VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE Star Confirms They Won't Return In THE LAST DANCE: [I'm] Well And Truly Dead

VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE Star Confirms They Won't Return In THE LAST DANCE: "[I'm] Well And Truly Dead"

RUMOR: Sony Pictures May Be Saving Knull, The God Of Symbiotes, For A Future Crossover Movie
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RUMOR: Sony Pictures May Be Saving Knull, The God Of Symbiotes, For A Future Crossover Movie

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Unites - 8/24/2018, 3:07 AM
I wanna see this as soon as possible.
MosquitoFarmer - 8/24/2018, 3:08 AM
Kumkani - 8/24/2018, 3:14 AM
@MosquitoFarmer - I [frick]ing love this movie
GhostDog - 8/24/2018, 3:12 AM

Kumkani - 8/24/2018, 3:15 AM
@BlackBeltJones - I'm seriously not getting any good vibes off his character at all.

Also I feel like that's the popular thing to say these days lol. Like it's the new "dark and gritty".
GhostDog - 8/24/2018, 3:25 AM
@BlindWedjat - well, I cant blame them for trying to create a villian who sees themselves as the hero. Its done wonders lately (see Thanos).

But where Thanos' idea and belief in "saving" the universe had pathos and agency, all the vibes from Ahmed's chatacter feel very UNDERWORLD, RESIDENT EVIL early 2000s villian.
auditore - 8/24/2018, 6:53 AM
@BlackBeltJones - Dude take out Venom and this movie is just a Resident Evil movie,they even got the slimy business man and the godawful dialogue "the guy you are working for is a bad person"
GhostDog - 8/24/2018, 7:00 AM
@auditore - but since Hardy and Venom are in it people are like "its fine" lol.

This movie has ALL THE TRAPPINGS of a Resident Evil. Its obvious.
ChangAlang - 8/24/2018, 3:40 AM
Unless he’s part of a reality tv show that cameraman fourth pic down is DEFINITELY in shot.
Killuminatic - 8/24/2018, 4:34 AM
@ChangAlang - These are production stills, not actual frames from the movie.
ChangAlang - 8/24/2018, 6:06 AM
@Killuminatic - Yeah I know, just being a noodlehead about it🤷🏽‍♂️
Atomicockroach - 8/24/2018, 3:46 AM
This looks bad and boring. Just another wonky and pointless Sony movie. Another failed silly-voiced villain Hardy performance. Just like everyone expected. Yawn.
jerryblake - 8/24/2018, 4:15 AM
-that motorcycle scene,
-(probably) forgettable villain and thin story
- PG 13 -rating

other than that imo the movie looks really goood. will check it in theater.
BigMikeReviews - 8/24/2018, 7:10 AM
@jerryblake - I think you've just cemented for me why the movie won't be any good haha
789 - 8/24/2018, 4:17 AM
Sony is a [frick]ing asshole.......give all rights of spidey back to Marvel!!!!!!!
Thanoswasright - 8/24/2018, 5:16 AM
@789 - They will...

Just give them this and a couple more Sony-verse flops then the Spider-man universe will be in better hands.
Tonic24k - 8/24/2018, 5:42 AM
Amy Pascal wants to be Feige so bad.

Never gonna happen.
WeaponXCII - 8/24/2018, 5:47 AM
Kman - 8/24/2018, 6:14 AM
I have very limited faith in this... I think it is just inevitably going to annoy me with some of things it does. But will probably check it out.
BigMikeReviews - 8/24/2018, 7:08 AM
These have got to be the laziest and dullest promotional stills for any movie, superhero movie or not..
Toecutter - 8/24/2018, 7:25 AM
Something about this movie makes it look like it belongs in the same universe as the ASM movies with Andrew Garfield which disgusts me, to be honest.
zeon00 - 8/24/2018, 9:18 PM
@Toecutter - Andrew Garfield was a great Peter Parker
Toecutter - 8/24/2018, 10:27 PM
@zeon00 - He was alright. I just always thought he was too old for the role.
TheMarxican - 8/24/2018, 8:00 AM

Benjamitesandwich - 8/24/2018, 9:36 AM
Actually, I gotta say, great job Josh for not spewing random paragraphs after every picture. I do say, I am impressed.
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