Geralt takes Ciri into hiding, determined to protect his newly-reunited family against those who threaten to destroy it. Entrusted with Ciri’s magical training, Yennefer leads them to the protected fortress of Aretuza, where they hope to uncover more about the girl’s untapped powers; instead, they discover they’ve landed in a battlefield of political corruption, dark magic, and treachery. They must fight back, put everything on the line – or risk losing each other forever."

The Witcher also stars Joey Batey (Jaskier), Myanna Buring (Tissaia), Eamon Farren (Cahir), Mimî M Khayisa (Fringilla), Royce Pierreson (Istredd), Anna Shaffer (Triss Merigold), Mecia Simson (Francesca), Tom Canton (Filavandrel), Mahesh Jadu (Vilgefortz), Graham McTavish (Dijkstra), Cassie Clare (Philippa), Hugh Skinner (Radovid), Wilson Mbomio (Dara), Lars Mikkelsen (Stregobor), Terence Maynard (Artorius), Simon Callow (Codringher), Liz Carr (Fenn), Therica Wilson-Read (Sabrina), Safiyya Ingar (Keira), Rochelle Rose (Margarita), Michalina Olszanska) (Marti), Robbie Amell (Gallatin), Jeremy Crawford (Yarpen), Bart Edwards (Emhyr), Aisha Fabienne Ross (Lydia), Christelle Elwin (Mistle), and Meng’er Zhang (Milva).

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tmp3 - 5/17/2024, 11:07 AM
“We got Targaryens at home” ahh energy
The1st - 5/17/2024, 11:36 AM
@tmp3 - As others here have pointed out he even looks like the game character...and yet, somehow, Netflix shenanigans have returned.
FireandBlood - 5/17/2024, 11:52 AM
@tmp3 - nooooo 😂🤣💀
DocSpock - 5/17/2024, 11:08 AM

Nope. Forget this crap.

DarthAlgar - 5/17/2024, 11:13 AM
Way to go Casey Affleck!
TheVisionary25 - 5/17/2024, 11:15 AM
Dude looks good and honestly more like the Geralt of the games atleast (sans beard of course)…

User Comment Image

Anyway , hope he does well in the role and that the show wraps up these last 2 seasons successfully for its remaining fans…

I know it’s been a divisive & tumultuous adaptation to say the least so ending on a good note would be nice.

I have only seen S1 (thought it was ok) but might catch up before this comes out just for the sake of curiosity.
RedFury - 5/17/2024, 1:02 PM
@TheVisionary25 - he really does look a lot more like Geralt from the games eh. From his face to even his build. I hope he does well in the role too. Not only because it would be nice to see the show end on a good note, it would also be great for Liam as I'm sure he's doing his darndest to be seen as more than just Chris' brother. That's quite the shadow to be in.

I think what will make it or break it for the audience will be his voice. If he can pull off what Cavill came up with, it'll go a long way with the faith of the viewers.
TheVisionary25 - 5/17/2024, 1:16 PM
@RedFury - yep

I haven’t seen a lot of his work but hopefully he can pull it off

Not an easy task to come in and replace the lead of a show.
Ghoul - 5/18/2024, 6:54 PM
@TheVisionary25 - I couldn’t have said that better I didn’t go past season one either and was even kind of put off by the idea of Liam Hemsworth but he’s taking it this seriously than maybe worth giving it a shot. The replacement no longer bothers me
dracula - 5/17/2024, 11:18 AM
turned off the first episode less than half way through. didn't feel like wasting my time
McMurdo - 5/17/2024, 11:25 AM
Shows hot garbage but I think he looks good. I think he might actually be a better actor than his brother too. Land of Bad was fantastic.
tmp3 - 5/17/2024, 11:39 AM
@McMurdo - I never thought Chris H was Olivier or anything, but Liam is substantially worse haha. Even beyond the Furiosa praise he’s getting, Chris’ biggest issue has always been doing too much - whether that’s on him or his directors for the projects is for another time. Liam just kind of stands around and doesn’t do much though, he makes Cavill look like Tom Cruise in comparison haha
McMurdo - 5/17/2024, 5:58 PM
@tmp3 - maybe. They are both fairly mediocre. Land of Bad was better than anything I've seen Chris in tho since i dunno forever.
sully - 5/19/2024, 2:05 AM
@McMurdo - Check out Chris in the Extraction movies. Pretty decent.
HashTagSwagg - 5/17/2024, 11:54 AM
Phucker thinks he's Superman
User Comment Image
Ha1frican - 5/17/2024, 12:17 PM
With the hair he actually looks a lot like Chris is Thor: The Dark World
r1g0r - 5/17/2024, 12:49 PM
you don't want to watch the show.
your choice.
but this is fairly good sword and sorcery material.
gonna still try it. (haven't seen S3 yet)
i think that hemsworth is a good visual match.
i guess i'll see how good he is at playing the character.
slickrickdesigns - 5/17/2024, 12:52 PM
Lol… looks pretty damn close to Cavill
SummersEssex - 5/17/2024, 1:56 PM
Lol to the article that his very obvious stunt double was him. #neverforget.

He's going to be just fine in this role, he'll bring his own flavor to it, but it will work.
Deklipz - 5/17/2024, 1:58 PM
Cavill looked like shit in set photos too. All things considered though Hemsworth looks the part and seems to have a handle on the mannerisms and characteristics that Cavill had down. Hemsworth is a decent actor and I think he’ll do fine. They’re both fans of the character and games if not the source stories, so I don’t see an issue. My issues with the series (as a whole not just the show) is that it feel like a bunch of unrelated stories strung into a loose yet unreliable narrative that gives you no reason to give a shit. Individual stories within are fun but the package as a whole is lacking for me.
grouch - 5/17/2024, 2:27 PM
i know this is a reshoot of that scene but my god give him some facial hair for crying out loud.
Fares - 5/17/2024, 2:30 PM
Honestly, I think he looks fine. As a matter of fact, throw a beard on his chin and a scar on his eye and he practically looks like Witcher 3's Geralt. It's the recast itself that sucks, but if Hemsworth was Geralt from the beginning, I wouldn't be complaining, even if I knew that Cavill was a candidate for the role.

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