Kevin Feige Has A Very Specific X-MEN Moment He's Hoping To Bring To The Big Screen

In a newly surfaced interview, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige weighs in on a scene he hoped to bring to the big screen while producing X-Men; the question now is, will we see it in the MCU?

The dust is still settling from the bombshell announcement that Disney is in the process of acquiring Fox and fans are now waiting with baited breath to see when the X-Men will arrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, an interview from last March has surfaced which is causing quite the stir as it features Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige revealing an X-Men moment he hopes to make a reality.

At the time, he obviously had no idea that this deal was in the works but now that he'll soon have the chance to do whatever he pleases with the X-Men, it's hard to imagine he won't want to bring it to the big screen. Bear in mind that it wasn't too long ago another old interview surfaced which saw Feige reveal his desire to have Aunt May learn that Peter Parker is secretly Spider-Man! By now, you'll obviously be well aware that that's how the Marvel produced Spider-Man: Homecoming ended.

"In the comic books, there was this great panel at the time, where Magneto would use his magnetic powers to take a gun and split it into all its component parts. So it was an amazing drawing and I had it up on my desk. And I went, 'wouldn't it be cool to do that?' No. We couldn't do that. We had wires that lifted up a shotgun and turned it around."
"One day," he added, hinting that the scene is one which remains on his mind despite all the time that's passed. Which X-Men moments do you hope to see in the MCU? Would you like Magneto to battle The Avengers? As always, let us know your thoughts on that and Feige's comments below. 
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