AHSOKA Season Finale Run-Time Revealed Along With Rumored Details - Possible SPOILERS

AHSOKA Season Finale Run-Time Revealed Along With Rumored Details - Possible SPOILERS AHSOKA Season Finale Run-Time Revealed Along With Rumored Details - Possible SPOILERS

The run-time for next week's season finale of Ahsoka has been revealed, and we also have some rumored details on what is shaping up to be a highly dramatic episode...

By MarkCassidy - Oct 01, 2023 03:10 PM EST
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There's only one more episode of Ahsoka to go, and it might just be a shocker!

The run-time for next Tuesday's highly-anticipated season finale has been revealed, and while it's far from the shortest episode of the season, some fans will likely be disappointed that Lucasfilm didn't allow for a little more time to wrap things up.

The still untitled finale will reportedly clock-in at 46 minutes, 25 seconds. This is slightly longer than last week's instalment, but only with credits. Without, it should run around 42 minutes, 43 seconds.

We still don't know for sure how this first season (the show is rumored to have been renewed for a second) is going to close out, but we do have some possible details to share - and, if accurate, these should be considered pretty major spoilers.

Based on what we've been told, the season won't be concluding on a happy note after last week's joyful reunion. Ahsoka, Sabine, Ezra and Huyang will attempt to prevent Grand Admiral Thrawn from returning to their galaxy, but will ultimately be unsuccessful, and we may lose one of our heroes along the way.

Apparently, Ezra Bridger will sacrifice himself to save his friends.

Now, we don't know if this means he will actually perish or simply give up the chance to return home, but we can't see Dave Filoni killing off this character so soon after reintroducing him in live-action form, so we'd say the latter is a more likely scenario.

This should be viewed as rumor only for the time being, anyway, but our source has shared some accurate info in the past. At any rate, we don't have long to wait to find out, as the season finale of Ahsoka hits Disney+ this coming Tuesday.

Set after the fall of the Empire, Ahsoka follows the former Jedi knight Ahsoka Tano as she investigates an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy.

The series stars Rosario Dawson in the title role, with Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Sabine Wren, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Hera Syndulla, Diana Lee Inosanto as Morgan Elsbeth, Ivanna Sakhno as Shin Hati, Ray Stevenson as Baylan Skoll, David Tennant as Huyang, Lars Mikkelsen as Grand Admiral Thrawn, with Eman Esfandi appearing as Ezra Bridger.

Kevin Kiner was announced as the series' composer.

Ahoska is written by executive producer Dave Filoni, alongside executive producers Favreau, Kennedy, Wilson, and Beck. Gilchrist is co-executive producer. The series’ directors include Filoni, Steph Green, Peter Ramsey, Jennifer Getzinger, Geeta Vasant Patel and Rick Famuyiwa.

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WhatIfRickJames - 10/1/2023, 3:10 PM
So many minutes and seconds… did we account for the minutes and seconds of the Recap and Title?
WhatIfRickJames - 10/1/2023, 3:11 PM
We’ve got to know every detail Mark!
LilJimmy - 10/1/2023, 3:18 PM
This should have been episodes 7, 8, 9....

-Thrawn as the new "emperor" trying to bring back the empire.
-Skoll hunting down the original trio with Shin Hati (who eventually is revealed as the new version of Mara Jade).
-Luke teaming up with his father's apprentice to properly train Rey (she ends up being a new version of Luuke Skywalker).
-Maul returning one last time (maybe).
-Han and Leia do not have children. Rey is still the last Skywalker.

CorndogBurglar - 10/2/2023, 12:43 AM
@LilJimmy - I would have gone for this in a heartbeat. I would have just kept it as Mara Jade and not given her the other name at all. Mara is too cool of a character to be changed like that.

But I like Rey being a clone of Luke and being a new version of Luuke without saying it. Because Luuke sucked in the novels. But like you said, Rey could have then been an actual Skywalker instead of completely insulting the Skywalker legacy by allowing a goddamned Palpatine to take on the name.
DevilsDreams - 10/2/2023, 5:34 AM
@LilJimmy - One of the biggest travesties from the sequel trilogy is that the fans have been deprived of seeing the Solo/Skywalker twins, Jacen and Jaina, brilliantly written characters that had amazing story arcs across the original legacy extended universe.
LilJimmy - 10/2/2023, 12:15 PM
@DevilsDreams - But as Kathleen Kennedy said, “Every one of these movies is a particularly hard nut to crack. There’s no source material. We don’t have comic books. We don’t have 800-page novels. We don’t have anything..."
ClintThaHamster - 10/4/2023, 6:50 AM
@LilJimmy -
SonOfAGif - 10/1/2023, 3:41 PM
I don't think Filoni would reintroduce Ezra for three episodes to lock him back in that Galaxy again after so many decades.
FireandBlood - 10/1/2023, 4:15 PM
@SonOfAGif - He gon die
Taonrey - 10/1/2023, 4:53 PM
@SonOfAGif - it’s only been one decade
Scarilian - 10/1/2023, 9:11 PM
@SonOfAGif -
He's going to die.
Timerider - 10/2/2023, 2:43 AM
@SonOfAGif - just because Ezra is gone, doesn’t mean he’s gone. Remember Qui-Gon, he came back.

Sabine and Ahsoka will see Ezra again, even after his death.
TheSkank - 10/2/2023, 4:45 AM
@PlusUltra - I literally looked over at my partner and said “Oh, he’s so good. Filoni’s gonna kill him.”🤣
TheComedian67 - 10/2/2023, 8:06 AM
@SonOfAGif -

That's been my thinking as well.

So much has been dedicated to the idea of finding Ezra and bringing him home, there's no way they go through all of that just for him to die or be left behind.

And it would pretty much make Sabines decision to side with Baylon and go with them completely pointless. She would single handedly be responsible for the return of Thrawn and the death of Ezra. Not buying it.
bcom - 10/1/2023, 4:41 PM
Given that Dave Filoni has said this series will lead directly into his upcoming 'Mando-verse' movie, I fully expect the finale to end on a cliffhanger.
KevinTH - 10/1/2023, 5:01 PM
Why post this article? I never post but frequent this site and don’t get why a site would post a spoiler before it’s even happened. It’s gotten really bad on this site. Why even put it out there? Are we that hard up for content that it’s not enough to ruin it before it comes out? This site has become a complete waste and brings little to no value in regards to comic book movie news.
CorndogBurglar - 10/2/2023, 12:46 AM
@KevinTH - There is a large group of people that enjoy spoilers. If you've been coming to this site then you would see that in the comments. And comments are only a fraction of people that are actually coming here and reading the articles.

They are all marked clearly as spoilers. If you don't want to be spoiled then don't click the article. I'm not trying to be a dick, mind you. But they do this because it gets hits. If they didn't get traffic for these kinds of articles then why would they even bother with them?
StSteven - 10/1/2023, 5:16 PM
I was going to make this comment once before but I forgot and now that image of Thrawn in the thumbnail reminded me: dude, what's with all the freakin' pens? Seriously, who needs that many pens? I mean TWO pockets of pens? And no protectors?!? You know who:


Nerd! Nerd! Nerd!
Crtdacct2say - 10/1/2023, 6:38 PM
Crazy that it's the finale already. Felt like it only really hit started a few eps ago
Scarilian - 10/1/2023, 8:42 PM
@Crtdacct2say -
Cause the show wasted so much time and is poorly paced with little/nothing happening for multiple episodes.
ClintThaHamster - 10/4/2023, 6:46 AM
@Scarilian - If you're looking for more of a "explosions every 7.23 seconds" kind of experience, Expendables 4 is in theaters now.
Scarilian - 10/6/2023, 2:20 PM
@ClintThaHamster -
What is it with people going to moronic extremes with examples?

To be blunt, the action is one of the worst parts of Ahsoka, it's all meaningless padding with no stakes. Characters are stabbed with lightsabers and back the next episode, most the enemies are undeveloped being droids or simply non-characters.

I'm after strong writing, good pacing, consistent and logical character development. Disney+ Star Wars shows think the only way to ensure you stay subscribed to their platform long enough is to avoid satisfying you, to have everything be meaningless padding until the final episode so that they can tease a season 2.

A lightsaber battle should be engaging because it should have a consequence, every lightsaber battle in the first six films had consequence. Spaceships attacking a spaceship fly closeby in order for space lightsaber action. Literal magic, just straight-up unexplained magic with no rules or consistency, is now in the series.
ClintThaHamster - 10/6/2023, 2:48 PM
@Scarilian - "What is it with people going to moronic extremes with examples?"
First day on the internet?

"the action is one of the worst parts of Ahsoka"
I actually agree, at least in terms of the fight choreography, though I guess for me, the stakes of the fights were mostly "One party is actively trying to stop the other party, by any means necessary." It's not Empire Strikes Back, but that's an impossibly high standard.

"Literal magic, just straight-up unexplained magic with no rules or consistency, is now in the series."
Star Wars has always been more Fantasy than SciFi. Until Midichlorians, the Force was simply magic, and the people that wield it were wizards. In the first movie, it was mostly improved instincts and mind tricks, with a little light choking play. In the second, suddenly it was also lifting heavy objects. By the third, there was lightning. No explanation, just "now this is also the force."

As for the Nightsisters, yeah, that's magic. It's also been part of Legends for nearly 30 years, and was added to current canon by a guy called George Lucas back in the Clone Wars. I'm sorry you don't like it, sincerely, but all that shit is Star Wars to the core.
Scarilian - 10/7/2023, 5:03 AM
@ClintThaHamster -
The Lightsaber fights need more weight, choreography is definitely a factor, but I feel the writing needs to reflect the tension of the fight. These are weapons where one false move should result in severe injury or death.

At minimum it should have been clarified that Shin Hati viewed Sabine as weak and wanted her to suffer, intentionally causing her an injury that she'd survive from. This adds a layer of menace to Hati as she's actively wanting to torture her victims and adds an interesting dynamic when compared to Baylan Skoll who is seemingly trying to uphold a level of honor initially.

The initial injury caused by the Lightsaber should have resulted in Sabine being out of action for a majority of the season in critical condition. This could cause Ahsoka to have a crisis of faith in her abilities, prompting her to question her legacy, will Sabine die like all those she led in the Clone Wars or will Sabine potentially hate her for not being there resulting in her choosing the dark side making her think of Anakin. Sabine could then return to save Ahsoka when Ahsoka is knocked off the cliff and the remainder of the series can have them putting aside their differences and Sabine making up for her mistakes, in doing so removing her guilt and allowing her to use the force.

"Star Wars has always been more Fantasy than SciFi. Until Midichlorians, the Force was simply magic, and the people that wield it were wizards."

I agree to an extent, those films were not planned so it ended up just building on what seemed cool at the time, but by this point we are around 50 hours of live-action content in and we should have established that system now with a set of rules of what the force can do and what it cannot do. Instead they keep just introducing new aspects and it's ended up making the force just a vague concept which is whatever the writers desire - and because the writers are not the most competent, they often screw it up.

The Nightsister aspect just complicates things more because what are the limits of their powers? How does it scale with the usage of the Force by light/dark side users?

It does not help that Ahsoka is trying this weird blend between using the Clone Wars series as canon and just ignoring or altering aspect when it does not suite the plot - such as Thrawn and Ezra being in the same location, in the same room, of the same ship - yet the series has Ezra somewhere escape from Thrawn with no explanation? Doesn't really demonstrate Thrawn as particularly smart/intelligent if that happened and he cannot find him after however many years it has been.
ClintThaHamster - 10/7/2023, 7:43 AM
@Scarilian - I can definitely see all of your points. I just never have been–and never will be, I hope–the kind of fan who nitpicks details. I'm in it for the space opera, and Ahsoka delivered to my satisfaction.
cheeseburger - 10/1/2023, 7:58 PM
I think the robots is going to bite it….
TyrantBossMedia - 10/1/2023, 9:56 PM
If Ezra sacrifices himself it makes sense. You can’t have a male hero in the Kennedy-verse. The women have to be the only heroes.
Mrnorth1921 - 10/1/2023, 11:46 PM
@TyrantBossMedia - …mando? Boba? Grogu?
TyrantBossMedia - 10/2/2023, 2:04 AM
@Mrnorth1921 - Mando was replaced by Bo-Katan in season 3.

Boba Fett is a legacy character.

Grogu doesn't even count since he is an alien baby.

Do I even need to mention all of the female characters now who lead every movie and show?
Mrnorth1921 - 10/2/2023, 2:09 AM
@TyrantBossMedia - he is still alive isn’t he? He’s isn’t dead. And it was setting up a storyline down the way.

Grogu isn’t dead and has appeared in numerous properties. And is the most popular character or the newer properties.

And Boba fett has a whole show to him.

Also Andor is a huge show and Obi wan.

And only Ahsoka? And maybe Acoylte? Rey was the main character of the last trilogy. But before then we had two men as the main characters. And the girls were just there.
TyrantBossMedia - 10/2/2023, 2:48 AM
@Mrnorth1921 - Andor was no where even close to a huge show slick.

Obi Wan was led around by an 8-year-old girl who was smarter than all of the adults around her.

A male characters does not have to be dead to be made useless.

In season 3 Grogu was being taught by the Mandalorian armorer and Bo-Katan. The women were in charge.

If you think it stops with Rey or the Acolyte then you aren't paying attention.

Just Ahsoka alone....it's all women. Ahsoka, Sabine, Hera, The witches of Dathomir, all of the commanders in the New Republic are women.
The males are either inept or evil.

And do I even have to list The Last Jedi?
Or Jynn Urso in charge of Rogue One.

You don't want to see it because it destroys your narrative....but it's completely transparent.
TheSkank - 10/2/2023, 4:49 AM
@TyrantBossMedia - Go cry to Andrew Tate or Jordan Petersen about it.
Blergh - 10/2/2023, 5:46 AM
@TyrantBossMedia - There are enough male heroes in Star Wars as it stands, just because women are taking center stage now after decades of male-led movies that's no reason to cry foul.
It's a trend opened up by years of women wanting heroes they could identify with, a trend that will turn into normality as well.

I genuinely don't understand the problem, what's so bad about showing women in charge?
Why are you so afraid of women?

TyrantBossMedia - 10/2/2023, 8:39 AM
@Blergh - And go talk to Disney and its shareholders about how that’s working out,
Disney is losing its ass and the Star Wars brand is dying.
You bleeding hearts don’t understand business
TyrantBossMedia - 10/2/2023, 8:40 AM
@TheSkank - Who are you?
Blergh - 10/2/2023, 9:02 AM
@TyrantBossMedia - So it's female main characters that are destroying business, I see.
Blergh - 10/2/2023, 5:24 AM
I've been REALLY loving the show so far, the pacing might be slow but hot DAMN is the show atmospheric and epic
Scarilian - 10/6/2023, 2:21 PM
@Blergh -
They went to another galaxy and absolutely nothing has changed.

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